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  1. I think you are getting condition and satellite visibilty confused. If the mark itself is in good condition and readable it should be reported as 'Good' to NGS. After you finish entering the report you will get a screen asking if the mark is vislble to satellites.I am still a bit confused about that one, but check the forum for the term 'satellite' and read what the experts here had to say about it. Looking at the picture of your mark and post it may indeed be satellite viewable.
  2. I took a quick trip out to find both of the TMI markers today and failed with both. although I am almost sure they both exist, they are also both close to entrances to TMI, and since I saw local police 3 times prior to looking (and trespassing on railroad property both times) I figured I would save it for another day, or perhaps never.
  3. Do we need to tell you that 'hammer and chisel' are not cleaning equipment? Just kidding.
  4. Two! PA and WA! And pretty dang proud of taking 3 work collegues BM hunting in Seattle at that.
  5. I heartily concur about the railroad trespassing. Railroad police are not just rent-a-cops. They are actual police and can fine you and even arrest you. Some railroads are known to be hardcases about trespassing and others look more lightly upon it, but all are nervous about trespassers and always have been. The majority of marks in my area seem to be on railroads so I have gotten used to trespassing to find them, but I am constantly on the lookout and trust in luck and my good looks and charming wit in case I am caught. This may or not work though, so I could be getting bailed out of jail at some point.
  6. Actually, about 2 hours after I posted about crossing the 1,000 mark we did! So I guess it was a self fulfilling prophecy (or whatever). My bet is we will hit it again next Sunday when everyone enters their weekend finds.
  7. I always glance at the number of benchmarks found in the last 7 days and last night we ALMOST made it to 1,000 (982 if I recall correctly). I have only been a member of this board for about 3 months, so I don't know if that is an all-time record or just since I came on board, but it is great that so many are out there looking for these things. It must be spring coming, but that number has risen every week for a while. At athe 1,000 a week rate we only need 693 more weeks to find every one of 'em! That's only 13 years and 4 months.
  8. Note that the description of SC0620 places it in the center of a driveway. Chance are pretty good that the driveway has been repaved since 1926, and the mark is either under that repaving or has been removed. Also, aerial photographs of the area show no obvious realignment of 101. The road may have been widened to 4 lanes from two, however, which might have destroyed the disk. Also note that the 1965 description shows the mark as not found, so either something is very wrong with the description, or the mark really was destroyed a long time ago. As for your mystery witness post, there is always the chance that the description for SC0620 is completely wrong and the mark is SOUTH and WEST of the roads indicated, where the post sits. I found a mark today that was supposed to be east of a road but since the road ran east-west the mark would have been in the road. It was actually north, and luckily the rest of the description led me to the mark. You might want to poke around in the ground near the post to see if you hit anything solid, or use a metal detector.
  9. I live close enough to Three Mile Island (TMI as we always call it) that I think I will mosey over and get pics of those two disks. I lived in Hershey at the time and the Hersheypark Arena was used as an evacuation point. However, I was in college in Philadelphia, where air quality measurements we being taken hourly to measure the radiation moving in on the easterly winds (negligible).
  10. Just a quick note--call Patty instead of emailing her. Their policy is not to take credit card numbers over email so you will have to call her to give that to her.
  11. I want to say thank you also Deb. Although you are just a faceless name to us right now, at least we know you exist. I didn't expect a reply from the email I sent about a destroyed mark--I am sure you have other things to do than respond to emails that don't really require responses, so it is nice to see you at least look here once in a while.
  12. I have reported a few NOT FOUNDS when I was certain I had found the disk location--for instance if the circle the disk was sitting in is evident, or I definitely know that the mark SHOULD be where it AIN'T. I will be more cautious as I stray from my home area--often I can tell that a road was rerouted or widened because I have been here for 46 years. I will be less likely to know that in other areas.
  13. With zero research at all, I vote for Seattle. I managed to find a non-found mark in my short visit here this week. There are a couple of benchmarkers in the area, but it seems no concerted effort to comb the city for marks--just spotty finds here and there. Certainly not like the sweeps some of the eastern PA benchmarkers are attempting, myself included.
  14. And for extra safety, get gloves. I am recovering from a nasty case of poison ivy that I got last week looking for a mark. I am not even totally sure what mark, since poison ivy doesn't look like much in late Feb.
