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  1. 17 minutes ago, Team DEMP said:

    On first glance, there's no indication at the top level (screenshot) of # of TBs (if any as you scrolled down), # of waypoints, images, etc. Will need to see how this plays out with live data and clicking through to find nothing or a lot. 

    I hope the hint is disabled if there's no hint vs clicking it to see "No hint provided".

    Good points. Then again, in my experience I assume the number of trackables in any given cache to be zero until proven otherwise.

    I do think the hint should be grayed out if none exists.

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  2. A couple questions:

    1. The screenshot does not indicate a size for your geocache. If the C/O has indicated a size, will it still appear as text as well?
    2. Does the Geocaching HQ really have 138 trackables in it's inventory?
    3. What will you see when expanding on these tabs?
    4. Will the graphic for Activity change if the last log was DNF or perhaps if it hasn't been found. It should.


    1. It seems like "Message" has very high prominence in the display relative to it being what I would consider a seldom used feature.
    2. I would still prefer a few lines of the description to immediately be visible when opening the cache.
    3. Are you taking away the attributes icons? If so, :(
    4. Not a fan of hiding the owner's profile photo/picture.
    5. Please include a filter for favorite points on caches on the mobile app.


    Putting the "Placed on" date and "by" owner at the very top, 2nd line down after the GC code, and restoring the Owner profile photo and "contact/message" button back to the bottom. 





  3. 15 hours ago, Rikitan said:

    I think you can still change log type to Write note from default Reviewer note. Or drop it with Reviewer note, it should work. Please, let me know if not.


    No, didn't see that anywhere. The cache has been submitted for review, but also it was rejected. There's no way to write a note for it at the moment. There never was any way to drop a TB like there used to be. This is definitely a downgrade of features here...

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