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  1. There are quite a few people who sign the log book in the cache, but never actually log the finds on the website. I have seen this quite a bit. Personally, If some one is logging finds and not really looking, or finding them, they are only lying to them selves. There really is no point to it. If I found some one log my find, and just happened to find that he did not sign one of my logs, I would simply delete his log and forget about it. I highly doubt he will log it again, unless he really did find it. But I would delete it again unless he signs the log in the cache. The person who sits at home and just logs finds is just missing out and its sad. No reason to get upset about it. If a FTF is the concerned, I would just delete the log of the person who did not sign the physical log, and make a note on the cache page that the person who actually signed the log is the FTF. I would not worry about it there after.
  2. Just delete the log. Don't worry about the cacher who didn't sign the logbook.
  3. I think that's pretty cool, and I never doubted that you. Now, you should see if you can get some of the actual paint that they use on the boxes! Oh man I wish!! I think I did a pretty good job with what I could find. Actually made it near by. Local store was where I got the supplies. They let me take the spray paint caps out to match it. Spruce green is the closest they had to it. In the pic it stands out. In front of it, its not so easy to see. Hey Goebain, can you ask your cousin what the color of paint they use for the boxes??
  4. i'm sorry but i don't understand... what is this "on-topic" stuff you speak of? Originally I posted a pic of my latest cache in the CCC thread. It was a green magnetic strip on a green transformer box. I had some people wig out about safety, and permission to have it there. Safety is not a concern because these boxes have to be safe to be on the ground, so it came down to permission. So I called, they weren't sure who I needed to talk to at first but a supervisor said it would be okay as long as it wasn't on the front, or blocking the door (in a nut shell) So Some one thought he needed to call me out on a bluff, but I had already ALSO emailed and was waiting for a reply. This morning it came and it was even better then my previous phone chat as a Safety Expert had been consulted and said that it was fine as long as it didn't cover any decals on the unit.
  5. LoL. Sorry, got a little carried away as my email was even better then the chat on the phone.
  6. Can some one help me figure this out, "kshkfjnhwekmfnwklefjkwjdnfwdnfkjbwfjwnmerknwrkjlgnewrg" Just kidding
  7. Here it is "NON BELIEVERS!" I got my email back, and it AGAIN confirms that MY CACHE, the is on green transformer box is OKAY TO BE THERE!!!!! Last time I was given information through a rep via his supervisor. This time information was given by a "Safety expert". SO, If this is not good enough for you, you can suck an egg. I asked the same thing that I asked the initial rep Patrick, and this time they were not as concerned with the opening of the box, and more about their required decals. At any rate, my cache does not cover any decals, and is not on the front or the door just the extra compliant. <--- My victory dance. I expect apologies, but understand they will only come from individuals who can be a bigger person.
  8. Bah, I just screwed up my triton 400 temporarily. Apparently if you use send to GPS and you already have the particular cache on your gps, it will lock the dadgum thing up. Even if the cache pops on the map. So that left me bricked for a bit. Every time I turned it on it would error. Had to delete all the cache's from it with VP then reinstall the firmware. Turns out this is a common problem. Guess I will just have to make sure I don't Send to GPS something that's already there in the future. I almost thought I wasn't going to get to go caching tomorrow. Still love my triton tho...
  9. I find my self less interested in swag, and more interested in trackables. They are almost always the only thing I take or leave lately. I do check out the swag to see whats in there. I seem to do it lately more for the hunt and the exercise.
  10. BLAH END OF THE WORLD. 2012 AHHHHHHH SOLAR FLARES WILL KILL US ALL OGI BOOGIE BOO BOO!!!!! YES YES BECAUSE THE MAYAN CALENDER ENDS!!! OH MY GOD.... WAIT!! So why hasn't the world ended every time our 12 month calender has ended. It ended 2009 times already... Oh wait, because when the calender ends, we start from the beginning again......
