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  1. OMG that is me only the ants are really really tiny. hahaha
  2. Fire ants mounds appear like a little sand pile. They are everywhere.
  3. I see so many Caches that say they have TB's in them and there are none
  4. This one looks good nüvi® 500...
  5. Well the ants crawled up to the top of my shoes and bite me. That was the problem! dam ants!
  6. In Florida I never wear "shoes" only flip-flops. After getting cut up from thorns I decided to purchase some lightweight walking shoes. similar to "tennis shoes". I then got attacked by ants. they clung on to my shoes and went searching for blood. So my question is without wearing boots has anyone found any tricks to keep ants away?
  7. Hi everyone! I am from Florida and hope to meet other fellow Geocachers in my area. I am somewhat "obsessed" with hiding caches at the moment and finding the most unusual trackables to place in my caches. I am getting a slight bit better at finding caches that I was when I started but would love a few pointers!
  8. Why can't you just get together to meet other Geocachers?
  9. Ok another question on this subject. For FTF coins would you prefer the "FTF" coins or a random trackable that is not activated? I dont really like any of the FTF Trackable coins.
  10. I think I will make this: https://www.ehow.com/how_12095679_make-fake-rocks-using-expandable-spray-foam.html
  11. Oh do tell why do the neighbors need to know? What happens? Do you have any pictures of cool ones?
  12. Wow fake rocks are expensive! Going to look on Pinterest.
  13. I am trying to find a way to make something in my yard a good hiding place for a large cache in Florida. Any ideas?
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