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  1. I've always believed that, in most cases, nobody has a right to complain about something if they can't, at least, offer some type of solution to the problem along with their gripe. There's been a bit of local observations concerning the number of local "drive-by micros" in my area lately, and so, in an attempt to rectify the situation, I decided to place a cache of a bit "higher-quality" (IMHO), and so I've offered my own solution to this local situation:


    (Not that I'm "plugging" my own cache, mind you) :(



  2. I just placed a cache directly beneath about a zillion volts of high-tension powerlines, you know, the ones that stretch for miles across the country, suspended from tall metal towers . . . the ones that emit a 'buzzing' sound and fry raptors.


    Anyway, I got good (read the exact same) GPS readings three times at the cache location. I'm concerned though, that since this cache requires a fairly strenuous hike with a vertical climb of over 1000 feet, that finders may get inaccurate reading beneath the powerlines due to magnetic fields, etc. (like your AM radio does). I want finders to be able to find this one without a lot of trouble due to the hike.


    Anybody ever have a problem locating a cache underneath high-tension powerlines? (please don't say Yes, so I have to climb all the way up there to move it :( )





  3. I've got a question. (pick me! pick me!) no...I'm not a nose :P


    Please pronounce the word: IRON


    Even the dictionary says it should be pronounced "eye-orn". If so, then why isn't it spelled: IORN??!!?? :P WHY DO EVERYBODY SHOUTING AT ME??? and why does most peeple thet post her dont beeleev in punctiation or spelling like i do and cant evin end a sentens wit a pereed lik i do


    Oh, the Iorny of it all!

  4. Didn't we already do this a few months ago??!!??


    Anyway, here's mine... 1967 Mustang Coupe, factory GT, 390, 4-speed. Gets me to caches real quick, but not very good off-road... that's when I use the 1986 Toyota 4x4 SR5 pick-up beater with over 220,000 miles on it ... :(





  5. Here is what the (partial) note said:


    "...to be with. Joe loves me and I love him with the love you showed me. That is the gift I got from you. Love never dies and will never lessen, subside or disappear. We will meet again one day in heaven and will love each other like there was no pause. Thank you so much for the gifts that you've given me - I thank you and God for the relationships I've been lucky enough to find because of you. I hope you are happy, I feel that I finally am. I love you S. Monkey! Love always, Katie."


    I kept this note just because it was so sweet and I couldn't bear to just throw it in the trash.



    I'd submit that note to Found Magazine if I were you . . . That's classic!



  6. Well, my First Cache was pretty lame . . . I had to archive it within just a few days! :mad:


    The FTF, almost got a parking ticket . . . and jeez, for some reason, nobody wanted to climb the barbed-wire fence to get to the cache . . . I thought it would be "clever" to hide it in the crook of a large Eucalyptus tree (no wonder it kept being found on the ground in plain sight) . . . and when the wind blew the other way, the tupperware container got pinched between the trunk of the tree and the large branch it was tucked between which crushed and cracked the container and all the contents. <_<


    Live and learn, I always say! <_<



  7. I've always had the idea to place a magnetic "hide-a-key" micro-cache on the bumper of a public bus. Kind of a "moving cache". The only co-ordinates you could give, though, would be at one of the bus's bus stops, and, perhaps give the time of the bus's arrival at that particular stop. Otherwise, you're on your own! :blink:



  8. I know I'm wandering off-topic a bit, but . . . those AOL discs they send you?? After receiving one every couple of weeks or so, I finally crossed out my name and address on one with a 'sharpie', and wrote "Return to Sender" on it and put it back in my mailbox.


    The next day, it was gone, and I haven't received another one since!! :huh: (and that was months, ago)!


    I've also been known to save up all of the 'Business-Reply-Mail' envelopes that come with every junk-mail I've received, and stuff them way full with the other 'junk-mail' from other companies, and send them back. You know, they pay for the "Business Return" postage! :D If everyone who received junk-mail did this, then it wouldn't be profitable for these junk-mail companies to send them out . . . it would cost them too much (double) in postage!! :D


    Back on topic, though, I try to provide a 'unique' hide, and dabble in "alternative" camouflage techniques and themes, in order to provide a bit of a challenge to find it, and yet, not make it so hard to find that not every cacher couldn't have fun trying to find it, anyway. :D (sorry about the beer).




    :edit: grammar and beer :mad:

  9. Out here, we make our neighborhood kids put a live chicken in a box, then make them stay up all night (drinking coffee, of course) and whisper the co-ordinates for the cache we want to find to the chicken in the box, over and over, all night long. Then, in the morning we release the chicken and we follow it to the cache.


    Works every time.



    Morning Find the Cache Chicken Release



  10. 12 Noon: Get off work early. Beautiful day. Nothing to do but place a new cache and, perhaps, find one along the way.


    12:30 PM: Driving home. Plan location of new cache. Think . . . Think . . . Think . . . O.K.! Got it!!


    1:00 PM: Arrive home. Need cache container. Just happen to have ammo-can. Cool! !! Oops, no paint for camouflage. :D


    1:30 PM: Get back from hardware store with paint. Paint ammo-can. While waiting for paint to dry, go online and locate a cache to find on the way to the new hide. Yes!! There's one right there!


