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  1. OMG! this is the stupidest post I have ever herd. JESUS! I would be stupid enough to post something like this on a CB forum, but to post this for a GPS is stupid. I wouldn't touch a radio you were turning screws in if my life depended on it. Mainly because if you knew what you were talking about, you would know that asking something like this about GPS is completely ridiculous. Your one of those guys that cuts the limiter in your radio and wonders why you sound like crap right? What you need to understand is that when it comes to radio's and RF, take every thing you know conventionally about electronics and toss it out the window. So go ahead and start messing with things in a gps. You won't find any Variable resistors to turn and if you start cutting things out of any circuits you will brick your GPS. GPS depends on riangulation, not power. I would say within 3 feet is pretty good. 9 times out of 10 my unit brings me on top of the cache. my dave made says I'd step all over you... EDIT: And I highly doubt you have a ham ticket, because no self respecting ham would suggest anything like you just have.
  2. There is already probably several threads for this some where. One in particular where people have been posting pics of these worst hides. As far as "so easy to find" I think that a lot of cachers have a miss conception about hiding caches. It is not necessarily to make it hard to find in general. It is to hid it from muggles. A seasoned cache may find hides that a muggle will not notice but stands out to them. You might be a bit bias. As for containers out in the open with just a piece of wood etc.. Some people don't take care in replacing them as they were. Maybe it had more bark covering it, or a slightly different placement. I can understand something hidden stupidly, but just because its not hard to find, doesn't mean its a bad hide. You have to ask your self. "Will a muggle find this?"
  3. So I got a trackable patch today. I am going to put it on my pack. So what do it do? When I bump into cachers, point out my patch, or let them discover it on their own?
  4. There is a fix for the communicator. Go here. download page The short how2 is: - Download - rename the TritonComm.dll in the Communicator-Folder to TritonCommMgn.dll - copy the downloaded TritonComm.dll to that Folder - enjoy the now functionating Communicator - feature for the Triton. Thanks to Pico2220 for this great peace of software. Btw. Now you have different icons on your Triton for Parking site, QTA, SOAM... The development seems to continue. This was copied from tritonforums.com
  5. For what ever reason, the send to GPS function does not work right. I have the same problem on my T400. When ever I load a cache via send to gps function on the site, If I either try to pick it from the search list, or the cache shows up on the map, it causes an error. Here is the solution. In VP erase all caches. It should start the unit. it should start without an error. If it does, reload the latest software update for the GPSr. Then it will start. Avoid the send to gps function on the site. Something is not transferring correctly and causing an error. Stick with pocket queries if your a PM.
  6. There should be some kind of one word post that every one can post when some one yet again asks a question that has been asked a thousand times already. It would be funny to see the usual crowd posting the same silly word as a one word response and the OP getting real confused. Either that or every one should take turns answering them so we don't all get sick of answering the same questions.
  7. I don't know if its legal but I found a TB once that was a scanned copy print out of the actual tag, laminated with a piece of card paper in the middle to make it rigid. I suppose if you only have the copy left, you may not want to set it out into the world beings its the last one.
  8. If I am urban caching, I try to have a clip board with me. I hold it while looking around and occasionally pretend to write in it as if I am inspecting something. There is always the lost keys excuse if your in some bushes. If I am biking on a trail, or hiking, I will often act as if I am revealing my self. If its a lock and lock or glad ware, and there are other people on the trail or near by, I will take out a snack and act like the lock and lock has my lunch in it, and I am stopping for a bite. If I am searching for a bit, and a muggle walks by, I put the hose from my camel pack in my mouth and just make like I am just taking a break and getting a drink. And then I do not even mind the muggles. Most of the time they don't care anyway. One of my caches is a galvanized walk socket blank with magnets on the side of an AC unit on the side of an office building. One of the people who found it said he put on a hard hat, orange high viz vest, took a clip board, and walked up to it like he was inspecting it. Pretended like his GPS was a phone on when people walked by.
