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  1. Here you go... http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=427
  2. I have a couple of suggestions for GC12 and GC17 that may be helpful. If you have a compatible GPS I'd recommend downloading Northwest Trails or Northwest Topo maps. See this thread for more info. The description for GC17 has some good driving directions for getting to the parking area. Following the auto routing on your GPS can lead to trouble. I did GC12 and 17 in June and there was quite a bit of snow on the upper part of the trail to GC17. The round trip hike is around 7 miles with about 1350' of elevation gain. It took me around 3.5 hours including searching for the caches, taking pictures and a one wrong turn.
  3. Yep, it's down again, just like last year. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago but I assume it's been down since the 24th (10/24/12). I don't use it much but it sure comes in handy sometimes on puzzle caches.
  4. Ditto. My last 4 cars have been Subarus starting in 1992. I've had three Legacy wagons and currently have a 2011 Outback, my wife drives a 2008 Outback. They're reliable, reasonably fuel efficient and handle great.
  5. Cool tip!! I noticed a change from green to white as I zoomed in but didn't know there was a way to change it +1 (about turning off the shading) I'm a little late to the party but I'll toss in a few comments. I have an Oregon 550, I didn't get the T version with maps because I already owned the topo 2008 maps, and at the time I purchased it was $100 cheaper. 1. I wish the screen was a lot brighter but most of the time it's okay. 2. I love the camera on the 550. I use it all the time and it take great pictures. Well worth the extra money for me. 3. If you live in the northwest and want more detailed maps and trails then check out switchbacks.com (Google "Northwest Trails project").
  6. MtnGoat50


    I was very sorry to hear the sad news of Brian's passing. I didn't know Brian well but I considered him a friend. I had the pleasure of meeting him and caching with him several times over the years, at various events and cache machines. I also had the privilege of working with him regularly during my time as WSGA chapter rep for the Inland Empire. My wife and I's thoughts and prayers are with him, his family and his friends.
  7. I'm seeing the same thing on my new 550.
  8. Add Spokane, WA to the list. Thanks.
  9. You're right, there's a big difference between "recreational" rappelling and rock climbing. Here is a good example of a real rock climbing cache that can't be done by simply rappelling down to it. As wimseyguy correctly points out the rules for logging a cache find on Geocaching.com and what's normal for claiming an ascent of a rock climb are different.
  10. Congratulations to my friends Larry and Lauretta, LLCOOL, on reaching 3000 at the Chatcolet Lake Cache. Cheers and best wishes from MtnGoat50 and Love2Ski!
  11. I got the Holiday Inn at the Airport (3 star) for $49. I started with the airport zone 3 star at $45, then added the Burnably zone and rebid at $49. Now I'm wondering if I could have gotten it for $46 or $47...No big deal, it's still a good price. I'm really looking forward to the weekend, we haven't been to Vancouver in years. It should be a great time!
  12. Thanks, Travis, for getting the thread going. I've booked a room. Brad, thanks for your work and planning. I've had to miss the last couple and I'm excited to attend this one.
  13. Thanks Brad. If the page is almost ready, I guess can be patient a little longer. I just don't want to get a room in Lewiston if the start, or dinner is in Pullman. A separate thread for this event would still be nice when Travis is ready.
  14. As soon as I figure out a date, yes. Otherwise, the thread that everyone will be looking at for the next three months will start out with March season April season March season April season Wabbit season. So, um... timidly... April 18? Don't tell me that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is planning a Haggis Hunt to celebrate Paul Revere Day. It might be time to start this thread. I was thinking of booking a room but I'd like to have an idea where the start and dinner are going to be (Lewiston/Clarkston or Pullman/Moscow).
  15. This guy was in my backyard for several hours last Friday morning. edited to remove link to website.
  16. It's starting to pile up around here. These are a couple of pics from Spokane this morning.
  17. Yep, If it's a "Premium Members Only" cache you can see an audit log of everyone that's looked at the page. I've only had a couple go missing. Making them PM caches has helped and it can be fun to see who's visiting your cache page. Just to clarify my statement. There is no way to see who has the cache on their "watchlist".
  18. Yep, If it's a "Premium Members Only" cache you can see an audit log of everyone that's looked at the page. I've only had a couple go missing. Making them PM caches has helped and it can be fun to see who's visiting your cache page.
  19. Thanks! I'm trying to set up a cartridge where people visit different locations and have to answer a question to move on to the next location. When a player enters a zone I display a message directing them to the tasks button where I've made active and visible a task called question. When they click on it, it's supposed to get input. This works fine in the emulator but when I try it on the Colorado it doesn't work. I just get the task description but none of the "on click" events execute. I don't see a commands window in tasks so it looks like I may have to make my questions "items" instead of "tasks" to use your work around? Thanks again for your help. This has been very frustrating, I thought I was almost ready to publish when I discovered this problem.
  20. To answer my own question.... I have added the extra custom command (duplicating most of the onclick action) but if the onclick action is executed (because it runs on a PPC or because the Colorado player has been fixed) as part of this action the now unnecessary workaround is removed. Any chance of getting some sample code. I've run smack into the same problem. Works fine in the emulator but not on the Colorado...
  21. Cool!! I think that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!!!
  22. I'm working on a cartridge that involves touring a park. One particular area of the park is closed in the Winter. Can I design the cartridge so it will automatically skip that area during the winter?
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