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  1. If there is one thing I have learned from geocaching, its that moisture seems to find its way into almost any cache container. Its an amazing thing moisture. When its out side, with the changing temps, and humidity, as the container heats up, the air inside expands, and pushes its way out. As it cools, there is a vacuum, and its inevitable that it will pull a bit of air back in. Over time you end up pulling in moister from the air, and it just sits in there. From what I have found the only containers that really keep out moisture are Ammo cans, Lock and locks, and any thing meant to be "water proof" with some sort of gasket to seal it like those orange match stick holders. I hate to find regular glad-ware as a cache container because every one I have ever found has been very damp inside. As for zip-lock bags, You should use them as an extra safety measure in any cache container against moister but they almost never last. Yellow and blue make green or not, so many hands in the pie so to speak, its gonna get a rip. I find so many ripped. I have actually thought about putting a box of zip-locks in my geo-pack for when I run into a ripped one. Then there is always the excited quick cacher who doesn't even bother to zip the lock, and tosses it back in. If some one came up with a bag that was thicker, specifically for caching, I know I would buy a bunch.
  2. Sounds like he is just trying to make him self seem better then you. I'd be willing to bet you have more finds then him. If ya really want to shut him up, just dish out 30 clams and get your self a Premium membership. Then whats he have to say? I think its worth it to get the pocket queries. Plus you are supporting geocaching. IMO, the second you sign up for an account on geocaching.com you are an official member. Your buddy isn't so smart by confusing "premium" with "Official". Nothing about purchasing a "premium" membership says anything about "official" member.
  3. works fine for me.... Perhaps they made some slight changes, and some cached pages on some peoples browsers are the problem. I have mine set to clear everything when I close it. If you are having a problem, try clearing you browser cache.... Wait. Cache, lol. Browser cache, geo cache ... Sorry, think its time for bed..
  4. This is similar to what I do. However its a time consuming process once you get over 500 caches to delete them all and reload. So I have been just deleting the ones I find, and just pick and load over geocaching.com. I do an erase all and reload all once in a while. Drag and drop would be real nice, but that's not supported by Tritons, but I feel like being able to manage them before I load them is helpful. I like GSAK, but I can't load direct to Triton. Although I know some people manage everything on GSAK first and then upload with VP to triton, but that's just too much work. Once all the caches are on it, I don't need to hit the PC accept for logging my finds.
  5. I have been a member for a few years, but I only have 62 finds so far. I would have more but its hard to find time to get out and do it some times. Although I do not have a big amount of finds, I feel that I am a seasoned cacher. I don't have trouble finding caches. I recognize them quickly. I know the rules. I'm not a jerk about things while caching. I was very much like this from the start. I think it really depends on the person. I did a bit of research before I went to find any cache's. I had to get a gps first LoL. Until then I read whatever I could find about geocaching.
  6. I was just wondering how every one loads their caches. I usually just do a pocket query of 500 and load it on my Triton, but I was thinking of loading only what I was going to hunt for. Then I was thinking, I find them often when I am just out and about and turn on my Triton and see if I am near any. I change their icon when i find them, and delete them after I log them. When a new one pops up in my area, I just hit send to GPS on the cache page. So how does every one else do it? Who loads only what they are going to hunt, and who loads a bunch? Do you have a better way of handling them?
  7. Na, that doesn't violate any rules but I have trouble seeing what you are trying to accomplish. I wouldn't Put it "on" a tree. Meaning, I wouldn't screw it into it. And if you were going to put it "on" a fence, I would get permission. Electrical box hides are not new. Whats been done in the past is the use of magnets to hold the face on it so it can be opened without a screwdriver, But if you wanted a screw driver to be part of the hunt you can do that and list it as special equipment. BUT, if you are going to make it so some one has to unscrew an electrical outlet, that its not too close to live boxes. you don't want some one mistakenly opening a live box and getting a zap.
