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  1. Hey everyone , I got this awesome macro working and used it for the first time over the weekend and it works great. The only question I have is I don't have the easy grab or the benchmark folders. are those databases I set up in GSAK? Thanks for any help in advance PS jjreds great macro, thanks
  2. Thanks alot that was it. Is jjreds difficult to use for a newbie or should I stick with this for a while. Thanks again
  3. Hi Pilotsnipes great macro, I'm new to geocaching and I'm trying to get paperless. I got your macro working with a nuvi 205w, but When I run poiloader I get 2 errors. 1) windows cannot find C:\program Files\Garmin\Sox.exe make sure you typed correctly and then try again. 2) poiloader unable to convert C:\GSAK\Garminpoi/Geocache tourguide.wav to the proper format, therefore this file will not be transferred to your gps device. I click ok on both and then they go to the gps. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Dadof4boys
  4. Yes. His macro was made to be used with GSAK. Go to this thread and read up on it. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=193374 He has a link to his download/instruction page to walk you through it. GSAK has been a hurdle for me, but I did manage to figure out how to make both work using Pilotsnipe's information. GSAK is a free download, but after a few weeks you get a Nag screen which increasingly delays usage. That's fair, you can tell the GSAK man put a lot of work into it and is seeking compensation. I use Easy GPS to load basic (coords, name, owner, etc.) information into my handheld and full cache descriptions into the Nuvi using the GSAK?Pilotsnipes deal. The Nuvi autoroutes me close and I use the handheld to finish. Sometimes the Nuvi can be used solo. Mine is a Nuvi 200 and doesn't have the some of the abilities that the more costly units have, but I'm quite pleased with it. great. Thanks for the help
  5. If you already have the handheld then any of the Nuvis can be used for paperless data storage if you use that Pilotsnipe macro. They can also be used solo to find hides, but they are not ideal for that. I use a Nuvi 200 for getting close and detail info storage and a Magellan handheld to close in. I think I have about 1500 cache files on my Nuvi. Are you using pilotsnipes macro? If so do you think thats a good way to go? I'm new to this whole thing and everyone seems to be using different ways of doing things. Pilotsnipes macro seems like a good choice
  6. Hi This way of paperless geocaching sounds real good just wondering what garmin nuvi I should buy. Looking to spend as little as I can but want it to work pretty good. I use a 60csx for geocaching now but want to go paperless. thanks in advance
  7. Hi everyone, This way of paperless geocaching sounds great. Just wondering if I can get away with the cheaper nuvi or should I spend a little more and get a better one. I use a 60csx for geocaching but want to go paperless. thanks for the help in advance
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