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  1. Snoopy Geocoin is available again. We have managed to extended our agreement with Peanuts which includes the following territories; Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Germany and the Netherlands.
  2. UPDATE We have been able to make an amendment to our agreement with Peanuts which allows us to distribute the coin to the USA. Happy Caching
  3. Welcome to Geocaching David. If you've not already heard, there is an event this weekend which would be a good chance to meet loads of local Geocacher. Northern Burbs Brunch Hope to see you there, Chris
  4. Exclusive to Jockaroo.com.au these awesome coins are fully licensed by Peanuts. The coin features Snoopy in his scout uniform and are fully trackable on geocaching.com. There will only be 1,000 Snoopy Geocoins made and they will be exclusively distributed within Australia and New Zealand. There is a topic on this under geocoins but thought I'd post here too as not everyone checks it.
  5. Exclusive to Jockaroo.com.au these awesome coins are fully licensed by Peanuts. The coin features Snoopy in his scout uniform and are fully trackable on geocaching.com. There will only be 1,000 Snoopy Geocoins made and they will be exclusively distributed within Australia and New Zealand. There is a topic on this under geocoins but thought I'd post here too as not everyone checks it.
  6. Snoopy is the work of Charles M.Schulz, an American cartoonist. We decided last year to make our own geocoin but was unsure of a design. Then my mum stepped in (who is a massive Snoopy fan) and suggested Snoopy. So we contacted Peanuts and after 14 months we finally have our coin. Unfortunately due to the high royalties we were only able to afford distribution for Australia and New Zealand. We’ve started talks on a 2012 coin which we plan to distribute worldwide. Until then we hope people enjoy our 2011 Snoopy geocoin. Happy Caching
  7. Well it’s been a long journey but finally our 2011 Snoopy Geocoin is now available.
  8. Weve uploaded a photo of the coin on our Facebook page. We hope to have the coins available by the end of the week, just waiting for the ok from Peanuts.
  9. Perhaps a partnership with another coin distributer, here in the US, would be possible? I think they are saying that their licensing agreement only covers them being able to sell to Australia and New Zealand - therefore that would be out of the question. Correct
  10. We understand people’s disappointment regarding the limited distribution. This is due to the licence agreement we have with Peanuts. We did look into international distribution but unfortunately this was outside our financial reach. It’s taken a long time to get this geocoin to this stage with the initial idea back in April 2010. We’re not far away from it being ready, hopefully by the end of this month. We’re already looking into a 2012 coin which we hope to make available worldwide. But for now we hope people enjoy our 2011 coin.
  11. ! COMING SOON ! Exclusive to Jockaroo.com.au these awesome coins are by Peanuts. The coin features Snoopy in his scout uniform and will be fully trackable on geocaching.com. There will only be 1,000 Snoopy Geocoins minted and they will be exclusively distributed within Australia and New Zealand. Sample picture available on our Facebook page; http://www.facebook.com/Jockaroo
  12. I agree the coin looks great but just want to throw my 2 cents in. I’m currently having a geocion made that features a famous character. I have a licence agreement for the use of their artwork, over 40 pages long. I’ve been surprised by how strict a company can be with the use of their images but also understand why. I won’t bore you with the whole agreement but here a few things relating to this topic. And before anyone asks, the company I’m dealing with is not Disney. The Micky coin is in breach of copyright and trademark laws. People have mentions as long as the coin is not sold then its fan art/craft so all is ok. Wrong, it’s if the coin has value or not. Value doesn’t just mean money has to swap hands. Although this has been done any way through eBay. If the coin is used as a trade/swap item then they see it has having a value. I think the idea of mystery coins are great and bring joy to unknown recipient, but maybe use your own artwork or get permission.
  13. Not sure they could do anything, unless they can prove who made them...I supose they could demand that all pictures of the coin be removed, but Free Speech rules would probably stop them from doing that, since we are only discussing the Coins here in a news context. They can actually ask for the coins to be sent to them, possibly to be destroyed. As people here have said they have one of the coins Disney (or the Star Wars clan) can go to Groundspeak to gain their personal details so those involved can contact. It would be a shame if this did happen but unfortunately that’s the law.