  8. I was just wondering if tables would work on a cache page. If so you could easily make a border that matched the resolution of the machine viewing it. EDIT: My goodness, just tested it out on one of my existing hides. And yes, tables work. So if you made a table say 95% wide, with a border of 2 or greater, and put the content inside the table, you could make a border. And change the colors too. This also solves the problem of changing the background color because you can make the inside of the table any color you want. Here is the cache I just tested the tables tag on, GC1J2C1 As you will see I put a frame with color inside on the short discription, and I made the background of the page discription light grey. Here is the table tag code: <table border="0" bordercolor="red" style="background-color:lightgrey" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="3"> <tr> <td>Table Cell</td> </tr> </table> You can alter that to what you like. Place the content in place of "Table Cell" and viola!
  9. dadgum, is that why I couldn't find one darn cache in Jan??? j/k
  10. I think it is but if MioPocket is compatible with tomtom, you could turn your unit into an all out geocaching machine. That's how i started out. I have a Mio Moov 200 and I wanted to cache with it and found a neat program on gpspassion.com called MioPocket. You put it on the memory card, and pop it in, and it takes over the unit accessing the bare bones windows ce OS and has all of the other files to make into a PDA. It comes with a few GPS programs installed like BeeLine gps, which was perfect for geocaching. Plus you can play music, video, use word pad, play games and do just about anything you can do on a PDA on your gps. It is compatible with GPX and LOC files, and worked very well. Now I use it while caching in the car, I load the same GPX file as I do my Triton and I can drive around and see when I am close to one, hop out and go right to the hand held. I just took a quick peak over to gpspassion.com and it appears that it will work with tomtom with some minor setting up. Just search for MioPocket on google. It will bring you right to it. this will make most automotive gps units a geocaching machine. EDIT: here is the direct link to the software page http://netfresco.com/MioPocket/default.aspx
  11. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I did not want to start a whole new one on this. I see a lot of flack about the triton series on the internet, and I just wanted to put out my 2 cents, and see if people are still having the same troubles, or if people are now generally happy with their tritons. I was given my Triton 400 for christmas close to 2 years ago, and I have never had 1 problem with the unit. It has always worked great out of the box, but some of the upgrades have made it better. First I see in reviews that people complain that the battery life is no where near what they say it is, "11 hours" on 2 AA batteries. I have seen some one say it didn't last 3 hours on Duracell's. Well I have had the same batteries in mine for weeks. And they were not new when I put them in. I had 3 bars of life in them. I went out caching last Saturday, and I was out near 5 hours with the unit on the whole time, and it dropped a bar, and is still working. I have had it on several times, and even left it on for who knows how long. I bought batteries while I was out caching, and I still don't need them. I feel the battery life is good. I believe that people who want to keep the back light on all the time and set it that way, kill the battery life fast. I leave mine so it goes out quick. The other thing I have seen is people complain about the accuracy. But Mine has always been spot on. It takes me right to the GZ. I ran into another cacher using a Garmin 60csx. He had apparently been looking for it for a bit. After introducing each other, We proceeded to look for it. My unit took me right on top of it with in seconds. He had him several feet away. not to say his unit wasn't accurate, just saying the Triton 400 is just as accurate as any out there. The next thing I see is people saying its buggy. Never once have I had my unit lock up or be buggy. Some people don't like the software but I find it easy to use. Plus I have TOPO and the maps are off the hook. It makes finding caches so easy. The only thing that is not my favorite is that it takes time to load caches via computer. But that's if you are loading 500 or more. But honestly, once you load that many, it will be a while before you have to do it again so who cares, besides, Geocaching.com now supports send to GPS for the Triton series, so you can zip them cache by cache to your unit. And it takes a second to do it.
  12. I'd reply (as was the case in Golden Gate Park) "Only when I have to leave them to get to the big deposits of beer bottles, pizza cartons and energy bar wrappers." I have never actually herd anything negative in my area about geocaching. Any one who has herd something of it doesn't have anything bad to say about it.
  13. I have never brought food, but I do bring water. I have a water bladder in my pack with a drinking tube. I usually fill it with some Ice in it. That works out great. Nice cold water on the go, and it keeps you back cool while wearing the pack. It usually stays cold for a while. I usually try to plan it out so that when we are traveling to a new spot to cache, we get some lunch some place.