  9. Yeah, Ultimately there it will lead people to the cache even if they make a choice that ends up a dead end so to speak. The dead end will be close to the start point, so they can easily start over and choose a different choice. so there is no puzzle, and if the caches commit and keep going they will get to the cache. Its one story, with 3 initial choices, each choice will have a sub choice. Then when you get to the end they must hop in the car and head a little ways away to another state park near by, where there will be another 3 choices with a sub choice in each. Yes, the choose your own adventure books are my inspiration. I loved them. And yes it will be here in NJ. I will give a preview of the story line. You are going to be an adventurer/transport expert. It will be in the past some time. Haven't quite decided yet. A strange object is found at an archeology dig. A scientist in charge contracts you to get the object to a research center. Obviously there will be people trying to stop you and steal the object. The ending will be a surprise ending.... Driving to another park will be part of the story line. As for the stages. I am going to make story plaques. Basically a wooden plaque with a sheet with the story decoupaged on so its one piece and will hold up against dampness. I am going to put clues on each at the bottom with the decode key. So it is something to do at each stage. It will be recommended on the cache page to bring a pad and writing utensil. I am going to make each stage easy to find, but nothing a muggle will stumble across. I am debating on using ammo boxes for the stages, which will be expensive. I may just get a bunch of the green lock and locks.
  10. I would say if people are still finding it and its there, its all good. Leave it.
  11. the search at this point is so useless that they might as well remove the search option all together. It doesn't find anything you are looking for anyway. A search link can be made easily to use google to search the forum specifically. A lot of forums use this method to lessen to load on the server. Time Groundspeak got with the times.... Just make a search bar that will search google that adds this at the end of every request site:http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/ Example: should there be a nano size? site:http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/ and then you will get plenty of specific results.
  12. Haha, still down the middle with this one haha. I think I am going to list it as a multi, and explain to the reviewer how it works. If he publishes it, I will do it as a multi, i he tells me it should be a mystery cache, then I will do mystery. At least that's where I stand now.
  13. Didn't we have this discussion yet again just a few days ago? Micro and nano both mean very very small. They are both also used to make words like Microscope or nanobot. Essentially in geocaching they would both mean the same thing. Nano is a type of container like a lock and lock is a type of container. If you want to tell people its a nano container, then do so, the size is still micro. The size is an indication to weather or not or how much swag is in the cache. The existing categories are enough to convey what is needed to know by them. Micro is any cache that is a log only with no swag, from anything the size of a 35mm film canister or smaller. This includes a nano container. Small is a container that only has room for a few small trinkets. Regular holds a good amount of swag. Large holds a whole lot of swag. Typical sizing for regular is anywhere from the smaller size ammo cans to a regular size lock and lock. Large is typically though of to be the size of a 5 gallon bucket or bigger. I will see every one next week in the next Nano size thread !!!
  14. Okay, I am currently designing a Choose your own adventure cache. It will have a simple story line, and the coords on the cache page take you to a stage that gives you 3 choices or paths. It will be set up like a multi. the one of the 3 choices will be a quick adventure to the cache. another will be a long adventure, and the third will be a path as where you will loose, and have to start over. Within each choice there will be a stage in each were you may choose to change the direction and go to another route or stay on the current route. Without explaining the entire plane and all of the details, (and spoiling the fun) that's it in a nutshell. There is a bit more to it then that, and there will be 2 state parks in which this will take place. The first 3 choices at one, then another set of 3 choices at the other state park, which is not far apart from each other. I have the story line all worked out. I know the stages and such. I have to go out to the part and plan the routes and stages. Its set up in a very clever way. As well the main characters name that you would be playing is Jesse Lockhart. A name a man or a woman can have so its fun for whoever. Now the main question I have is, even though this is set up as a multi cache where you can choose form multiple routes and choices, should I make it a mystery cache or a multi cache? Ultimately its a multi, and even tho you can choose your adventure, it will ultimately lead you to the end, even tho there will be 2 total ways that will end with failure, but bring you back to the point where you went the wrong way to start over and choose the other way. So, Multi-cache or Mystery cache? I kind of want to lean toward Multi because I don't want to scare off people who don't do mystery caches. Finding the stages will not be really hard. The will be easily found as long as you follow the coords, as well there will be clear hints where the cache stages are hid at each stage that the seeker must decode there. They will not be posted on the page where they can be auto decrypted.
  15. I know I can use google to search the forum, But it makes me wonder why the search function on the forum stinks. Its not worth even using. Why is it set to be so limited?
