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  1. I found this vid on youtube, I am sure a lot of you have already seen it, but I don't like is that in this video they are basically advertising leaving bullswag. Just a wooden token. Now it doesn't say if they were trading with it, but they had a bunch of kids, so I am sure they took something and just left a silly wooden token.
  2. Bug spray and visual checks are not enough. I get tested at least once a year, usually twice. I know a woman who loves to garden, and she gets tested a few times a year. She gets it all the time. To her its no big deal because she gets tested, and she loves to garden. Make sure you get checked at least at the end of the bad tick season.
  3. Personally I had a cache muggled. Its not far away, but with work and daily chores I wasn't able to get out to check it in a week. Some times its not convenient for some one to go out right away, also, the person may be making a special container, or planing some thing new, Like a multi or something. May need time to get it all together. You never know. Sounds like its a nice spot, and you really like it. You may not get a chance to use it. I have a hide that needs maintenance. It is still findable so I have not disabled it. It may get disabled by a reviewer, although I did write a log to explain what I am doing, but if it gets disabled tomorrow, it wouldn't get replaced for a bit. I do have plans for it but its not something I can whip up tomorrow. things like this happen from time to time. More over, There was a hide I looked for that was not there, and where it was hidden, no doubt it was muggled. I tried contact the co, but no answer. He hadn't logged in for almost a year. So I posted a reviewer note. It took a month, but now the cache is gone. Now I just have to come up with a great cache to hide in that area.
  4. Do I have to put my answer to this question again?? I feel like I just did that a week ago..
  5. No, it is near where it is hidden. It is not out in the open. So how did you hide it? Is the log in the key fob? Its hidden in a good spot. Not hard to get too, but not noticeable to any muggles. The log is inside the remote. It really worked out well. I took the circuit board out and there was just enough room. As well it also has its own water proof rubber gasket.
  6. No, it is near where it is hidden. It is not out in the open.
  7. This is my most recent hide. Seems to be popular so far and every one likes it. It is a micro, and the log is inside the remote. Worked out nice as the remote had its on water proof gasket. I called the cache, "I think I lost my keys!!!"
  8. We all paid money to be able to see those caches. How fair would it be if you could do it without paying for the premium membership? There are 3 ways you can find the cache. 1 the simplest, get a PM. 2 Go with a premium member. 3 You stumble on to it without knowing the coords by luck lol.
  9. I was thinking something like this would be good. Geocache Oficial (geo caché) pieza de juego. Un contenedor para algunos ocultos para encontrar utilizando un sistema de posicionamiento global o GPS. La colocación se publica en otros www.geocaching.com para buscar y encontrar. La autorización ha sido concedida por el dueño de esta propiedad debe ser puesto aquí. Por favor, no elimines. Gracias! Por favor, visite www.geocaching.com para más información. translated, Offical GEOCACHE ( geo cache ) game piece. A hidden container for some to find using a Global positioning system, or GPS. The placement is posted on www.geocaching.com for others to look up and find. Permission has been granted by the owner of this property to be placed here. Please do not remove. Thank you!!! Please visit www.geocaching.com for more information. -- I don't think it is racist at all. It was PC. How else would you say it?
  10. I have never set it down to mark waypoints, just held it still. I will try setting it down.
  11. Ok, I only ask because on my most recent cache placement, I recorded the waypoint and put it in on the site. I have people saying its 100ft off. I had recently changed the conversion of coords and thought that it may mess with it. I may have been the leaves I guess, but that's the first time I have have gotten such bad coords from my triton. I have to go back and double check them.
  12. Makes no difference which you use. The precision is the same. The three formats for lat/lon (decimal degrees, degrees/decimal minutes, degrees/minutes/decimal seconds) have different numbers of decimal places on the smallest unit (degrees, minutes, seconds, respectively). But when you consider the difference in magnitude of the units (60 seconds to the minute, 60 minutes to the degree), they have basically equivalent precision. Accuracy is a different issue. Your recreational or automotive GPSr isn't going to get you any better than maybe +/- 10 feet even with WAAS correction. This error is the limiting factor, not the precision of the lat/lon representation. So pick whichever units suit you and enjoy So when I am marking a waypoint for where I would like to place a prospective cache, and I take one type of coords, and put it in the cache form, and it converts it to what it shows, it will not be off at all?
  13. Ok, I searched for a bit, checked the faq and did a quick search on google and didn't find the answer I needed. My question is this.... There are a few different kinds of coordinate units you can use and I am not sure which is the most accurate. I am sure the reason that I cannot find an answer is because I just don't know the correct wording for the search.
