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  1. Yup. Our 2nd oldest cache. Take it away CnC!
  2. OK. I think this is easy-ish
  3. OK. This one took a bit of detective work . But I used my secret methods and managed to track down what you were doing on the day you took the pic GC180ZV - Battle of Buffelspoort
  4. Danie: How would it look if you removed the events surrounding the 2012 Mega - these events could skew the data. (say all events on 5/6/7 October) PT
  5. Spot on!! All yours and take it away!
  6. Taking it away - an easy one .... At which cache am I?
  7. But there seems to be a strong correlation with school holidays ....
  8. You know when my estimated date is, but the where is an interesting one. To my surprise I today discovered that KZN has surpassed Gauteng and the Western Cape in the past year - more new caches have been published there than in any other province, even including all the additional Gauteng Power Series caches and other pseudo-power series. Sorry for the late comment Many of the KZN caches placed recently are also "Power Trail" caches. In particular, see the ZR, BR, SR, TMR, PGR and SRR series of caches. There are 141 caches in these series.
  9. Hearty Congratulations to Noddy on reaching the 3000 mark at today's KZN International Geoacaching Day event!! Noddy is the first KZN based cacher to reach this magic milestone.
  10. Finally - the top hiders in South Africa and each Province. Note: Filtered by "Placed By", not User ID / Owner.
  11. Thanks Danie for the great stats - allow me to present them in pure numerical form. Kicking off: By Difficulty / Terrain for SA and each Province.
  12. The best place to ask the question is on the GSAK forums - see here. But - a quick answer - you can export any GSAK data into a .csv file. Set a filter (if required) for your export and click the buttons
  13. Well done SC. Was that a wild guess?
  14. Not in KZN. Try the Coastal provinces though
  15. Well done N & D!!! I can see 10K one of these days!!
  16. Nope. Not even close. Sorry
  17. Here goes - Which cache do these steps lead to? (Blur intentional so as not to give it away)
  18. Good one - it needed a hint Over to you for the next!!
  19. Hint: Northern Cape - and NOT on Google Streetview
  20. Here you are Dave. Based on all active caches in South Africa, including event caches.
  21. Grant - I have a .gpx (and .gdb) file of all the Mun. Districts which can be viewd in Mapsource or Basecamp. Yell if you want.
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