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  1. I did a little looking around and found a Simeon East School listed on Simeon Rd south of Valentine. Looking at Google Maps I found a sort of north-easterly bound roadish thing from there, and then going to USGS Historical Maps I found a string of survey marks along that roadway that follows Schlagel Creek. I don't have Google Earth at work so I can't easily find out about the marks along that dirt road.
  2. That's 5 for your car and 2 spares?
  3. That was a day I will always remember! I suspect that a request made of Phil Robertson might get a similar response!
  4. I just watched the most recent episode of Duck Dynasty and one of the Willie's daughters had an extra credit school project--Find a Benchmark! I skipped forward find the segment and found Willie, Phil and the daughter on top of what Phil called the highest spot on Robertson property. It turned out Phil didn't know what a benchmark was and was upset that they were things set by the government so he ranted about that a while. Of course there was no benchmark where they were standing so that was pretty much the end of the segment. I got all excited for naught. I went online and found the Robertson house and then used Google Earth (ad Foxtrot-Xray's great overlay map) to see what benchmarks were nearby. I think they may have 2 or 3 on their property, so the benchmark hunt could have easily been a real thing and not just a way to have Phil complain about the government. My wife remarked that a show featuring benchmark hunters would be as exciting as some of the other stuff we are subjected to--treasure hunting, gold mining, monster hunting. I am not sure if she meant that it would be exciting to watch, or just no less awful than the rest of the genre!
  5. I am looking forward to V2 and would be happy to sideload it if you want me to. As for V1.2.5, I find that even though I told it to show non-pubs it still does.
  6. I never considered submitting an FOIA because I doubt that benchmarks come under that level of federal jurisdiction. A large number of marks not in the NGS database are not federal marks--they are state, county, city, and even private marks, and wouldn't be available to federal level researchers. Another reason is that showing a mark on this board will often get you enough information to research it further. There is a lot of knowledge here and I have seen some seemingly obscure marks fully explained by some of our more educated and experienced members. There are also other databases of survey control--many states have them, and so do quite a few counties. I discovered local county marks when out hunting and contacted the county. Their engineer gladly sent me a list and I proceeded to look for all 240 of them and report them back to him. They are often happy to have that sort of help (I located quite a few that had previously been "lost"). If you spot a mark you want to know more about feel free to post a picture here and tell us where it is. Someone will either know what it is, or go crazy researching it just for the sheer joy of it!
  7. Mike, Just wanted you to know I really appreciate all your efforts towards benchmarking--GE and Benchmap are both terrific products and I have used both and will continue to use both as long as they exist (and I can walk!). I know you did them because you wanted to use them, and like all programmers you wanted the challenge, but they are great!
  8. I figured someone else would get to this before I did, but here goes... The Geocaching.com team seems to have no interest in updating the benchmark portion of this site. There has been no update to the American marks since the early part of the century, and the majority of those of us who visit here do so mostly out of habit and because there is no place else to go. It looks like trigpointing is a decently attended hobby in the UK. Active benchmarking is not so popular here, and I would venture to say there is a core of about 20 people in the entire nation who are really serious about it. The hobby peaked about 6 years ago and this board was quite active then, with a lot of discussion about all aspects of the hobby. I think the remainder of us "serious" folk use this site for social reasons and because we always have, and use the NGS site to post the results of our hunts (there is one major exception to the use of the NGS site. I won't mention names but wanted them to know I include them in the group of "serious" folk, as well as very successful finders. They take the hobby seriously but choose not to post on the NGS site). Why isn't your tripointinguk site good enough for your needs? It looks to be everything the benchmark side of this site is and you even have an Android app (which we do also, thank you Mike!). In fact, you even have BOOKS about trigpoint hunting!
  9. Most of the measurements I have seen are from the middle of things, but those things have usually been small things like roads and trees. I don't recall such a specific measurement from a bridge. Like you I would have assumed it was from the closest end of the bridge, but also like I wouldn't have ruled out the center of the bridge.
  10. If you signed up for course information you already know this, but the class has opened for registration. It starts April 30th and lasts 5 weeks.