  11. BAH, another one off on solar flares. The solar cycle is 11 years. Every 11 years we get high solar activity and it fades out through the cycle. As for damage on earth? Are you kidding me? The earths electromagnetic field keeps any of this from getting through our atmosphere. We lost very few satellites because of solar activity. Now as for loosing GPS signals.. Not gonna happen, unless of course we loose a satellite. But there are quite a few out there. There is an interesting phenomenon called skip that occurs during a solar flare. The ionosphere is charged with energy. This energy cause Radio Frequencies to bounce off of the ionosphere and "skip" across it. In the world of Radio, such as CB and HAM, this causes radio communications around the world. In other words, for lets say CB radio which is 27mhz and designed for local line of sight communication. Typically around 8 to 12 miles range. When skip is active you can talk thousands of miles away. Same goes for HAM bands. Now the think is that the higher the frequency and the shorter the wavelength, the less these signals bounce. GPS with frequencies around (1227.6 MHz and 1575.42 MHz) The charged ionosphere will have little effect on accuracy of GPS. The same with cell phones because they are around 800 mhz. As for solar flares effecting computers, I highly doubt it because it doesn't get past the ionosphere. If it could we would have been fried a long time ago by cosmic rays where are over 1000 times more dangerous.
  12. At this point I could care less. I did what I had to do. I called, and I am waiting for an email back from them. I have no problem calling anyone and asking anything. 1) I explained what type of cache it was to the reviewer. 2) I told the reviewer where it was being hidden. 3) It was published. Just to be on the up and up, 4) I called JCP&L to see if it was okay to be there and they said it was okay. 5) I emailed and am waiting for response as to weather or not the cache is okay there. 6) My cache is still posted regardless if any one on this forum believes me or not. Think what you want.....
  13. This one had a lot of water inside of it and had to pour it out, and was highly visible despite the CO's camo attempt with very bright green painters tape. It was a plastic Folgers coffee can. I have found others by this CO, and they seem pretty good, one in particular was excellent. I was disappointed in this one tho. EDIT: In general I think any kind of basic glad ware is awful. They are almost always wet inside. Also, some I know has recently started geocaching because there is an app on his droid. He was going to place a cache and told me what he was gonna use as a container. He had one of those KONG dog toys that was too big for his dog, so he found something to plug the ends. I told him it will leak like crazy. Told him if he wanted to hid it in a KONG to go to walmart and get an orange match holder because it has a rubber seal, and put that inside the kong.
  14. I really don't want to loose or bream my GPS. I really Like it and would rather not dish out the clams for another, beside this was a Christmas gift and I would feel really bad if I lost it. I did think about getting that new explorist GC because it's specifically for Geocaching until I read that's all it does. I wish they would just add an option for cache found, because there is an icon on it, but you have to use VP to set it to that Icon after making an icon with the corrct name. But that defeats the point. For now I just change it to something else and delete it after logging on the website. Also, if GASK would work with it, that would be hot.
  15. No one is stopping any one of you from calling JCP&L. I sent an email to them because I know all the trolls won't shut up until they see some sort of written statement. As for them not being allowed. I explained in a note to the reviewer what it was. That it was a magnetic log sheet and the back is the log. It was posted. There for it must be okay. People have found it, and all seem to like it. You can still call BS all you want, but nothing is stopping you from calling. Please call them. Then you will know. I did not ask them for their last names. All I know is the gentleman that I spoke too was named Patrick, and he did not even know who to transfer me too about this. I was on hold several times until he asked his supervisor Bob. He told me that it would be fine as long as it is not in front of the door or at least 10 feet away from the front door. On the side is fine. He went on to explain that they did not want the door blocked, or anything in front of it so that if a lineman had to get in it, they were not tripped by it if it were on the ground. You can call my BS all you want. For proof all you need to do is call your self. I posted the link to the page to the contact numbers. Feel free. When it all comes down to it, If I get an email back and post it, you will still call BS and say I faked it because you are a Troll. So you might as well just call your self to find out. Mean while, the cache is posted, people are finding it, people like it. Call BS all you want. I won't change the fact that I did call, I did speak to some one who said it was Okay. So what ever. Call your self unless you are scared.
  16. For the most part, I don't care one way or the other. However, I have to ask if they are so dangerous, then why would the electric company ever decide to move them from the poles, where you'd have to climb to get to them, down to the ground where kids could and do play on them? It seems illogical that linemen's convenience would trump laymen's safety. For the most part they are safe as long as they are locked. Laws require the electrical companies to make sure they are sealed and secured at all times. They must inspect them every 5 years. They also must respond right away when some one reports them not locked or sealed. Which is probably another reason they did not want me to put it near the door. I have searched the net for a while trying to find anything saying some one got zapped by one that was locked. I found one article where some one got hurt, and the box was damaged, and the electric company failed to make repairs right away.
  17. Who is messing with it? Its on the out side of it. Not inside with no way in. How could these be put in public, and in parks where kids play of all places if they were not safe? Besides. I have already called. And I have recently emailed JCP&L so I can have written permission.