  14. Your in a pickle. I think you did the right thing. I would say wash your hands of it at this point. There is not much you can do. the dispute is between the AHM and the cache owner. You may want to send a reviewer note to temporarily disable the listing until the dispute is worked out between them. This would be some what risky since the cache owner now has you email address.
  15. I think that some people go out thinking they aren't going to trade up swag, or they are caching on a whim and have nothing with them. So when they get to the cache and see something they want, they trade whatever they have to trade. you shouldn't trade anything if you don't have something to trade.
  16. I have tried caching at night, but I have never been able to find one at night. I have always gone back during the day and found it so easy. I have used a flashlight too. I will probably go at night again, sometimes you just get the urg to go find caches.
  17. I thought about that. That's just bad form. If some one took an ammo can of mine to make their own, I would just keep looking at caches until I found my ammo can. If I ever found it and could tell it was mine, I would steal it back. I suppose engraving ammo can's isn't a bad idea ....
  18. I had a recent cache stolen. It was a lamp post hide, but not the usual. It was a electrical box cover plate with magnets stuck to it. I got a few odd comments and when I got to GZ, On the post where it was hidden was written in sharpie, "Sorry I took your geocache thing." In really sloppy handwriting. Now, I can see some one taking an ammo can, but what could he possibly have planed for the plate? Maybe he is behind in some electrician work?? LoL. Never the less, some people have no shame, even after reading the cache note. However there are a lot of good people out there who stumble onto them. For instance, I was talking to another manager at work about geocaching, and he had said that his father in law found one once. He said it was sitting in a tree and didn't look right so he took it home. He checked it out and read the cache note. The next day he put it back. I could only wish that would happen every time.
  19. I had taken a break from caching over the winter, and when I got back into it I found that there was a new GPSr ratting system, or perhaps it was there all along and I just never saw it but I don't think so. Any way, I have a Magellan Triton 400. It was given to me as a gift for xmas. I really Like it. I think it works well. Accuracy for me is great. There are some things not so top notch but all in all its awesome. The small buttons are a pain, but once you get used to them, you don't even think about them, and VP takes a little time to load caches, but I live VP. Its a good software from what I have seen out there. I just hit sync and get my gear together, but normally its only sync'd once in a blue moon. Any way, I wanted to see what other people thought of the unit. I wanted to see the negative comments about it. Most were about the small buttons, and VP being slow loading caches. On in particular bothered me, and there were quite a few that were similar. The person had written that the unit would not stay connected to satellites, batteries didn't last, and when it did work it was like 60 feet off always. He also said it glitched all the time. I would be really mad too BUT, he also said magellan wouldn't fix it, and that he recommended to not buy a unit form any unautherized dealers. Obviously he got it off ebay or on the net some where off some shady site. So the problems he was having was not because the Triton sux, but because he made a bad choice trying to save a buck and got a beat unit. There was no reason to rate it badly. I know stuff like this happens, but be a little fair huh? I am sure it wouldn't matter what unit you buy, if its a beat unit from some one shady person, you would have the same trouble.
  20. I got a premium membership, I'd steal it in a second!!! Just Kidding! Much safer as a member cache..
  21. That site comes up as a reported attack site when I try to go to it.
  22. If I take a travel bug, i still leave something. Some times I leave things and take nothing. I haven't ever taken anything without leaving something, with the exception of a TB or 2, but for the most part I always like to leave something unless its a micro and has no swag. I especially like it when I can take a TB or GCoin and leave a TB or GCoin. I hate bullswag. I don't know if that phrase has been coined or used yet, but that's what I call it when I find horrible swag like one time I found an empty used sandwich bag, or a plastic fork with a napkin from applebee's that was near the cache. I also hate: Business cards Soda caps empty packages a few pennies especially if its in place of something worth a lot more then a few pennies anything like those..... Its all BULLSWAG!!!
  23. I found that if you spray the paper with testors dull coat it is fairly water proof. I put a log that I sprayed with it in a ziplock bag full of water. After a day it was still solid, and you could write on it with a pen. It was soaked, but held up. After 5 days it was not breaking down, but it didn't write as well, but you could still write on it with a pen. After 10 days, still in tact but if you pressed too hard with the pen it would tear. 10 days submerged was about the limit before it really started to break down. HOWEVER.... I had one that was in a few days after the 10 day mark. I took the log out and let it dry completely and it went another 10 days. None of the logs deteriorated to pulp. The plain log was pulp in less then a day. Drawbacks.. You have to spray both sides, and coat it well for best results. It is time consuming and smelly. It works if you are in a pinch, have no write in rain paper etc and have a leaky container and need to put a log in it. The best to use, which I have not gotten a chance to try out but want too is a nation geo I think, plastic paper. It writes just like paper, but is a plastic, and will not deteriorate. Map sealer, would probably work just the same, and its probably very similar.
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