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  1. Sounds like a great hider. You could post a link to their profile so we can all enjoy seeing his contributions.
  2. I enjoy trackables that have pictures and occasionally look through the gallery to see what's out there but, of course, I don't log them. It amazes me that anyone thinks it's okay to harvest numbers from the gallery to increase their TB count. You can still post pictures of trackables just make sure the code isn't showing in the image (cover it up with tape, photoshop it out, photo the back side, whatever). My take is they're only allowed if the trackable page clearly says so. If they don't clearly state it's allowed, it isn't. I would not assume that if someone posts an image with the code they are giving permission (again unless the TB page says so) rather I would assume they made a mistake, as in the OP.
  3. It would appear so based on this log: "Seen in the photo gallery at geocaching - Thank You very much for sharing this TB/Coin (If this wasn't intented feel free to delete this log)"
  4. What do you consider cheap? As far as 8x25 goes I think that's an ideal size, enough magnification to be useful and small enough to carry all the time. Edited to add: I've always found that a small pair of binoculars that I have with me when I need them is way better than a full size pair that's back in the car.
  5. I have an iPhone (6s) and my experience has been that it does remember I was there and does allow me to answer the question later. In one case I answered the question at home, hours later, well outside the geofence, after completing other locations in between.
  6. For my first cache I left $5 to cover the park entrance/parking fee. On a particularly difficult Christmas themed puzzle cache I left a 1 oz. (real) silver Christmas themed coin. That's the most expensive thing I've ever left. It was worth about $17 at the time. Too expensive to do often but it really got people excited. I have a button machine and for a while I made custom FTF buttons but they didn't seem too popular and were often not taken. I've also occasionally left gold (colored) dollar coins (Susan B. Anthony, etc) when I can get them. A fun thing people like, that doesn't cost a bunch. These days, if I leave anything, it's usually an unactivated trackable of some kind. These seem popular. Sometimes they're used and sometimes re-gifted as another FTF prize. Probably the best prize I've seen someone else leave is a one year premium membership gift card.
  7. Now that I've finished dinner here are a couple of other thoughts. While I haven't hidden one myself (yet) I am a big fan of unchallenge caches which are often called, "Hall of Fame" caches. Here is an example: GC25WV3 For the idea to work a couple of things need to be true: The unchallenge needs to easy to explain, understand and document. (even more so than an official challenge that relies on a checker) The unchallenge idea needs to capture peoples imagination. Be something fun that they'll want to do even if they can log the cache without it. So what do you think. Is your idea easy to understand and document? Will it capture peoples attention so they'll want to complete the challenge and be honored in the cache description?
  8. Here are my thoughts (FWIW). I think your response was perfect. Him responding rudely to your email isn't something that needs reporting. You can solve the problem by not emailing him anymore. On the other hand if he starts sending you rude, unsolicited emails or messages, I'd report that right away. After his previous rude email response, I wouldn't have emailed him. Instead I'd log my DNF, log a (polite) Needs Maintenance and if there was no response after a few of weeks I'd follow it up with a (polite) Needs Archived. As long as he doesn't delete your re-log, I'd let it go. So far I don't think his actions rise to the level that needs to be reported. However, if he does delete your new log, I would return to the cache take a photo of your stamp on the paper, contact HQ and request that your log be reinstated. Moving forward I'd avoid any personal communication with him, no emails or message center. I'd probably still keep finding his caches when convenient. I would make a point of always taking a picture my signature or stamp in the log and post it with my found it (no spoilers just the log). I'd also post (polite) DNFs, NMs or NAs logs when appropriate. If he does delete a future, legitimate found it log, I'd go straight to HQ and ask that it be reinstated. If it helps here is a link to the contact form. Under, "What can we help you with?" #16, Geocacher disagreement, is probably the best choice.
  9. There are several caches in the Oregon Trail Reserve. This one puts you in the general area: https://coord.info/GCQB70 It would be helpful if you could describe the container.