    2:00 PM: Finally subscribe to GeoCache.com (the cache I want to find is 'subscribers only'). Cool!! Now I'm a 'Premium Member'!!. :D


    2:30 PM: Paint is dry, put together new cache. I'm ready to go!! :D


    3:00 PM: Arrive at parking area to hide new cache. Turn on GPSr, and discover the cache I want to find is only 108 feet away!! B) Decide to search for the cache first before hiking up the creek canyon to place the new one.


    4:00 PM: I've now spent almost an hour on this friggin' bridge, stealth-like, moving back and forth on both sides of the street, under the bridge, back on top, GPSr telling me I'm 21 ft. away, now 8 ft. away, pay no attention to that crazy guy, set the GPSr down and let it average, a little to the east, now a little to the south . . . seems that the cache is located in the middle of the street . . . no, that can't be right . . . now I'm 1 ft. away! Still can't find it. :o


    4:05 PM: Well, I'll come back after hiding my new cache and try again.


    4:15 PM: Now I've gone back to my car and have my newly painted ammo-can in hand and am heading up the canyon to hide it. Pay no attention to the Park Ranger who just drove by, eyeing me like some crazy person. Nowhere seems right. But, at least, I'm over 528 ft. from the cache I just tried to find. Gotta' find a place to hide this ammo-can!!


    4:30 PM: Well, this trail leads nowhere interesting . . . maybe I'll head down towards the creek, so, downhill off the trail on a little deer path I go :blink:.


    4:45 PM: What's this??!!?? Oops . . . knee-high in poison oak. :D Back up, try to the left, try to the right. Oh well, I needed to take a shower today, anyway. :huh:


    5:00 PM: Finally on the creek. Yay!!! This trip is not going well, so, maybe, I'll start heading up the creek, back towards my car. Surely I'll find a great place to hide my new cache!! :D


    5:05 PM: Wow!! Look at that tree!! A perfect spot!! (but how to get to it??) Well, must get feet wet (OK), scramble up the bank (OK), there seems to be a perfect hollow in the trunk!!! Yes!!! I'll hide it here!!! So I climb up, only to find that the 'hollow' in the tree is too big to hold my ammo-can, and drops down 5 ft., or so, and empties out into the creek, below the high-water mark. :P


    5:15 PM: But, this is "The Spot"!! I've got to find a way to hide it here!! So I set my GPSr down to average the co-ordinates, only to find that there is too much tree-cover (only 3 or 4 weak satellite signals). I'll never get good co-ordinates here. :D


    5:20 PM: What's that on my neck??? As I reach around the back of my head to brush it off, I notice something moving on my arm. Jeez . . . it's a tick!! :D Just like the one that's on the back of my neck!! And like the one (no . . . three) that are on my pants leg!! Time to go!!!!!!!!!!!


    5:25 PM: Considering just chucking my newly painted ammo-can cache blindly up the creek bank, reporting it to GeoCache.com, and calling it the "BushWhackers Nightmare Cache from Hell" cache!!! :D


    5:30 PM: Having regained my composure (and deciding that this new cache was not going to be placed today), I sadly returned to the location on the bridge where the cache I wanted to find was located and tried again to find it again.


    6:15 PM: I was hoping that the day was not going to be a complete loss, and was confident that I would find the elusive 'cache on the bridge', but, after another half-hour of searching (within 7 ft. according to my GPSr, mind you), I unfortunately had a 'wet-fart', which then competely ruined my attitude for the day and, alas, at that point I absolutely had to go home, defeated. :D


    But, never fear . . . I'll go on to cache another day!!!! B)


    (thanks for listening)



  11. When I was a kid (late '60s), Dad and I would routinely take a walk through the neighborhood in the evenings after he got home from work. Apparently, I had a bad habit of looking down. One day, we were taking our evening stroll, when this conversation took place:


    "Rick", Dad said, "Why are you always looking at the ground?. Look up!! Take in your surroundings . . . look at the sky, the clouds, the trees . . . . " I answered, "Yeah Dad, looks good from here" (I was 9 years old, or so).


    About five minutes later, I found a $5 dollar bill on the ground, and proudly held it up for Dad to see. "See!!! This is why I always look at the ground!".


    Anyway, I've always been a 'searcher', and that is the appeal for me in GeoCaching.



  12. S P I is the default combination from the factory.


    S P I is also an acronym for the company name of the manufacturer of the key box, "Supra Products, Inc."


    Strange coincidence, perhaps??!!?? (I guess I just got lucky!! <_< ).





  13. Being an evil but absent minded genius I have lost my container containing the virus that will enslave all the men and marry me to all the women on the planet. You my evil minion will go find it.


    I like that!!!!


    (psssst . . .where can I get some of that virus??!!??) <_<



  14. ya can't hang them just anywhere because they'd look out of place. Perhaps there is an old gate in a park that isn't used anymore?


    Yeah, they would look a little out of place. I like the old gate idea, or perhaps way down low on a chain-link fence, or something . . .



  15. Are you willing to share where you got them.


    One came with my house when I bought it (so I knew the combo), the other I grabbed today from work from an abandoned Real Estate Sales Office slated for demolition. I didn't have the combo, but it didn't take me long to figure it out . . . the Real Estate Company name is Shea Properties, Inc., and the combo was "S-P-I". <_<:)



  16. I picked these up today because I think they would be perfect for a cache. Not much room inside, but more room than in a film canister. Anyway, they both have programmable combinations, one uses three letters, and the other, any combination of up to ten numbers.






    Anybody got any good and/or clever ideas on how to integrate these into a cache and how to keep them from getting muggled??





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