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  1. The cool thing about this container is that it also comes with a small zip lock bag perfect for a log.
  2. OMG, Paulins kill valley rail trail, runs across NJ. I live right next it. There are endless caches along it. You can go forever. At some points there is one almost every 500 feet. On day I need to take a major hike and get as many as I can.
  3. First, its not a lot of money to pay. And I like to have access to member caches, because they are less likely to be crappy lol. Some of the things a smart phone can do are pretty cool, like logging your find on the go. thats pretty hot. Have to pay a bit for the data plan, and to use GPS on the phone on some providers. Then there is always that problem of being able to get service in some area's. Then there is their accuracy. They are "okay" but they are quite a bit lacking in accuracy. Now I have a Magellan triton 400, where some people don't like, and some say it is not accurate, however, I have seen my unit trump other brands that are supposed to be better. Most of the time it takes me to right on top of the cache, unless the coords are not so hot. I work with a guy who is just getting into caching. He has a droid with a geocaching app. It is really cool. I showed him my receiver, and he was gloating about his droid until we put them to the test on finding a cache. I let him wonder around trying to find the GZ, he must have found the GZ 6 times in different spots. Finally I used my unit and walked right to where the unit said GZ, and i was nearly standing on top of it. After that he was impressed. He is still using his droid, but is considering buying a hand held unit. I like being able to have all the caches loaded onto my unit. It has all the information about each cache right on it after I load them in. At that point all I need is a clear view of the sky. Nothing else and I can cache all day. Its even better now that I see that the geocaching website has added Magellan support and I can zip them right onto my unit from my laptop. Something about owning a membership is nice as well.
  4. Oh I have only done a couple of small little modifications to my pickup for geocaching, nothing crazy or anything like that. Here is a pic of the mods.... j/k
  5. I don't know about you, but I would rather not have some one place a cache right next to mine. Nor do I want to find more then one in a small area. Besides, 500 feet is not that far. only takes a few minutes to walk it. Without rules the game would suffer. It would be a muck. If you don't like the rules, you don't have to geocache do you? if you want to place a cache, you have to follow the rules. I hid a cache once and it was too close to another cache. I thought I had given it enough room. I just moved it and didn't make a big deal about it. I think it was like 450 ft away.
  6. All caches should not be placed on private property without permission. If you have to go in some ones back yard, and its not specified on the page, I wouldn't go for it. You can also tell by logs. If lots of people found it, its probably okay to find.
  7. I am not a fan of the boring micro, like a lamp post hide, but they are great for quick grabs. I tend to like medium to large caches better, but I have seen some really cool micro's. Today I found one in a chainlink fence post cap, but it wasn't the usual. The poster had made an assembly that was fastened into the top, and had the container inside. An orange matchstick holder. It unscrewed. When you pulled the container out, it played a scary sound. That was really clever. Most of the time micro's are in build up area's, and bigger caches are in wooded area's etc. You can always choose what you look for. You can filter them on the site.
  8. I have run into police 2 times. Both times they were aware of geocaching. The first time I was caching and it had just started to get dark. An officer parked by my car. He didn't even get out. When I walked up, I said Hello, I am just geocaching. He replied, that's what I thought, how did you make out? The second time while looking for a cache, the officer asked me if I was geocaching. Both times were in different jurisdictions. Its good to see well informed police.
  9. there is a cacher that started placing caches at age 14. He has a bunch. A few of them are bland, but he has a few that are really cool. All of them are maintained. I don't think there should be a limit on age. We have all seen caches placed by adults which make you wonder. Your never going to get away from a bad cache here and there. I don't think its fair to say that if you are 7 years old, you can't have a cache. Most youngsters go with their parents anyway, and if they are going to place a cache, I am sure it would be done with the parents anyway. I think all of the systems in place to make sure caches that are active are maintained and within guidelines is plenty.
  10. I just finished my newest cache container. Sorry the pics are a little dark but the sun was going down when I finished it. and here is the prize! I made this for a re-hide. I had a cache that was archived, and I am going to replace it with this. Its going to be real hard to find next to a pile of scrap cement chunks
  11. This is obviously a replacement cache for a missing one. They should have logged a note on the cache page explaining that. I would just re-enable it until you can make it 100% again. Some one liked your ammo can, and they took it.
  12. I had a cache out once that was a metal wall socket blank with magnets. I placed it in a parking lot on a lamp post. It was one of my first hides. One day I got an email from another cacher. He said that the cache was missing and some one had left a note. I went to look for it and on the lamp post in sharpie marker it said, "Sorry, I took your geocache thingy." Now I pondered this for a while. If some one wanted it, what could they possibly do with it. And if they were just taking it, why leave a note on a lamp post? Some muggles are just tool's I guessed it was teenagers, as there was stupid tagging on the lamp post in sharpie and on some of the other posts. I can see teenagers doing stuff like urinating or defecating in caches etc because its a juvenile thing to do. I would hope it wouldn't be a grown person. Then again there are some sicko's out there.
  13. What do you do to log a benchmark that is not in the database? I found one at N 35' 16.789 W 081' 26.846. Says 1977 on it. Looks just like any other benchmark set in a concret square pedistal.
  14. How do you find Tyvek to be used like this? I'd like to get some but only knew of it being used in products. Glad that I could inspire others!!! I wonder If I am the first. I wouldn't be surprised if I was not, but I would stoked if I was. I thought it was a good Idea. I actually found the keys I used while I was out caching. Thought I could use them. No worries, they look like they had been there for a long time so I doubt any one was looking for them any more.
