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  1. Aight people, here we go again. This is another attempt at an actual geocaching magazine. First thing; I'm not involved with this magazine in any way. Second, I have been in contact with the publisher and they are very aware of what happened with the first magazine that was supposed to be in print and they don't want to repeat that incident. They are working hard to get this magazine up and running, but it's going take some people that are brave enough and willing, to get this thing going. Here's the link:


    FTF Geocacher

    sorry dont like the name.

  2. and you'll let us know the minute they go on sale? :D


    Nah, this is our little secret - just between you and me. :anicute: Unless someone else is reading this, but what are the chances...

    Nuh Uuh ... I want to be in on the secret too ... I am sure that no one is watching. LOL Sooooo please rattle my chain when the electronic doo hickey dimmer flodjet is available. Many Thanks in advance

    can i play?

  3. *phew!* I got it fixed... not sure what happened there, but I hope it doesn't happen again!


    Anyway... My bro & I went out yesterday. He uses his iphone. There was one in particular I was after, but, of course, I didn't know much about it. He wanted to know specific coords. on the cache. So, I told him to use his fancy schmancy phone & look it up. According to him, the whole point is to find out the coords for a cache. (I thought the point was to find the ccache!).


    Anyway, we couldnt go after the one I was eyeing for a variety of reasons, so, we detoured to another area. I knew there was a cache there, from searching on here.... he knew there was a cache there from hanging out & 'seeing people head into the woods'. He's making fun of my little junior every step of the way, til he starts heading the wrong way!


    all in all, i've decided im not trading my junior for an iphone!! (& I did eventually get to go back to the cache I wanted... I took my nearly 80-year old grandma with me, we hiked straight up a hill of nothing but mud & tree roots & she found the cache without even knowing what she was doing!! I'll take her over the iphone too!!!!)

    your grandmother sounds like a hoot.

  4. Could you confirm exactly which cache you found it in?


    Yes I know that cache, I suppose I could ask the last few visitors if they left it...


    Could you share it with me? :P I'm more concerned about finding the owner and getting it activated than I am about the attached traveler.

    send it to me. ill take care of it.

  5. That is an excellent point.. I took a few friends on mine on a trip with me and they asked questions as to "Are we just going to leave it there?" and "Can we move the cache now that we have found it?" I know that these questions seem obvious to all of us, but they were valid considering that they were not familiar with the game.

    very good points here.

  6. Rebate - we would have loved to offer the Update Kit at the same time as the Geomate.jr but alas, reality took hold and we are still a few weeks away. We are seriously thinking of offering a rebate to those daring enough to venture out and try the Geomate.jr before the Update Kit is released. Anyone interested?


    Yeah! Finally a tech company that wants to thank its early adopters!




    Trackable ID card - to help people learn more about geocaching, drive people back to Geocaching.com, and to ensure newbies don't think the shiny coins are prizes, we would like to include something like a "Trackable ID card" that educates people on trackables and what to do with them. Thoughts?


    It's a must do. I think it will go a long ways to relieve the angst towards your product.


    Inclusion of a trackable - I'm really liking the idea of actually including a geocoin or TB with each unit sold. Could go a long way to getting people back to GC.com and establish a greater appreciation for trackables. Obviously there is a cost consideration, but perhaps a possibility will present itself.


    I like the idea too. :laughing:


    Here's a thought that could kill 2 birds with one stone:


    Any Joe Geocacher can buy a trackable. Any Joe Geocacher and buy a sequence of tracking numbers alone to have put on a coin or other personal trackable.


    Why not go in a unique direction....? :):ph34r:


    You could make these units trackable themselves...:o


    Your partnership with Groundspeak should get you a massive amount of trackable numbers cheaply to emboss on your production units....


    Each person could then activate their 'mate as a personal trackable. You could then produce a nice coin to thank your early adoptors that didn't get an embossed trackable unit and that takes care of your rebate.


    I'd certainly be verrry happy to get an early adoptors coin instead of a rebate.

    this sounds like a very neat device.

  7. [it is not fine with me if i plan a weekend around doing a challenging cache and get there to find that it would properly be rated 1/1 and i have wasted my time.


    Well put. Let's consider for a moment the extreme inverse. A 5/5 cache that claims to be a 1/1. Maybe somebody actually dies from a fall from a cliff, rather than dying from boredom in a parking lot.


    OK... too philosophical. That seems to be about as far as I can take it after 3 beers. Might try again tomorrow.

    sounds like fun to me.

  8. You would be missing out on a lot of interesting stuff in my part of the world. Cache listings here are full of fascinating information on History, nature (threatened species, environmental impact), culture, technology...etc. Most people here really appreciate informative cache listings.

    Your loss I suppose.....

    sounds interesting to me.

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