  10. I'm a little confused by what you're asking but I'll try to answer what I think it is. To log a completion on a Wherigo cartridge (using the unlock code) all you have to do is complete the cartridge. You don't need to find the physical final. To log a "find" on your Wherigo geocache, on Geocaching.com, seekers need to find the final container and sign the logbook. They don't necessarily have to do the cartridge themselves (they can tag along with a friend for example). Does that answer your question?
  11. Bump. Another thread I thought would see more action. The grandkids have grown since I last posted in 2014.
  12. Bump. I thought a thread to post pictures of your dog (I'm fine with any pet) out caching would be more popular but it's been 5 years... My best caching companion ever was Tulu. Sadly she passed unexpectedly in 2016. Our new dog Nigel is a wonderful dog but not nearly as good on the trail as Tulu. He'll chase anything and can't be trusted off leash at all.
  13. Because challenge caches are physical caches with a container and log to sign. That's how you prove you found it. The others you mention are all virtual, no container, no log. Except that I don't have to do the series to log a find. All I have to do is find it and write my name in the log. Just like I don't have to prove I've solved the puzzle to log a find on a puzzle cache. Challenge caches are the only "physical" caches that allow an ALR.
  14. I like the idea of an attribute more than a new cache type. I'm probably the only one that feels this way but what I'd really like is for challenge caches to be brought in line with every other physical cache type. Make the challenge optional (like any other ALR). Find the cache, sign the log, log your "found it" online. If you complete the challenge, great, you get recognized on the cache page for the accomplishment (like a Hall of Fame or Honor Roll cache).
  15. When I started caching in 2004 everyone, beginner or experienced, member or premium member, had invested at least a couple hundred dollars for a GPS to get in the game. Back then PMO caches were very rare and there was little difference on how each group (member or PM) treated a cache. That changed with the advent of free cell phone apps. Now the typical beginner/nonPM has invested $0 and it shows. If any of my caches start having problems, go missing, damage whatever, the first thing I do is make them PMO. Not a perfect solution but it helps.
  16. My wife and I love the show. We bought all three seasons on DVD. Great character development and great photography.
  17. If you're worried about touching a cache container that someone else has previously touched, this chart may help put things in perspective. After 21 hours the virus will have 1/8th the concentration of the original contamination. After 49 hours it's 1/128th. Carry hand sanitizer and use it after touching anything anyone else might have touched. Of all the things we have to worry about these days touching a geocache is pretty low on my list.
  18. I assume you're talking about the cache in Triangle park. I don't see how the reviewer could have known the park was closed. If (and it's a big if) they made a mistake it was an honest one. I think the same is true of the cache owner. On the other hand it was the FTF that brought it to your attention. The impression I get is they knew the park was closed but ignored it and found the cache anyway. That's not cool and neither are the 7 other found it logs during the time the park was, apparently, closed.
  19. Looks like these have reopened too. (or were never closed ) Here's a link...and a quote: Or you didn't. Wouldn't it have been better to get your facts straight before coming here and criticizing your reviewer and Geocaching.com?
  20. Link? It's been a couple of weeks so maybe the parks have reopened. When I looked just now I don't see an mention of them being closed. They have canceled in person events but that's it. Here's my link.
  21. It was mostly luck. I guessed that it might be on a trackable. I knew the date so I checked the gallery on a few and spotted it.
  22. It's from a trackable log. Here is the link: https://coord.info/TLRJF83 Not sure why it doesn't show a link to the log. Seems like it should...
  23. Whatever the motivation, it doesn't seem to be working well for them. I got a log on one of my long missing TBs this morning. When I looked at the players profile he was showing over 1300 TBs logged. A little later when I went to delete the log it was already gone and when I checked the profile it was showing 0 TBs and the account was "locked". (there is some justice in the world )
  24. Sounds like a good question to ask FB. Geocaching.com is doing what they can to mitigate the problem but as long as FB allows it, it's going to continue. The other option, I suppose, would be to remove the ability to log trackables via the API. That would stop this in it's tracks but it would also mean you could no long log TBs using an app (even the official one). I'm old school and log everything directly from the site but I suspect a lot of newer cachers that only use the app, and may not even understand the site exists, might be unhappy.
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