  14. Im not saying disallow containers, only suggest against some. PVC tubes, from a distance look like pipe bombs. If you use a threaded cap, it will leak. I have nothing against PVC tubing that is make to look like plumbing. Just the ones that are tubes alone. I put this in this section because its a suggestion for the site. Putting a fake electrical box next to a live one is asking for some one to get zapped. I have no problem with a fake outlet or something like that as long as its not close to something live that a person can get into and get zapped. I think the cache posting page should have some kind of visual warning about placing a cache. At least a pick of a lock and lock saying good cache container, and a pic of a home made PVC pipe and say, looks too much like a pipe bomb, and may not be a good choice of container.
  15. Wish there was a way to change the color of the page. Least I haven't seen a way besides making a background pic of the color you want to change it too.
  16. I have one. And I have my paint ball gun set up for target practice! Just kidding. That's all I need to do is hurt 2 fun games. Geocaching and paintball. There is one I am going to set up. Its not too far from my house. I have another that is close to my dads, but you can't see the cachers retrieving it.
  17. I was a boy scout when I was a kid. But that's about it off your list. But we all have our geeky hobbies.
  18. I think that right there was the wrong thing to do. I think the best thing would have been to walk up to him, introduce your self, then explain what you are doing. Go on geocaching U and print up a few of those geocaching fliers, that will make it simple. Just hand it to people in those situations. Running away just makes it sound like you are up to no good. That's how caches end up on the news with a robot. Nude Cacher ruined it for us all. That's just disturbing... Disturbing.
  19. I was thinking, and I thought about some of the poor choices of cache containers that some people put out there that may resemble something like a bomb. i.g. PVC tube. These make poor containers not only because they don't seal well unless they are cranked completely tight, in which case you cannot get it open without a wrench, but because they look too much like a pipe bomb. So I wondered why there wasn't a link, or a step in the posting process for cache containers. Ones that are acceptable, and ones that should not be used for obvious reasons. A page that shows a few basic containers as acceptable, for example: Ammo can, Lock and lock, bison tubes. then a few ones people should steer clear of using such as a home mad container made of PVC, ABS or ones made of electrical boxes near live electrical boxes and explain why. Just to get across the point of, "try not to use any container that can be mistaken for a bomb" with an example of them, that is mandatory to navigate through to get to the cache submission page. I think something like that will help lessen the likely-hood of seeing a cache blown up by a bomb squad because it looked like a pipe bomb.
  20. There should be something about PVC containers not being an acceptable cache container, mostly because it can resemble a pipe bomb, and because they do not seal water tight well unless you tighten it to the point of not being able to be opened without a wrench. Or any container that may resemble such. stopping cache containers like that is a good step. Educating new cachers is a good idea too. If you can stop inexperienced cachers from making the mistake of putting a cache in a place that may make some one think terrorist act, or using a container that resembles something terroristic, then you will eliminate most of the problems. Also, I know a lot of cache placers who hid them on private property or a place where in they would need permission, they lie and say the do, but do not. We need to emphasize getting permission. Its also not a bad idea to encourage cachers to check with their police departments, and at least make sure they are aware of geocaching. Overall emphasis of good cache placement is probably the best thing we can do. We have to make sure cachers know these things. It is also not a bad idea to tell people who do see you getting a cache what it is you are doing, especially if they look at you like you are going to blow up a lamp post, or something like that. I have made up muggle cards that I hand to a muggle who has caught me retrieving and replacing a cahce, and I leave them in caches so people can have some too, But it clearly explains what it is that I am doing when I hand it to some one. This way people won't think you are "Osama Kill Lamppost" beings most of the articles I have seen have included lamp post hides with film canisters. But over all, good or bad, media exposure will get geocaching out there, and more people are less likely to freak over time when they see some one sneaking a container out of some where public. but for the time being we need to educate cachers about the right way to do things.