  18. What do you wan't me to *&^Ying video it. I am starting to get a little pissed off here. Go to the dadgum JCP&L site your dadgum self and get the number like I did. You can ask for Patric or his supervisor Bob who he asked about it. I dunno if you will get them. If not, do the same thing I did, and ask them if it would be okay to place a magnetic sheet on a transformer as a cache. I told him it was GPS treasure hunting etc. It won't matter who you speak too. I don't care. Know what, here is the link to the page with the Number. And to be perfectly honest with you, even if I never called, which I did, I could care less. these are out there. Most probably haven't asked for permission. When I posted the cache I noted to the reviewer that it was a magnetic sheet log on a green machine transformer box. http://www.firstenergycorp.com/corporate/c...ct_centers.html It got published. I didn't say anything about having permission in it. So it was passed. that's all that matters. But feel free to call them. Ask them if its okay. Then, you can go here http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...&submit4=Go and make sure all of those cache hiders have called their electric company and gotten permission. Edit: I have also sent an email to JCP&L. When I get the reply I will post and or forward it to any one who wants to be a jerk about this.
  19. I get a little miffed about some MIF's.
  20. Well, since is was such a big deal and all, seeings there are tones of green machine hides all over the country, and I am sure every single one of them sought permission, I decided to call JCP&L. I had to explain to him what geocaching was, then about my hide. He had no clue at all who I needed to talk too. I think they were more surprised that I would even ask. Their general position is making sure nothing is in the way of accessing it if need be. Say if there was a cache box on the ground in front of it, and a linemen tripping over it while working on the box. He also said to make sure it wasn't spanning a seam for the door on the front. All in all they really didn't seem to mind at all. Lets face it. They are every where, and there is no way they can get around people touching them, playing on them etc. They are designed to be safe because of this. But if it makes the masses happy, I called. I even started to tell them which one and where, and he told me he didn't need to know, it was okay as long as it didn't obstruct the front. He said a cache would be okay in the front of it as long as it was 10 feet away. Again as not to obstruct the door.
  21. According to some people this is the most dangerous cache in the world
  22. This is not correct at all. Yes, these are the correct definitions as they apply to several things, including geocaching. Aren't they both? Uh duh. Read the def I posted for nano again. " used in the formation of compound words" That's why I said, " micro is also used in the formation of compound words" Because it wasn't listed in the definition on Dictionary.com, but it is obvious that it is. So as I originally posted, Yes they both are. For geocaching, nano and micro both mean very small. Micro is film canister to as small as you can make it. Small is a container that can hold some small items that are bigger then a film canister. Regular is just about any container you can put swag in easily. Large is generally around a 5 gal bucket or larger... So why would you need 2 different options for a tiny cache? You don't need a different option for each of the many sizes of lock and lock. You don't need another option for 50 cal boxes or 30 cal boxes or the many other sizes of ammo cans. And you don't need different options for different large sizes like rubber made box etc. There is no need for an other description of a micro cache. Think of it this way. A micro is any cache with just a log only. That's what it really means. If you want to list the specific container, you can do it in the cache page description. Examples: Bison tube, 50 cal ammo box, regular size lock and lock, Big lock and lock, magnetic blinky, and on and so fourth. The size options are size categories, not container specific. I took the definitions right from dictionary.com
  23. It was a electrical cover blank with magnets stuck to a lamp post. No where near anything electrical. I wanted to do a twist on a lamp post hide. As well I wanted to see how successful this kind of cache could be out in the open. It was until some kids picked that particular lamp post to Tag with a sharpie marker, and discovered it. Took it and left a note on the post in sharpie, "sorry I took your geo thingy". As for evil. I can make it more evil by placing it under that protrusion instead of on the side. Its evil enough. Its a tricky hide, and for an experienced cacher not that hard to find, but for a lot of people it will be. If I can find a tiny bison tube in a little hole in a tree above my head, and not completely visible unless you pull the branch down, then not many "evil" hides will be all that evil to me. I am sure its the same for a lot of experienced caches. Also in the description I said I wanted to hide something "some what" evil. This hid is some what evil. Perhaps one day I will hide one that will be super duper evil, and almost no one would find it, but down to the matter, I do want people to find it. That's why I didn't put it under that protrusion facing down. You would never see that then. I could have also made it smaller.
  24. With the new update to my Triton 400, and VP, it now has measurement tools to calculate many things. Although I just simply select the closest cache to where I want to hide one, and go to, and it lists the footage.
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