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  1. I thought it was older, closer to my age....sigh, but I enjoyed seeing it anyway. Thanks!
  2. As I remember, this was a problem when this feature was first introduced, and it was fixed quickly. Now it's back. Personally I don't mind the blue flag so much but I really miss seeing the cache name on my 60CSx. Now all it says is GEOCACHE.
  3. I'm noticing the same thing, (Win2K,SP4 with IE6). Some stuff still works when the map is frozen, like the hide my finds and other check boxes.
  4. I'm pretty hard nosed about not logging your own caches as finds. But this is one exception I wouldn't have a problem with. ANYONE who completes the grid and signs the log at the final should be able to log a find on it.
  5. Exactly! I don't think you could have said it any better!
  6. CTD only has these complaints because he is in my review territory. So its YOU that doesnt care much for goats??????????? What's not to like about goats???? They're one of my favorite animals!!! Welcome Nate! I've seen several threads by unhappy geocachers, where a simple "We know it's a problem and we're 'workin on it'" would have really helped calm people down. Thanks!
  7. When I travel, I do a PQ and filter out puzzles, multis and any regular caches harder than a 3. Then I go through that list and pick some that seem reasonable for the time I have available. I have seen a couple of caches that made me wonder. I was traveling to a job site, out of town, for several weeks. On my last trip I did a multi that I'd bypassed on previous trips (it was the only cache on the route I hadn't done). This cache is in the middle of no where, with few local cachers. It's has 2 parts with the final only about 150' away. It's found far less than the regular caches along the route. Several of the finders commented "why is this a multi?" Most of the time, if you look, there are plenty of "tourist friendly" caches around to do.
  8. Check out this site, GPS Visualizer. I think it will do what you want.
  9. I think I could learn to like the new maps. I like that more caches are shown. (They've been loading fast enough on my machine) I like that I can hide my finds. (but it would be really nice if they stayed hidden when I panned the map. What's the blue balloon for? When I click on it, I get a My Placemark balloon in the center of the map and the map locks up and I can't do anything. What are the cache type check boxes on the right for? Checked or unchecked, doesn't seem to make any difference. The icons are hard to see in the Sat or Hybrid mode. Not really complaints, just comments. If it matters I'm using Win2K and I.E. 6.
  10. I just noticed the same thing. I posted a note on one off my cache pages and regardless of the date I choose it reverts back to todays date. My wife has some caches left to log from the cache machine two weeks ago. She's not going to be happy...
  11. I did some orienteering, years ago before geocaching. I really enjoyed it. I've always liked using maps and compasses. This cache is one I tried when I was visiting family in Bend. Unfortunately I had trouble with one of the waypoints and didn't finish it. I thought it was very well done and had a great time working on it. One of the most interesting caches I've tried. If I ever get back that way it's at the top of my list.
  12. I'll second that! I've found several of their hides and I have a couple of cats too! Congratulations from MtnGoat50 and Love2Ski!
  13. Because caches are meant to be found. By Premium Members. Not really, I think this backdoor is left open deliberately. For example there are lots of families that cache together, with mom, dad and the kids all having separate accounts. Thirty dollars may not seem like much but what about $150 for a family of five on a budget? I wouldn't want to have to explain to junior that he can't log a cache that he's found, because I can't afford to buy everyone a premium membership. I really appreciate that Groundspeak allows this, I hope it stays this way.
  14. Hmmmmm.....That's a great idea! My brother in law, has a couple of helicopters. Thanks!
  15. I had a similar experience in Montana this Memorial Day. We live in Spokane, my wife's brother lives in Whitefish and we decided to visit them over the long weekend. When I did a list of caches, I noticed this one GC12Z1W had just published and hadn't been found. We were doing a loop and this was on the way home so I didn't give it much thought. Three days later, on our way home, we were FTF, a nice surprise. Much like you, our local caches in Spokane, are usually found within an hour or two. This cache (GCR41Q) in NE Washington was even more of a surprize. I was working in Omak and got an early start home. I took the long way hoping to get some Washington Delorme Challenge pages. It was winter and the other caches on this page seemed likely to be snowed in. As I headed north to the Canadian border (quite a ways out of my way), I wasn't sure if I'd find more snow or less. It turned out to be less. I found the cache on January 13, and it was placed on October 23, almost three months earlier, and I had no idea. One of those FTF caches you really remember. Going off topic. I love the "It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue." in your sig line. I bought my first computer in 1980 and I think the first game I purchased was Zork. Those were some of the happiest times I've spent in front of a computer screen. Everytime I see it, it makes me smile....
  16. WOW! I just noticed this one! Congratulations to YAYA on 700 finds!!!!! Cheers, and best wishes from MtnGoat50 and Love2Ski!
  17. Well, I think, I have everything logged and I'm somewhat rested, after a great weekend of caching. Congratulations to Chumpo on topping 1500! You beat me by a day. A big congratulations to Dream Cache R for hitting 600 while night caching after the CM dinner! Than was fun. Congratulations to Lookout Lisa for getting 1200+ at the Grays Harbor Cache Machine! And Congratulations to Trevor and Kate on 2600! and finally a belated congratulations! to CLH fighting duo for topping 1300! Cheers everyone.
  18. Just curious...... I heard someone once suggest that perhaps there should be another drop down menu option on Event "will attend" selections. A drop down box that would appear if you selected "will attend". A drop down box that would mark how many people would attend per each caching name and that would electronically correspond to a running total of "people will attend" under the hint area where those nice little icons already are. I'm not saying that this would have prevented what happened at the GHCM dinner, but it's something to mull over and could be helpful for future event planners (cache machine, cito, beer fest, coin party, or other.) I think this is the thread you're talking about. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=168304&hl= I have no idea how hard it would be to implement but I think it's a good idea. I recently organized a bike ride and BBQ. Getting a good count, so I knew how much food to buy, was the one of biggest challenges. This was also the case during the SCM2. My limited experience with events is that a few people who RSVP, can't make it and a few attend at the last minute, with out RSVPing. Generally it balances out. I was surprised by the low turn out on Saturday. I'm sorry you couldn't make it Mudsneaker, we were looking forward to seeing you again. I hope everything worked out alright.
  19. The one feature I like on the new maps is the ability to hide my finds but, as is mentioned above, that doesn't work very well. From what I've seen so far I like the old maps better. I will say that I appreciate the efforts being made to improve the site, even though I'm, sometimes, not happy with the results.
  20. Thanks for letting us know. Whenever I've submitted a cache the waiting has been agony. It's much easier to be patient and understanding when you know the reason for the delay. Many thanks to you and the other reviewers for your hard work!
  21. My wife and I are still planning on coming. Thanks for your all your hard work putting this together!
  22. I'll second that! They seem to be coming faster and faster. Congrats to YA for topping 1400 and thanks for the great event! Congratulations to Montana Dave for topping 1000! That's a big one. There were many more. Congratulations everone!
  23. Congratulations to Chumpo for hitting 1400 (and then some) this weekend in the Tri Cities! Good going Don and Vin!
  24. I believe that physical, as opposed to virtual, caches are banned in all NFS Wilderness Areas, just like the national parks. I hope I'm wrong about this, maybe a reviewer will chime in with a definative answer. The WSGA site has a page with some land use information for Washington State. http://www.geocachingwa.org/land-use/faq.asp
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