  15. I was just thinking... Forget about camera's and trying to get a picture of the maggots. Lets just set up a snare trap!! Well sure you would catch a lot of innocent cachers, occasionally a small child, but heck with enough time you will eventually catch the maggot. Or.. If you had a cache you didn't want stolen, why not just make in a member cache? I doubt the person taking them would pay for a membership. Personally I am going to engrave ownership into any ammo cans I put out, with a message that says, if it is found any where else but the coords it was hidden at, to let me know. I figure the maggots are either stealing the ammo cans because they want to hide something in it, and or they want to sell it to ppl who want to hide a cache in an ammo can. Can't do that if its engraved. Go to petsmart or a place that has those pet name tag engravings, Make one that has the coords of where you hid it, and the message, then pop rivit it to the contaner. I suppose some one could drill it off, but then they are left with 2 holes and most likely a mucked up ammo can. One way to prevent this as well would be to drill a large hole the plate can cover, then use some marine sealant to make it water tight. That way if some one removed the plate they would have a quarter sized hole in the box. The point... Its probably a better idea to make an ammo can theft proof rather then trying to catch the maggot.
  16. you can get a wireless spy camera off ebay for under $40. I have a few because they are nifty. The range is fairly good.
  17. its $29. I am going to get one. I am going to put a big lock and lock under it. yes it does have a drainage hole
  18. well its either in inside or outside garden
  19. So in lowe's the other day I found a big flower pot that looks like tree bark. It is resin, but it looks just like tree bark. I figure I can hide a cache container under it in the woods and it will blend right in. Now, I know I am not being as creative as I could be. Lot of folks out there hallowing out logs and such, but the reason this one seems so perfect to me is, it is resin. It won't rot. It will last a long time. I want to put this one right out in clear view some where in the woods. See how tricky it is. Here is the pic I snapped. It looks so good I think...
  20. holy mowly A cacher would need an awful lot of bottle rockets to get off the ground to retrieve that one!!! That reminds me of the time I called Nasa. I going a little off topic with this but it was a good time. At the time, me and a friend on lunch were talking about car audio and how to make a system louder, (I used to compete in sound off's). My friend said, Air isn't the best conductor of sound any way. So jokingly I said lets suck the air out, (which we both determined wouldn't work at all because there would be nothing to carry the sound at all.), but that lead to the question of how to get a perfect vacuum in my blazer. Well I said we would have to send it into space and open the doors, then bring it back. Of course he said "how the hell will you get it into space and back?" So I said, "I am going to call Nasa." Well I took out my phone and it got a good laugh, but I continued with it. Called information. Got a number for Nasa, then called that. Well It took me getting transferred several times before we got some one that could answer my question. About 4 or 5 people. Finally I got a woman who was very accommodating. She answered every question sincerely. Basically I told her I had an experiment I wanted to try to try and get a perfect vacuum on earth and that I had a container that I wanted sent up. Opened then sealed, and brought back to have a vacuum inside. There was a lot of discussion and when she said it would depend on how heavy the container is and how big etc.. I said, well I can look in the manual to see how heavy my blazer is and I can get out my tape measure. She stopped for a second, and then asked, "Your blazer?" and I told her, "yeah, I want to send my blazer into space." I have to give her credit, because she stayed professional even after that. She also got a kick out of when I asked her how many bottle rockets does she think I need to launch it my self. She laughed and then told me that She didn't think all the bottle rockets in the world would do it. I think I brightened her day because near the end she seemed to enjoy the conversation. Any way getting back on topic, the question is not how much it will cost, but do you think a reviewer would have a problem with the hide??? besides I got plenty of time to save for that tombstone lol.
  21. I once hid a cache in a fish, but he wouldn't stay at gz so who knows where that bison tube is now... If any one finds it let me know. I been fishin for day trying to get that back. Just kidding!!!
  22. So recently I put a cache in a cemetery. Its not hidden near any graves or anything, but the reviewer left a reviewer note asking where it was hidden because they did not want it on or near graves. This is fine to me, but that got me thinking. When I die, I totally want to have a hidden compartment in my tombstone that has a cache and log, and want some one to post my last cache. I think that would be cool. I would have a lot of visitors! Wonder if a reviewer would have a problem with that. But its a moot point as I am only 30, and hope that I don't die for a long time. But when I do, that is going to be one of my last requests. What are your thoughts on that??
  23. there is also www.vistaprints.com they are pretty cheap.
  24. I'm not sure it is a good idea, nor fair, to draw conclusions about the intentions of or the actions of a cacher when the only information you have is from a flavor story reporter for a local newscast, who edit things down to easy, 30 second feel-good story bits. You don't truly know what the cachers left and/or took, so I don't really think it is fair to assume. You are correct in saying that it would have been good of the reporters to mention some of the various "rules" about trading fairness and the hunt being about thrills, and not toys. However, to expect such detail from a non-caching news reporter who is told to distill the story down for the public isn't fair to the newscaster, nor the cachers in question. Thats why the name of the thread is "advertising leaving bullswag." Because it basically says you can take things and only leave a wood token.
  25. You got it right! Several Maryland cachers, including myself, have personalized "Wooden Nickles". These are not considered trade items, but are left in caches as "Signature Items". That is what I am saying. They are not trade items. Now, possibly they left a toy or trinket or two, but the report showed them only leaving a token. I have nothing wrong with leaving a token, but it would have been good of reporters to mention that if you take something, you should leave something of equal value. If some one takes something cool like lets say a pack of glow in the dark ceiling stars, a wooden nickle to me would not be a good trade. If you want to trade, and are going to leave a wooden token, you should take a wooden token. I have no problem with took nothing left token.
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