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  1. Danie - are you sure about this one? I have an extensive database and can only find 713 active in Ethekwini. If I include archived caches, my total is 1041. PT
  2. I think the current "Where am I" is a difficult one, as the cache is a bit out of the way and only has a few finds. So I am adding an additional pic. Where am I - 2 pics - Same cache. Hope it makes it a bit easier
  3. It is for me ... Try this link.
  4. Okeydokey. Where am I? (more correctly, where have I been?)
  5. Help Signal Build a Geocache. GC27JZ7
  6. Is one of them UNR - From The Viewing Platform? - GC4B5N1?
  7. and, apart from iPajero, all from the Western Cape. I am just one shy of the 81 .... Hopefully soon.
  8. Welcome back!! Keep the stats coming please
  9. Aaaa- Haaa!!! Thought so ......
  10. I notice we have a new Reviewer. Does anyone want to tell us more about him / her? Is it who we think it is? Or not?
  11. Bingo!! Take it away!!
  12. Nope. Sorry, no cigar
  13. OK - Where am I now?
  14. I think that is the view over Valley of 100 hills at Monteseel. Lots of caches, but let's say Valley of 1000 Hills Earthcache?
  15. Then you were even faster - because the geotagged pic was only up for a minute or so !!!!! Note to self: Must remember to remove EXIF data before uploading pics!!! Well done anyway. :)
  16. Good one Did you get the pic with or without the geotagging? Take it away Riaan!!
  17. Where is this tractor? The cache is nearby .... Edited to remove EXIF info
  18. GC18RV4 -3 August 1964
  19. Wild guess - Dumbe Mountain GCKF3Z ??
  20. Here's one, Breakneck Bridge here are a few .... some easier than others .. Broken Beyond Repair Icebox 340 Degrees On a Clear Day Shongweni Dam
  21. Hi Riaan If you want to do a ratio - then you need to remove event type caches from the hides as these do not qualify for FPs. Pete
  22. Having just returned from a trip to the Cape .... And considering that the geocachers in that neck of the woods have a insatiable penchant for placing caches on top of mountains and in inacessible caves, and also on narrow ledges with half a world of air between you and the ground. ..... then another one just 161m away that requires a 3 km hike to get to. But seriously ... Silvermine is a great area and there is at least a morning's worth of good caching to be done (if not a full day). The walk from the Silvermine parking area to Sentinel View is about 2.5km straight line and is so worth it. For the exercise, the views and of course SA's oldest cache. Be warned. Fynbos is a total misnomer and it is anything but "fyn". I still have scratches on my legs. Rofbos is a better name. The section of road from Fish Hoek to Cape Point is rich in caches, most of them easy-ish - helps with some numbers. Just my 2c. PT
  23. Looks like it was MTBikerZA with Posting box # 440 in PMB. (Which I managed the FTF on )
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