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  1. All this subliminal bad language!!!! I just wish it would all go away!! Rick
  2. *UPDATE* I spoke with Doug today, and we have arranged to meet this Friday in order to have the cache returned! If only every cache that went MIA had a happy ending like this!! Thanks again, Doug! Rick
  3. Man, I just about jumped out of my chair when I saw this picture What are you doing there, looking just like me??!!? This is weird Rick
  4. Some folks might say I look like this guy: That's him above . . . This is me below: Scary . . . I'd hate to be in a police line-up with this guy if I were innocent . Rick
  5. Had to laugh today . . . one of my caches went MIA this weekend. I wouldn't have known it, except for a DNF log. So I visited the cache location today on my way to work and, sure enough, it was gone! As soon as I got to work, I temporarily disabled the cache, deciding that I would replace it tomorrow with a new one. Just then, I got this e-mail: (Yes, it's the same cache with the wierd spray-painted mark described in a previous TOPIC) Anyway, it's good to know that there are still good, honest people out there. I've contacted Doug, and will make arrangements to recover the AWOL cache and, perhaps, persuade him to join our hobby. Thanks Doug!!! Rick
  6. BThomas just posted this picture today that he took while finding my recently placed cache: I always wondered where hamburger came from . . . (thanks, BT) Rick
  7. How long before we conquer the world??!!?? Are you paying attention, Greenland and Siberia??? Rick
  8. Used on a different forum: ROTFLMAOPMPASTK "Rolling on the floor, laughing my a** off, peeing my pants, and scaring the kids." Rick
  9. Thanks for the info!!! I know that road is frequented by you "biker" types, and I had a feeling it might be a waypoint marker for a ride, but still . . . Right Next To My Cache??!!?? Feel free to grab the cache on your way! Won't bother me a bit, and be sure to sign the log! Thanks for clearing this up! Rick
  10. Okay, so today I went back to my cache to photograph the wierd mark. I was hoping there might be something someone had written in the log that might explain it, but there wasn't . Anyway, for those that want to see it: Heres a photo of the wierd 'graffiti'. And here's the 'graffiti' with an arrow I added showing my cache (less than 5 feet away). And here's a view from the cache . . . it's out in the 'boondocks'. Anyway, I'm sure this 'graffiti' is somehow related to the cache location, and I know that my pictures are a definate 'spoiler' for the cache location, but at this point . . . isn't the spray-painted mark next to the cache a definate 'spoiler', too??!!?? Tomorrow, I'll fight back with my trusty can of BLACK spray-paint!! Rick
  11. For those of you in California and Oregon, one of the best natural mosquito repellants is California Mountain Laurel leaves. Also known as "Bay" (yep, the spice), and for those in Oregon, it's sometimes called "Oregon Myrtle". Take a handful of fresh leaves, crush them between your fingers to release the oil, and rub them all over your clothes. I've grown to like the smell, and it really works! Those pesky mosquitos will still buzz around you, but they won't land and bite. Rick
  12. This cache is out in the middle of nowhere . . . I suppose it could be 'coincidental graffiti', but, . . . jeez . . . , wierd designs . . . freshly painted on the street, right next to your cache??!!?? (although, this is California . . . ) Here's the link to the cache Rick *edited to add link*
  13. Yes, it's a Photo Shop rendition of the design I found. I'll grab an actual picture of it tomorrow on my way to work, and post it if anyone's interested. *edited for content* Rick
  14. Today I visited one of my recently placed caches, which is located just a few feet off of the side of a paved road. I placed this cache less than a week ago. Today I discovered that somebody had recently (after the cache was placed) used spray-paint and a stencil to create the design pictured below, painted on the asphalt near the edge of the road, within 5 feet of where the cache is located. The design is about 12" in diameter. This isn't any 'surveyor's mark' (that I know of), and I think, perhaps, somebody found my cache and 'marked it' themselves for some strange reason. Anybody ever hear of this happening before, or had this happen to them?? Just curious, Rick
  15. Well, here I am at work, and need to download an aerial, but I've discovered that all of the places I've used in the past want money now!! Mapquest doesn't offer them anymore, TerraServer and Topozone both want money now. (2 months ago they didn't). What gives?? Anyway, does anyone know where to get and download aerial photos, preferably for free?? Thanks, Rick EDIT: THANKS, I FOUND WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR . . . MODERATOR CAN DELETE THIS THREAD.
