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  1. Wow, great news but sad too.


    Erik, you have been a great supporter of both GC and all of us loony cachers (I blame GC for that!). You excellent advice and the sometimes annoying but need to ask questions have made many of us much better CO's. Its been a pleasure mate and also an honor to have hand carried one of your personal GeoCoins to Bandisour in CY.




  2. I like the idea behind this but am not sure how it would work out in the long run. We had a similar occurrence of a cacher departing here in CY and archived all of his caches, never heard a peep about them being available to adopt and some were really good ones. We also have a couple here that seem to pride themselves on getting caches archived that belong to someone who had departed the area or has become inactive. I have been able to adopt one of them but the others have been lost even though the cache is still present and only needed a new log book or container maintenance. Those two make me sick and I have spoken to them about it but deaf ears...


    I think its best that we either fully adopt or assist and maintain all that we can. The oldies are something to take pride in finding.

  3. I am in the need to find an adopter for my 27 caches in the UAE and eagles head of Oman. Due to personnel shifts within my employers field sites, I get to pull up my roots of 4 years and move permanently overseas again. The majority of these caches are located within the municipality of AUH and would prefer someone located there. I will attach a list shortly. If interested please let me know. pseacraft_at_hotmail.com




    Eric aka pseacraft

  4. Here is what I put on mine so far:


    10-10-10 Oman is placed in coordination with fellow GCC Geocachers for International EarthCache Day 2010. The GCC Series participants are Kuwait (gpsman77), Bahrain (terrorbyte), Qatar (cincol), UAE (Carbon Hunter), Oman (pseacraft), and hopefully Saudi Arabia.


    Cache is placed in an area where man has left his mark on the Earth in recognition of International EarthCache Day 2010. Pretty obvious hide me thinks. Cache is located in the Eagles Head area of Oman near Hatta, UAE that is easily accessed with no need to cross the official border check point from the UAE but if coming from within Oman you will have too. Although the UAE Authorities have established temporary check points at the border along E44 to help stem the tide of "infiltrators" - I like that word. There can be significant heavy truck traffic in the area. Special Prize for the FTF.

  5. I will try and hide one in the Hatta area so that Oman will be covered. :laughing:


    Update...I will head to the Hatta Area of Oman Tuesday Morning and secure a location for 10-10-10 Oman GC2G6F9. Just finishing the container as I type.


    I will not mention my planned Multi cache that ends with F8..... :D

  6. Congrats to me for breaking 200 and my lovely partner Miss 22 edges nearer at 190 during a trip to The Land of Thorny Rocks - aka Cincol's backyard. Will have to plot another secret raiding party after we get all of the thorns out of our new Teva's! Our feet hate your backyard! :ph34r::(:):D

  7. Try this. From what I have seen of the screen shots its about as close to what you want as you will get. He has been working on it for a while and it looks really really good and continues to get better. Just remember the Dunes are a dynamic "living" thing and you can not expect reliable Topo for them.


    UAE & Oman Off-Road Map

    New update for UAE & OMAN off-Road Map on Masarat Website

    Vesrion 2


    http://www.masarat-gps.com ]Marsarat GPS[/url]


    E-Mail :sales@masarat-gps.com

    Mobile Phone :+971 50 4880324

    Office Phone :+971 7 2041687

    Fax number :+971 7 2041010

    P.O.Box :10559

    City :Ras Al Khaimah FTZ

    Country :United Arab Emirates

  8. You can also join and post queries at www.uaeoffroaders.com. I attended their New Year event and there was plenty of wood arranged by the marshals. You will get reply within hours. You are most welcome to join the club for desert experience as the trips run out of abu dhabi and very often trips in Al Ain area.




    Also the Hatta area north of Al Ain. A little over an hour drive but easily accessed via 4x2 and several caches in the area. Plus the Bedouin are extremely kind up there.

  9. To place them on the Non'r side you will need to get the blessing of the CoC.


    It is possible to arrange geocaching trips with your CoC also. I have taken several guys out on caching runs but you need to abide by the rules the you are forced to perform under while at this location.


    I will send you my contact info on a sidebar...

  10. The only thing I do not like is that with my old etrex vista when I travel I can tell it to search for birds in the new area. The oregon and all the other garmins I have, nuvi, gpsmap, zumo, do not have that feature. So it takes a spell to get sync'd. No big deal though I really like this one.

  11. I use several as I am a gadget pig. Primary for caching is my Oregon 300 it takes a beating and paperless is nice. I also use an old Etrex Vista when signal bounce is bad. I will load the files in my Nuvi 200w and GPSMAP 276C for the automotive leg.


    Oh, I think the Oregon 300 is the best alround device right now, direct downloads from geocaching, it tracks, routes, easy to select differing map sets....If only one gps it would be this one.

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