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  1. Will our previous found challenge caches that involved bench marks be deleted from our found caches? That would not be fair at all.
  2. Thank you for the reply and I will clear the old data and try it again. Should work fine after that.
  3. I am thinking from reading through the above posts that there just is no simple way to download a pocket query that has corrected coordinates to the Oregon 700 series. I have a pocket query with over 200 caches with corrected coordinates and I can't even get the caches to show up on the gps much less have the proper cords. I have owned this gps for way over a year and have yet to have a successful caching trip with it. So much for Garmin.
  4. Is there a filter on the gps to allow for downloading corrected coordinates on caches? I am downloading a pocket querry of over 300 hundred caches with at least 200 having the coordinates corrected. Those are not downloading onto the gps but the other ones are. I have checked for filters and cannot find anything. Any help would be appreciated. The only way I down load my pocket query is through gsak.
  5. Thanks for your help. I did check out that site but could not find the information that I need. I can navigate to the cache but cannot find the option to log found, did not find, find next, view hint, etc. I am going to try to call Garmin as a last resort.
  6. The interface on the gps had been changed but not by my intent. I am just have so many operating problems with the gps that I guess I have changed settings I should not have. I have it working on the downloads now. I can select a geocache and naviagate to it . Now I just have to figure out the settings for marking it found, not found or checking hints, other logs etc,. My 450 t is an 8 year old model and all this new stuff is really hard to learn but I am trying to google instructions.
  7. Sorry I was about to head for church when I saw your reply. Normal is I don't use wifi , blue tooth, or any of that. Just classic (I think it is called ) geocaching. Download a pq and that is pretty much it. No other activities. Until a few days ago I hooked it to my computer and using gsak I downloaded my pq but had to select the 65o or the 750 Oregon. Both worked fine. I was only getting a few caches from the pocket query to download and found I had a setting that was limited to a 1.5 difficutly on family friendly. Corrected that. But now gsak doesn't recognize it and my computer shows it entirely differently than it did.
  8. I bought my Oregon 700 in February of 2018. I have yet been able to geocache with it. I just cannot get it to set it for just normal geocaching. Finally thought I had it after finding a setting that was not allowing it to download all the caches in my pocket querry. Fixed that. Now since I down load my querries to gsak then to my gps that does not recognize the Oregon 700. It goes from 650 to 750 which I had used both options before this week. So I guess my next step is to start watch ebay for an older model gps as my Oregon 450 is just about to give up the ghost.
  9. Never mind the above question. I found the opt out option for the new maps.
  10. I do not like the new mapping that geocaching.com has when you enter search a location. How do I get off this and back to he old maps that we have had. I can't find anywhere that it says go back to the old maps.
  11. This is a problem with my Oregon 700 gps. I mark some caches found in an older gps and then uploaded the fiends just fine as field notes. Can someone with an Oregon 700 give me some idea as to why mine is doing this? Thanks
  12. I have always hooked my gps up to the computer and used the upload field notes on my home page on geocaching.com. Today I keep getting the message that field notes did not upload , try again later. Is this the geocaching site or something on my end. Help would be appreciated.
  13. Can the attribute #61 Partnership Cache still be applied to caches that are active now or on a new cache when the cache page is set up???
  14. Thank you for this helpful link. I went there and bookmarked it as I am sure I am going to have a lot of questions to look up in the next few weeks.
  15. I really need someone that has a Garmin 700 to try to talk me through some steps on setting mine up for Geocaching. I have googled all the help and watched the youtube videos but I am still no where close to getting the gps to where I can use it. If anyone could and would help me I really would appreciate it. Thank you. I am replacing an Oregon 450
  16. I have just bought a Garmin 700 and I am having all kinds of problems trying to get it set up. Can someone direct me to someone that might can talk me through setting it up. Google is really not much help to me.
  17. Thank you for your reply and your time. . And yes I did go to the Garmin site and put in a lot more that minimal effort trying to get the information I was wanting. I got about the same results at Garmin that I got here.
  18. I have a Garmin 450T that the on/off switch is just about gone on and I am going to have to replace this unit. What is the next gps up from this one. I do not want one that has the preloaded geocaches already in it. But like all the features of the 450 . Any recommendations on a garmin would be appreciated.
  19. Thank you for your replies and the help. I was able to opt out of the logging option and go from there. I got all my caches logged. I do not like the new drafts either. The old field notes was much more user friendly and you could select by date. For example my found caches are still on my gps but the new drafts will not let me go back in date to upload. Old field notes would. But at least I only had 25 caches to log and got them done. Thanks all .
  20. I don't know what topic to log this under but I need help. I cannot log my finds on geocaching.com. I select log geocache and when it goes to that page the curser just sits there and spins and never allows me to type, or select a date or anything. This has been going on for two days. I have signed out and back in. Turned my computer off and back on. I had my finds as field notes and I deleted them and was planning on putting them back in but the new drafts options won't me do this. Is anyone else having this problem and can anyone give me a suggestion to try, ?
  21. The Garmin Chirp is an old topic but on 12/3 I tried to use my Garmin 450t to find a cache that was a chirp. When I got to posted cords I selected the Share Wirelessly option which brought up Wirelessly, send or receive data. I selected Receive and then got the Screen Listening for another unit to begin sending data with the word searching in the white strip below that. I tried it for sometime and I even held the chirp next to the gps but I never got beyond this screen. I have never done a chirp cache and I am not sure if I was suppose to do something else or not. Can someone explain the procedure to me using the same gps as I have the chirp was working fine as the CO check it the next day with a completely different gps than the one he placed it with. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  22. I did not claim a FTF on the cache in question. I simply logged it as a find. I know cachers who do not log all their finds. I was just curious about this one since the name on the log sheet was not associated with a geocaching account. Had I wanted to log a FTF on it I would simply have done that without even mentioning any of this. I was just curious and again I thank each of you for the comments even the not so nice ones thinking I was seeking permission to log an FTF. I do not chase the FTFs.
  23. I can understand that. It is a game that can be played in many different ways.
  24. Manville Possum Hunters I agree with you but the glitz is that the person never set up a geocaching account. It was one month and one day after he/she signed the log sheet that I found it and still they do not have a geocaching account. Since there is no direct answer (or rule) on this I will leave it as is. I signed the log and on my on line log I said it had been found the month before but that the cache had never set up an account and logged the find. Maybe someday they will . The person who hid the cache shows to never have logged a cache on line either. Maybe they don't know they can or even that they should.
  25. Thanks for the replies. I guess there is no hard rule on this anywhere. I am guessing maybe it was someone who knew the CO and was considering taking up the hobby of geocaching and then changed their mind. Some of my friends say I should claim a ftf and some say I can't . I probably won't.
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