  11. TilliMurphs, I think you are right. I thought that Ebay pulled those listings without being told. After we talked about the legality of selling them they started being pulled from Ebay, so maybe someone was telling them. I bought a marker on Ebay years ago, before we discussed it here. It had no stamping other than a date of 1935 and was very shiny so I figured it hadn't been used and may even have been given to someone for years of service (my thinking is that they had started work on the year stamped on it). When I got it I could see that it hadn't been used as the back was totally clean and the fins were in good shape.
  12. Looks neat! I may give it a go. Penn State's World Campus offers degrees in GIS. During a non-planned job hiatus I took two of them, thinking I might change careers, but I stopped when a job in my field popped up. The online courses were very good and well run. The Coursera course is run by a World Campus GIS instructor so it should be well done.
  13. I doubt it is the one Lil Devil found. That is the only one in the database with the designation V 1042 but it was set in 1956 and the one you have is stamped 1960. There are a lot of disks that never made the NGS database, most notably a lot of CGS ones. I am not sure if you could contact them to ask. Unless it was recently removed there is probably not a lot of good in doing anything with it. I would just keep it.
  14. In my town they replaced a bridge and built the new one beside the old one. In this instance it made total sense because it straightened out a curve that had been in the road for decades. Sadly, they started the project by cutting off the wingwall and retaining wall that had a benchmark on it, so by the time I thought to see if I could get it they had removed it. I have seen this sort of bridge replacement a few times during my benchmark hunting.
  15. I had a little trouble finding images of benchmark disks since the government sites are down, but here is one from Berntsen. They make disks (and other survey related items). The image at the top right is how the HILD disk would be imbedded in concrete, with two wings spread out to keep it from being pried out.
  16. There is a stem on it--about 3/4 inch around and 3 inches long.
  17. Just bang at it with a long handled sledge. I have successfully removed disks from the monuments with an 8 lb sledge. If it is the type with squared top you can probably knock just the top off. If it is a totally cylindrical one you will have to hit it more to knock it apart. When I did it I think it took about 10 good hits to get the disk out. At first you don't think you are getting anywhere, but then a few cracks open up and concrete start flying. Speaking of bits flying, wear safety goggles.
  18. Bill93 makes some good points. But in answer to your original question of obtaining it, I would be surprised if you will have any luck. I am willing to bet that one of the site supervisors already has his dibs on the disk. I tried something similar a few years ago and was told it was in "someone's office" so that it could be submitted as destroyed to the NGS. I took that as code to mean "the boss wanted it so we gave it to him". It was my first Groundspeak find and I felt a bit paternal so I submitted it to Deb based on the fact that I knew what I was talking about. I am pretty sure it is my name on the destroyed log on that one, and that she never got a log from anyone on the construction site.
  19. Get pictures of it as it sits in the sand, removed from its setting, and send them to Deb.Brown@noaa.gov to report that RM destroyed. Ask her if she cares if you keep the disk. The NGS is really not interested in getting the disks back. The stipulation of returning destroyed marks dates from the time when getting images of the disk was not as easy.
  20. I am betting it is this one: HILD 2 RESET
  21. I completely agree Artman (and hope my above statement read that way!). There is zero blame to be put on government employees, even those who spent time and money to close the Mall. It was just their job. And then they had no job. As you said, the blame rests on Capitol Hill where grown men are behaving very poorly.
  22. I was assuming exactly what Mike was--why not just leave them on, but after reading Dave's responses and thinking about it I can see the reasoning behind shutting them down, with the primary one being reducing the possibility of attacks on unattended computers. With nobody to monitor the systems they become much more vulnerable to outside attacks.
  23. Very interesting Dave. I thought that the datasheet portion was simply a static database retrieval. I didn't know it was interactive and I hadn't really considered all the other things that the NGS database referenced. When I mentioned it as a spite move please realize that I didn't mean the NGS, or any particular individual agency. My reference was to the highest level of government where this whole mess started and remains. It is a shame that instead of a total shutdown of services that some sort of skeleton crew couldn't be available to keep certain useful, if not "essential" things running. And not just at the NGS. It was obvious when watching the news that a lot of planning and expense went into the various shutdowns--signs were professionally and expensively printed saying that national parks were closed, the mall in D.C. was enclosed to prevent access. I am sure there are hundreds of other examples of expenses incurred to shut down various agencies. This, sadly, is how government, and even large corporations work. A decision is made and no exceptions will be allowed. We are closing, and that means "closing".
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