  15. I agree with Rich in NEPA. There is often something to add when finding a benchmark that has already been found. Often the pic posted is only of the mark, sometimes another view will help someone else find it (although I suspect many of you are not looking at the pics prior to hunting... where is the sport in that?!) I too like to find the unfound, especially the reference marks or azumith marks, or better yet, the benchmarks that were posted as "not found" in the NGS database. As was mentioned, a lot has usually changed since the mark was first described, so it takes some mental work to find the benchmark.
  16. Sor far this one: is probably my favorite, partly because it was my first triangulation find, partly because it required actual sleuthing, in the form of accurate measurement and angles, partly because I had to dig to get the two reference marks, and partly because of the name OYES. Check my log for more info on "OYES". OYES Benchmark
  17. OK, I found a couple other green ones today, so my theory about electrical currents was off. Seems like the deer pee one might be a possibility though! LOL
  18. I found this benchmark at the base of a high tension tower. It is the first that I have located that is so completely oxidized. While it might be random--sun exposure, deer urine, salt air (200 miles from the shore!), does anyone else think that it might be caused by the electrical field from the high tension lines?
  19. I recently found a USPS not found disk that was very easy to find and searched the forums for Squadron. This is on of the threads I discovered. While I don't like to denigrate people... ok ok, that is a lie... but I did start to wonder why an easy mark was not found. I looked on the USPS site and found the following tip for benchmark hunting that might explain it... Think of fun activities or places to go during or after the mark recovery. Maybe you want to finish the expedition at a pizza parlor or maybe at a miniature golf course. Maybe you can set up a barbecue or picnic at the end of the trip. Perhaps the geodetic mark recovery can be coordinated with a cruise or rendezvous. Think about advertising the event as an opportunity for members to learn more about their handheld GPS units. My personal favorite event was the GMR expedition with intermediate stops at local wineries. A member that has fun on a geodetic mark recovery expedition is a member who will come back for more. Perhaps the highlighted text explains some things?
  20. Adam, I can't think of anything easy to do with it offhand, as GPSVis is a web based program and that makes everything a bit more difficult. Zooming, moving around, etc., become a bit harder as the web interface gets in the way. I think it is a great program for setting up a few waypoints or following a track. Bear in mind that I am only getting started with benchmarking, and have no interest (at the moment, but I think that might change) in geocaching. So basically I am still looking for what fits me. I am a pure paper operation, using USGS maps or printouts of them in a binder, and the NGS benchmark descriptions, to get to the marks. I want to commend you on a great product though and think it has great use, just not in displaying an entire county's benchmarks on one screen. Matt
  21. Yeah, I realize there are some limitations. Maybe we can ask for some changes. He seems to modify it pretty often.
  22. Oh yeah, you can zoom in and out, move left and right, easily! The only thing it is missing is a way to mark a waypoint (benchmark) as found, etc, so I can keep track of my efforts. I have played with GPSVisualizer and it has a lot of features, but what I want to do it play with an entire county's benchmarks, and they are simply too close together for GPSVisualizer to display well. I DO like how GPSVis... shows the name AND description, and how you can drag the names of the waypoints to better places before printing.
  23. I downloaded USAPhotoMap after reading this thread and I love it! It is fast, easy to use, and you can upload a GPX file created through the NGS site (and pulled into EasyGPS to make sure it is readable, it seems). The marks can be listed, the bugger is FAST at downloading and navigating, and you can see photos instantly.
  24. Right on the money Chaosmanor! Although I don't have many finds yet it is partly the detective work necessary that gets me excited about benchmarking. Even when I think I know an area well I will still have to look for evidence of something that used to exist and no longer does, at least as descripbed in 1942, or 1966, or whatever. C'mon snow. MELT!
  25. HA. Junk! Doesn't take pictures. For a mere $3,400 more you can get a camera. Wait, that isn't such a good deal is it? LOL Chaosmanor, congrats on finding a price. I looked and couldn't. Not that I expected it to be cheap enough to actually afford. Sigh... now back to reality and my attempt to answer the age old questions... Garmin or Magellan. Garmin or Magellan. Garmin or Magellan. Color or black and white. Color or black and white... brain hurts. Too many opinions. Gotta go lie down.
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