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  1. For some reason it would not let me edit the page a second time. Thanks for the help. Thats a real easy puzzle. Or at least it is for me.
  2. AH BUGGER. I had the same idea, although my lamp will be slightly different. LoL. I love it though.
  3. I just thought it was just interesting to have some one think I was tracking bears. If you seen the antenna on the top of my blazer, I suppose you would wonder what it was for. It also got me thinking about putting together some disguises. I see that the orange hi vis vest and hard hat is popular. Although I don't know if I could wear the hard hat tho. I think i will just pick up plain baseball cap. Of course this sort of thing would only be needed for those caches in the middle of a highly populated or busy area, not in the woods etc. I have a cache hidden where its hard to get without looking suspicious. One finder logged that he put on a hi vis vest, hard hat and brought a clip board with him to get it. Pretty smart. Its had a bunch of people who found it but couldn't retrieve it due to muggles about.
  4. That's my feeling, and I don't think Groundspeak is anything like the RIAA (i.e. litigation happy) but I cannot recommend anyone to go ahead and violate the TOU (especially not in a Groundspeak forum). I think a personal button as a sigitem is nice. You could alter the design somewhat every 25 buttons, or just use the public domain logo knowschad linked to and avoid the headache. I don't think it will be an issue, but in talking about it, I felt I should at least let them know about them and ask permission to use them, So I emailed them and copied them the picture. Hopefully they will be okay with me using them. I would have hated to waste the money. Worst case scenario I will just have to make new ones with the public domain logo. The reason I used the logo from the site was because I wanted it to be familiar to a muggle when they went to the geocaching website.
  5. Gah! Brings back bad memories. I've been so tempted to just initial the log with "Av" and get the heck out but I force myself to date and sign fully. Guess I'm a glutton for punishment. . Hopefully it will be a non issue from now on with the small bug spray i got to keep in my pack. Otherwise I would stop some where to buy some because yesterday was insane, and it makes sense because lately we have gotten so much rain.
  6. I don't think its an issue if you are not planning on making money off it. I think the worry would be some one making a ton of cards or merchandise with the geocaching logo on it and then trying to make a dime off it. I am just trying to make something that I can hand to a muggle to explain what it is I am doing, while at the same time introducing some one else to geocaching. I would be giving them away for free.
  7. Oh, COOL! That is exactly what I was thinking it was and exactly what I was thinking of making. It would take a short time for me to get 500 or more of them done. I was thinking of placing them as SWAG. Now for the wording...... The wording was exactly what I was looking for when I was searching. For the front I just took the definition right off the getting started pages because that is the exact definition. I also used the offical logo as well. On the back I went into a little more detail in my own words on the back. Here is a pic of it. Feel free to use the wording if you like. I ordered 250 of them from vistaprints.com for less then $20. You can get them free for the price of shipping but then you won't have a back side. I can't see my self using 250 of them up so I am going to be placing some in caches as swag for other cachers to find and use.
  8. I would bet it was the bugs. Yesterday on one cache I dated the log book, and put what I took/left and TFTC! But forgot to put my name on it because I forgot my bug spray and I was being eaten alive and I was nearly mentally insane by the time I got out of the woods. I am sure an acception can be made since I didn't actually "sign it" but I did log the find in the log and on the site LoL. Later on the way home I stopped at walmart and bought a small pen sized container of bug spray to keep in my pack just in case I forget to spray my self before I venture off.
  9. I love that site too- don't know why it was so hard to find- the evil googlites strike again I have been to it before, but I think I wasn't looking for the sort of stuff geocacher-u had to offer. I think I was looking for the perfect thing to put on some muggle cards I was ordering. I went to a business card site and came up with my own version of muggle card. So I was searching around for ideas on how to word it the best. One of my searches brought me to the printable brochure, which is also very cool and handy to have with you. So after that I poked around a bit more and thought to my self, "Why didn't I check this site out before?". and thanx Michigan Cacheman for the links I am going to check them out now.
  10. Doesn't is say in the rules that you are not supposed to do it for advertising???
  11. I don't know why but I have never checked out geocacher-u.com before. I mean I have come across the site but haven't really looked to see the cool stuff it has. I love the folding zine emergency log you can download, and the best is the rear view mirror hang tag. I can't wait to use it. Any one know any other sites that are really good for resources?
  12. I have come close. I have found at least 1 cache where I was less then an hour behind some one else finding that cache that day.
  13. Well apparently I pass for some one tracking bears. Last week while seeking this cache, which was very cool by the way, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...83-b2a177e0d6f1 I was mistaken for some one who tracks the local bears. Not only am I into Geocaching, but I am also into CB and amateur radio and have a large open coil antenna puck mounted right on the center of the roof of my blazer. A local resident while driving by asked me if I was still tracking the bears. I explained I was geocaching to him. He said he saw the antenna and that is why he thought I was tracking the bears. Part of me wishes I went a long with it for fun, but I am an honest person I guess.