  16. It really depends on your area. I find that as I travel, the size of the caches changes. Micros in a urban area are fine as long as they are clever. Micros in the woods are stupid. Some people seem to have this idea that caches are supposed to be as hard as possible to find for any one, when they are just supposed to be hard to find for muggles. I have 3 micro's out, the rest are regular or bigger out of 10 caches. All 3 micros are in urban area's where you can't hide a regular size, and are clever and fun and not impossible to find. None of them are film cans. None of them are blinkys or bison tubes and none of them are magnetic key boxes. As I cache I find that I am in it more for the hunt and care less about the size, but I find, LPH's, film canisters and Key boxes on guard rails to be the most boring and a waste of time.
  17. I just got the most recent one yesterday. Read the 4 articles about geocaching and got aggravated by the miss information in all of them. They always seem to leave something out or explain it the wrong way.
  18. Just to play Devil's advocate here. he could have just typed up that email himself and passed it off. Look, I can do it... (my email) Dear City of Columbus, I am a geocacher, interested in hiding a geocache (defintion goes here, www.geocaching.com). The location I am interested in is on top of the pole that extends above the street holding up the traffic lights at the corner of Hwy 182 and 5th St. The finder would have to climb up the pole and shimmy out over the road to find the cache, a section of schedule40 pipe capped at both ends, you know, to looks sort of like a bomb. Thanks in advance! Pork King (their reply) Dear Mr. King, The City of Columbus is fine with placement of your 'cache' for your treasure hunt game. The only stipulations we must enforce are a) the "pipe bomb" must not cover any of the traffic lights, and we ask that you request finders of the "treasure" to use a safety fall harness if they have one available, and not to block the intersection should they fall without a retraint. Good luck on your treasure hunt! I.P. Freely City of Columbus Light & Water Dept. Chief Engineer. Don't take me seriously! Well if you really just want to be a troll, go right ahead, but my email has phone numbers as well. You are free to call and ask if you like. And don't worry, I didn't take you seriously, I was just humoring you
  19. The rest of the tread just degrades to a "did not!" "did to!" waste of time about what is on or off topic. If a moderator want's to move this thread to a more appropriate forum, please do. That should stop all of the self appointed thread police from wasting their time. This is a photo chop, and a bad on at that.. Funny, but bad. The other one however, I can see that being real. You can see that the rest of the pics on the flicker page are what was used to chop into the playground pics. When you see a tombstone that is next to a sand box, and then the original pic of the same tombstone in the actual cemetery setting its even more of a dead give away. Beside the lighting and shadows all completely wrong.
  20. The object is to find the cache right? If I could see the cache without hitting the other steps, I found it. The only reason you go to other legs of a multi is so you can find the where the cache is. If ya know where it is, go for it.
  21. Any cache that involves this, and this, Is pretty much lame, tired, and boring.
  22. I am getting good comments on the log for the one I hid on the transformer box. Every one seems to like it. They all think its clever, even tho a few have seen others like it. I could have made it super hard. All I had to do is move it the the underside of that nook. I was about too, but then I thought.."I want to make it hard to find, but not impossible. I want people to find it. I just don't want muggles to find it." So I hid it where it was. A person or 2 has said they had to come back for it. So its hard, but still able to be found. I think people are finding it fun. Especially because its near a big parking lot. You would think another LPH, but its not.
  23. I think an ammo can bush hid would be lame. I like well hidden ammo cans. Seen some good ones. matter of fact, I don't particularly like bush hides, although I do have one hidden in a bush lol. Its at a place place with some history tho, and there wasn't a lot of places to hide it. The bush was the only place. I wouldn't mind finding a bush hide if it was at a nice place.
  24. I love to find patches or buttons. I put them on my pack when I find them they would be excellent.
  25. Okay, I notice this about some people who place caches. I recently placed a cache specifically to make it hard to find, but it was more to be creative, but it seems like some people are all about trying to make them impossible to find for any one. I generally make them hard to find for a muggle and that's it. In general I would actually like my cache to be found. SO...... What are you trying to do when you hide a cache? Making a creative hide? Making impossible to find? Just putting them out to hide as many of them as you can? Make them real easy to find? Lets hear it...
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