  16. I just received my Sportrak Topo back from Thales today . . . I had sent it in because of a software problem, but I also told them that I was concerned about the slight bulges and discoloration around the location of the screws. They fixed the software problem, but they didn't replace the case. Oh well, . . . I guess the free windshield mount they sent along with it makes up for it, though . Rick
  17. So, are you guys actually saying that there are geocachers out there that would actually Find It, Take It, Keep It, and Not Log It??!!??* (I'm new to this ). *New Travel Bug Acronym: "FITIKIDLI" (found it, took it, kept it, didn't log it) I'd hate for it to go missing . . . but, it's really just a silly piece of brass. Anyway, I was thinking of caching it near it's original location, proof of the find would be a picture of the "Old School" as it appears today. After being picked up, it must be cached at, or near, another "Old School" location . . . etc., and so on, a picture of the BM held up in front of the location being the proof of find. The idea of discovering and sharing a bit of the history behind any Old School is good, too! "Education is the Key!!" Help me out here with any other ideas that might make this work!! Thanks.
  18. Thanks . . . I was hoping that since it was placed at a "county level", and not by USGS (it doesn't appear as a BM on any USGS map), that it would be OK.
  19. I'm thinking about starting a new Travel Bug. This one was legally obtained from a construction site during archaeological monitoring, and does not qualify as an 'artifact'. Yes, it's a brass benchmark stamped OLD SCH (Old School), recovered during the re-development of the old Mission San Jose Grammar School into an upscale live/work property with commercial uses. This is a pic of the Grammar School right after it was built in the 'teens. Since the benchmark is labelled 'Old School', I would like for this TB to visit other old schools across the nation, preferably ones that do not function as a 'school' anymore. I know the guidelines about placing caches around schools, etc., but what a cool way for this piece of brass memoribelia (sp.) to travel to other "Old Schools" across the nation. What do you all think?? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. Wow!! Thanks for the list!! This would make a great 'webcam' cache!! (or is it already one??) Are we allowed to do a 'Webcam Cache' inside a National Park?? I lived and worked in Yosemite Valley for 6 years (1980-1986), and I know right where this cam is!!! I could set it up, if it already hasn't been done. Thanks.
  21. The customer service rep. I talked to pronounced it "Thayless", rhymes with "Payless".
  22. Hey . . . Don't sweat the warning . . . Jeez, I got a warning for the second post I ever made on this forum ! Accept the little slap on the wrist, promise not to do it again, and get over it. This is supposed to be fun!! Remember??!!?? Just my $0.02
  23. I always thought it was "Da' Kind". Now, it seems as if the "new" word is: "Da' Bomb" . . .
  24. "Everything, Doctor . . . Up his Nose it goes!!!" (keep the change)
  25. I sent my GPSr off to Thales for repairs yesterday (it's been broken for over a week), and I guess I'm really "Jonesing" without it . So, in order keep me sane, I've been imagining it's a "TB" and tracking it through FedEx. Travelbug: My GPSr Goal: Thales Navigation Repair Center in Tulsa Oklahoma within 3 days!! Here are it's travels, so far: Feb 13, 2004 3:46 pm Picked up by FedEx PLEASANTON CA 8:22 pm Left FedEx Origin Location PLEASANTON CA Feb 14, 2004 1:06 am Arrived at Sort Facility OAKLAND CA 1:48 am Left FedEx Ramp OAKLAND CA 6:47 am Left FedEx Sort Facility OAKLAND CA 1:35 pm Arrived at Sort Facility FORT WORTH TX I know this sounds pathetic, but it's as close to actually geocaching as I can get. Just another weekend without the GPSr . . . I can dream, can't I??!!??
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