  21. Okay... How $&*#& stupid. Its at your own risk. If the cache seems dangerous to you, you shouldn't even let your kid attempt. DUH. Isn't that why parents go with their young kids? To make sure they don't do caches that are dangerous? If they are so mad about doing that cache, why did they let the kid do it?? TOOLS! Wonderful smart people...... Its hard to miss an annoying "please note" exclamation banner posted on every single cache page on the site with a link that brings you to a very nicely laid out page where on this caption resides...."Geocaching, hiking, backpacking and other outdoor activities involve risk to both persons and property. There are many variables including, but not limited to, weather, fitness level, terrain features and outdoor experience, that must be considered prior to seeking or placing a Cache. Be prepared for your journey and be sure to check the current weather and conditions before heading outdoors. Always exercise common sense and caution." I guess unless you are the nimrods that complain about how dangerous the cache is, yet let their child do it any way... Good thing to teach your children, not to read warnings. I am so glad to see intelligent people having children these days.
  22. Oops ... I should not have underestimated the omnipresent attention of the review team! Here's hoping this won't make me public enemy #1. ( Top five I can live with, though ) No way! Keeping geocaching safe is key in keeping the game going. I don't want to see it in a newspaper some accident cause by geocahers who dropped a container into moving traffic because of a poorly placed cache. I would do the same thing. Geocaching is self policing. It is up to its members to make sure its kept safe and to guide lines.
  23. If you are going to place one at a school it is possible BUT, You must talk to the school before even thinking of placing it. make sure the school is well aware of it and that they give you permission to place it. I would also after getting written consent to place it on the school grounds bring that to the local municipality so they are aware in case a muggle thinks something suspicious is going on and calls the police. If you have all that in line when you post it on geocaching.com, and let the reviewer know you have permission from the school and the local police know as well, that would count as an exception, and could be published. As well if you are going to go through all this trouble for a hide, make sure it is very very good placement. Try to put it in a place that would at least not make it look suspicious. I would try not to put it near a kindergarten class or school. People may think adult cachers may be sex offenders etc. I think that would be fine to hide one at a school, although a lot to go through to do it. Personally if I was going to find a cache at a school if there was one placed there, I would let some one in the school office know I was going to be looking for it, so I would not be mistaken for some one up to no good. Its just not worth it to go through to publish it all kosher like. Just go find another place to place the cache.
  24. Every good cacher should have a cache first aid kit. Mine consists of, zip lock bags(different sizes", an assortment of replacement logs, micro, notebook etc. Pens & pencils, cammo tape, Geocaching explanation sheets, and a regular size lock and lock which I keep it all in. This way i can fix a suffering cache on the go. I would just replace the log and note it when you log your find on the website. I have encountered some pretty bad logs. Sopping with water, and completely filled. I just wish I had my pack today when I had to fix one of mine. It had been muggled. I fixed it on my lunch break, so I didn't have any gear. I just stopped at wally world and got a new container and a log, but I had no swag to put in it. If I had my pack, it would have been loaded.
  25. that only applies to US caches AFAIK in the guidelines it states first "Caches may be quickly archived if we see the following (which is not exhaustive):" Then the last bullet point is "Caches near, on or under public structures deemed potential or possible targets for terrorist attacks. These may include but are not limited to highway bridges, dams, government buildings, elementary and secondary schools, and airports." And after that it states: "There may be some exceptions. If your cache fits within one of the above areas, please explain this in a note to the reviewer. If you are given permission to place a cache on private property, indicate this on the cache page for the benefit of both the reviewer and people seeking out the cache." Meaning that a bridge hid is OKAY considering the bridge, container and other variables. Obviously if some one wanted to hide a cache in a horrible leaky pvc container, that would be a bad idea and it should be archived and the cache removed immediately, or one place on a super busy bridge on an interstate. But if its a magnetic key box on a bridge on a sparsely traveled road, then I would say that's perfectly OKAY. There is no said "rule" that states you cannot hide caches on bridges. I have found many. All were safe. That's why we have rules, and a good community policing its self for things like the cache in question.
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