  14. There is a new cache I want to place. I have a lock and lock I epoxied some magnets too. The local municipal build has an old caboose next to it as sort of a monument. I want to hide it under it attached to some metal part. I have printed a geocaching booklet to help explain it to police etc. don't think there will be a problem. I have only encountered one police officer and he knew all about geocaching, and there is one placed by the rescue squad building I believe placed by some one on the squad. I just moved into the area, and saw the caboose and thought right away that it would be a great spot to hide something and was on my way one day to place it until I saw it was a municipal building. I decided it would be better to get some info together and go ask them first before I place it. Its always hard to explain it to some one with out some kind of tangible aid. You always get the dog head tilt from people. It makes it seem legitimate when you have some kind of literature to let some one read.
  15. Wow, If I every loose my GPS I hope some one like you finds it. I treasure my gadgets. I Hide them so they are out of sight in my vehicle when parked and not caching. If a thief doesn't see it, its as good as non existent to the thief. Out of sight out of mind. When traveling with the unit I keep it in hand or strapped in a carry case to my pack. I want to get a wrist strap for my hand held. I don't have a good story pertaining to finding or loosing a gps but I do have a lost and found story I like to tell. As well as geocaching I have been an avid paintball player since 1998. One year I lost a pod of paint on my local field. It sucked because I had really nice pods and they didn't make them any more. 2 weeks later I played on the same field. While walking to the next field to play the next game a kid ran up to me and asked me if I dropped something. It was a pod of paint. MY POD OF PAINT! The one I lost 2 weeks prior. He made the connection because my pods were some what unique. The paint was still good and I was happy to have the pod back. Matter of fact I still have and use them. Gator backs, one of the first pods to have a spring loaded lid.
  16. Here is where I sit on this subject. I hate when people are on the phone or texting, thats worse, I yell at my gf all the time for texting while driving. As for the GPS. I will admit, I hit buttons on the one I use for driving nav, but I usually try to have it set b4 I am even driving, or will have a passenger do it. Most of the time I pull over if I am alone and have to mess with it, or wait till I am stopped at a traffic light. As for hand held gps which I use for caching, I hold that thing while driving mostly because I don't have something to hold it for me while driving. Its already set tho, and I just look to see where I am. Glance at it. I would use a cradle if I had one. I looked once, but couldn't find one for it. Ideally I use miopocket on my MIO car GPS with Beeline, so I can use that while driving and will tell me how to get there, then when I get there I use the hand held. Thats usually when I have it all planed out.
  17. Damnit, I hate when this forum hicups. I refreshed the page to make sure it didn't post even tho it it had a fatal error, and it didn't, but after I tried again, there was 2 posts. BAH!
  18. I have seen some pretty lame stuff. The lamest is when some one just leaves a card with their name or team name. Great if ya want to leave that to show you were there, but could you put in something else cool? Ticket stubs, and other lame things. I try to leave good things. I was leaving unused glow sticks, thought they would be great if some one was night caching. I feel it should be something that some one would find interesting to have. Doesn't it say that you must leave something of equal or greater value to the thing you take? I found some pins and patches related to geocaching. I like those the best because I can put them on my pack. I want to get a bunch of patches to put in caches.
  19. You should do a rock cache right in the center of the smiley. That would be hot especially if some one clicks on the map to scope it out.
  20. Geo-poser Huh? I quoted the first post and I thought that a good name would be geo-posser
  21. I have tried finding more hidden icons, but I haven't had any luck. If I do I will post. I have went as far as trying to dissemble the flash file to try to find icons. No luck.
  22. Well thought I would through in my 2 cents. Lamp post caches can be lame I will agree. Heck, I have done one, but I put a twist on it. Its not in the obvious way. I am not terribly fond of micro's too much although I have a couple out there my self LoL. I do look for the micro's however, but I find that I tend to stay away from caches that lead to a parking lot. Its just the same old song and dance. I am surprised that people even look for the one I did, but they do. I personally think that these caches are perfectly acceptable and here is why. 1. First off, no one said you had to look for a lamp post cache. You can pick and choose to your liking. 2. There are all types of skill level, and preferences. And there are all types of seekers out there. Lamp post caches are perfect for beginners to practice. they are great for families with children seeking. easy to find for them. As well, some times its fun to be out some where shopping or what have you and see it pop up on the gps in the very parking lot your in. Might as well find it. 3. There are some people out there that only like these small micro caches, and like to find this type. Geocaching is for every one. For all kinds of hides and all kinds of seekers. You would be limiting the sport by not allowing such hides. If you don't want to find a lamp post hide, don't find it. I will because I want to find any I am near.
  23. I would have to say the best tip I can give and that you can get is "Don't give up!" I had some difficulties when I started out. You just have to keep looking. Some of them are place really well, and others are not. There have been times when I have had to go back to find a cache I couldn't find the first time. Some of the times the hide was so obvious I couldn't believe it. Ya just have to keep trying.
  24. I looked around, and searched the forum for this, maybe I am blinde but I could not find what I was looking for. There should be some guidelines to help cache hiders rate the cache difficulty and terrain. Every one is different. To some people a terrain is harder to them then others, and vice versa. There should be a page to standardize the rating to help them rate their cache. Some times I am not sure about how hard it is going to be until some cachers post saying it is harder or easyer then I rate it. I just wish there was something to go by.
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