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    Aprs Anyone?

    I tried it successfully when I first got my D-700 and found it pretty exciting for a while. Everything you need to know can be found here: http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/iss-faq.html You can find me on findu. K0NII
  2. 8ton

    Aprs Anyone?

    I'm a Snowbird spending winters in Tucson, AZ and summer in Grand Rapids, MN. I run a D-700 with Magellan MAP330 in my van. I modified the wire harness so I can use cig lighter for GPS power and run either direct to D700 or use with the laptop with UIView or WInAPRS. I also travel to Maryland and California at least once a year which is perfect for moving TBs around. When I plan a trip, I go the the website and search for TB Hotels along my route. Also, just before leaving I will pick up several stagnant TBs and move then big miles. Three of the five TBs I brought to AZ last fall are now moving around in Germany. I have several people tracking me on findu. As I was cruising across NM last fall, the cell phone rang. It was my 7 Y/O Grandson informing me that 73MPH was way too fast. Look for me on findu or EchoLink 73s KØNII aka 8Ton
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