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  1. Now that really is surprising .... and completely opposite to what I thought. When I get a chance (Mega website going live hopefully today), I will trawl through the logs of those early caches and see what I can find.
  2. The first suggestion will lead to a similar situation as my last graph. Caches published in 2004 have had 10 years to disappear, while recent caches have had less time. Your second suggestion is similar to mine - I'll see what I can do. Great - thanks Danie. Now - just a comment - it won't (necessarily) lead to any work for you I wonder what the "critical" age for a cache is? In other words, once a cache gets to be older than a certain period, the chances of it being muggled drop considerably. If it lasts (say) two years, then it is obviously in a good hide and the chances of a muggle spotting it and removing it fade away. On the other hand, badly placed caches get muggled quickly. I know from personal experience that my caches in nature reserves hardly ever go missing, while I am often doing maintenance on my urban cache 'n dash placements. And that seems to be of general validity in KZN (and probably SA). Perhaps the guys who have caches in National Parks / Nature Reserves can comment?
  3. I must warn that this may be a very misleading graph. It does NOT necessarily imply that recently published caches don't last as long as the older ones. The problem here is that the averaging for recently published caches is over a shorter period than for the older caches. To put it differently - archived caches that have been published in 2013 can at most be 1 year old, while caches published in 2004 could have lasted anything up to 10 years. We are not comparing apples with apples here! I am not sure how to fix this. Maybe it would be better to ask: "What percentage of caches published in a calendar year is archived within a year?" I'll think about this one. Thanks Danie. I take your point about the chart being misleading. We do need to look at this in a different way. So - please consider this ... Of all the caches placed in <year>, how many (%) are still active (available / disabled)? And, of those archived, how many (%) lasted <1 year?, 1 - 2 years?, longer than 2 years? Obviously 2013 and 2014 can't answer all the questions.
  4. Sadly, I think the attrition rate has also gone up in that a large number of these new (physical) caches have been archived already. (Of course there are many more events taking place these days and we know that these will be archived.) Danie - is it possible to pull any stats on the longevity of physical cache types? I am thinking of something on the lines of: For archived physical cache types ..... Average / Range in Days between "Publish" and "Archive" for caches published in "Calendar Year". I know that the earlier caches did not have a "Publish" Log, so perhaps just for the calendar years since we started seeing "Publish" logs As always your stats are interesting - and that leads to more questions
  5. (and the rest of the provinces) Thanks Danie - very interesting stuff .... Please can you do it again - but this time make it ALL caches (i.e. including archived caches). This will give a better picture of whoi has found the most in SA and each province. (If not too much PT) Thanks
  6. Danie - I have five, not four Southernmost cache: GC1H9WR 2 Oceans West: GC4J6P0 Gems of the West Coast East: GC4VXV0 Kosi Bay Northeast: GC4N80H CROOKS CORNER Northwest: GC4JA4A Kalahari Sands Just being picky You are probably missing a log somewhere
  7. You may be right, but why only now? Are things now worse than during the Arab Spring (or shortly afterwards)? Danie - I am no tourism expert, but I suspect it could be the time lag between people making (and paying) their travel arrangements and actually going on the holiday, sometimes booking / paying up to a year in advance. Also Egypt has had a particularly bad political time with martial law, frequent changes at the top and so on. Just my 2c.
  8. There is something strange going on here - Egypt's cachers breezed through the Arab Spring, but suddenly, during the past year, the number of finds dropped to almost half of what it should be. Does anybody have a theory why? I am sure it is because the amount ot tourists visiting Egypt has dropped over the past year due to the political turmoil. Most of the Egyptian finds are by tourists.
  9. Checking my database, I get 106 events for Ethekwini since the beginning. So it seems that this is since then This includes events that have not yet taken palce ...
  10. Update 17 January 18h00 There are now 195 "Will Attend" Logs and we are still short of the magic figure required by Groundspeak to upgrade the event to Mega Status. Please - if you have not yet logged, do so ASAP, and also ask your friends to put up a Will Attend Log.
  11. Thanks Danie, as always, intersting stuff. Is it possible to look at the above slightly differently? e..g: # of ACTIVE caches at end of 2012 and 2013 by province. TIA PT
  12. Thanks Danie!! Do the stats include the Indian Ocean Islands? (Madagascar, Comores, Seychelles, Mauritius / Reunion / other French Islands) PT
  13. Ten finds in the last year or so .... Perhaps I should just add a new pic, and take you all out of your misery??? OK - taking you all out of your misery. The pic no one could get was: GC3V3CP - ABW - Elandslaagte British Military Cemetery Now I am uploading something I hope is slightly easier (The blur is intentional, otherwise it is a dead giveaway.)
  14. Ten finds in the last year or so .... Perhaps I should just add a new pic, and take you all out of your misery???
  15. Ten finds in the last year or so ....
  16. NPNR Trail (8) Bats Cave - GC2KTX2
  17. Make a road up there, find a muggle-free spot and I will place one :)
  18. Here you are Active caches in Nelson Mandela Bay, as at 2013/09/25
  19. Thanks Danie - very interesting reading indeed! Has Table Mountain been moved?
  20. If somebody has figured out another way, (maybe via the API?) please let me know! Danie: In GSAK, set a filter of the caches you want to update (e.g. SA_All), then use the API call 'Refresh Cache Data'. In the subsequent dialog box, choose the 'Light' option. This is very quick, and you can run 10 000 per day - so it will do all of the active caches in SA. This 'Light' option refreshes the cache page info and FPs, but does not fetch any logs. PT
  21. Was gonna say the same thing - right down to the DNF
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