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    Bushnell Onix

    I opened a case with Bushnell to see if they could look into a product enhancement to do this. I have no leverage outside of being a customer but I will update this thread with the info I get back from them. Rick
  2. tacobox

    Bushnell Onix

    I have an Onix 400. The only problem I have with it is related to LOC downloads. The Waypoint format is signed Int LAT small int ALT signed Int LONG. I can not find any software that can read a LOC (xml ish) and convert it. For whatever reason GEOCACHE.com only supports GARMIN as a direct download. It would be nice if you could choose your GPS type in your profile and download to it. I'm sure the hardware vendors would have no issue supplying the format. As far as a good GPS go. It is good. I do some extreem ATV / camping and it is nice to have the XM weather. GPS does offer models that have the same functions but for double the price. The only issue I did have was when I did a firmware upgrade. It went South on me. I called the help desk, sent it in and it was replaced with a brand new one NIB. No questions ask. The hardware is good but the PC software is poor. I guess the answer is it depends. If all you are going to do is GeoCache. I would stick with a 120$ Garmin. Good Luck, Rick
  3. I bought one for a multi purpose solution. I do ATV trips that can stretch a couple of hundred of miles. I wanted the weather feature. Then I got into Geocaching with some friends. We are in a 3 month race to see who can find the most. The software that comes with the onix is very bad in general. I have done software development for over 20 years and this is very poor. There is no way to load mass points. It is a drag using the software. I have figured out the file format for Geocaches. Several software titles are available to convert LOC to GPX and others but not Bushnell. I ended up buying a Garmin Ledgend CX for myself, daughter and sister. Overall, the hardware is great and very easy and quick to use. It's the front end that needs work. For Geocaching I would go for one of the units that suports GPX fies.
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