  14. There's no official 'MEGA' committee. Anyone can attempt to list one! It will only move if some other group gets together and runs one. As CraigRat stated. Anyone can list a mega or attempt too. If you live in Perth i can tell your chances of a mega every being in Perth are slim. This is the reason why... Australia has a 22 million population base. A small percentage are geocachers. Not everyone is interested in Mega's. The majority of the population base is between Brisbane to Sydney to Melbourne. Next, there is only one possible weekend to stage it and that is at Easter. The reason for this is as follows... if it were held on a 2 day weekend or even a 3 day weekend it makes the long driving distances not worth it for only 2 days etc. Other times like school holidays dont work, because states are different and doesn't mean the parents have time off.Xmas is a nightmare with too many committements for families. So it just has to be Easter to gain the 4 days of value. Keeping that in mind you can see how difficult it would be to stage it in WA or even SA or NT or far north QLD. it has to be placed in a Eastern seaboard region. The chances of Perth ever staging one would only be if incredible prizes and entertainment were offered . So, Tartansnake . although we can understand you being disappointed its not moved to say Sydney or Victoria , no one has put up their hand to even be interested.We are also interested in conducting one every two years with the same Committee for the next one and moving it around. In some other forums it was stated ,that some people were disappointed the next one was was within 200km's of Wagga. Cant see their reasons.Its about the fun and comradery of the event .This must be how it is seen , as the United States conducts about 7 mega's per year. Each one is in a small town , no capital cities involved and get this...each one is staged at the same location each year.No one complains and every one gets bigger each year. One about 8 years in a row. :) So, just getting everyone to a mega in Australia is not easy. You have to offer the best weekend, good entertainment and activities to suit all ages.But , America started off with one and has progressed big leaps and bounds. Australia should progress forward too, with caches going out at a frantic rate now, more teams getting into it, and the luxury of having Geoacaching Australia for all info. :) So, Tartansnake that is a bit of an insight to the workings of a mega. please understand they are not easy events to stage.There are no paid positions and sponsors have to be sourced. Hopefully , we will see you at the next one in 2012. There are about to be some huge updates in the next few weeks.Will keep everyone posted. Thankfully, Greg President. :) Don’t know why I was singled out for a comment many have made? I actually missed this post but was directed to it by anther cacher. I live in W.A. but would be happy to travel for a mega event. There are many places over east that could hold a mega and I agree Perth’s chances are very slim. Although I never mentioned anything about Perth hosting the event. I’ve been involved with many events in the past (non-geocaching) and know how much work gets put in by many people for no financial gain. So my hat goes off to everyone who organising the Wagga Wagga event and this one too. Unfortunately we’ll be unable to attend this even due to other commitments but I hope the event goes well and everyone has a good time. Happy Caching
  15. Stumbled across this today but not seen it advertised on here so spreading the word. The event is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first cache placed in W.A. Not sure what the full plans for the day are but there is a buffet dinner planned but numbers are limited. Check out the cache page for more details; GC2KA92. Hope to see you there
  16. Hiya and welcome to Geocaching, Most Aussie cachers chat through www.geocaching.com.au Happy Caching
  17. Look like it’ll be good although a bit disappointed it’s in the same state as this years. Would be nice to see the mega event move around the country.
  18. Jockaroo.au.com has been trading now for a year, so to say thank you to everyone who has supported us during this time we are having a massive sale. Many of our popular items have been reduced till the end of the month so snap up a bargain before the month is out. Happy Caching www.jockaroo.au.com
  19. I had a similar problem with a coin I ordered from another store. I dropped Groundspeak a wee email stating what had happened and they sent me the activation code for the coin. Managed to get it sorted in less than a week.
  20. Thanks guys, it's only $12 so will give it a go.
  21. Does anyone use this app on their iTouch? I have a GPS which I use to locate the caches but was wondering if the app was worth getting for paperless caching?
  22. You subscribe on the website for a bargain price of just $10USD per edition! If it is about Aussie caches for Aussie cachers why do we have to pay in US$ isn't there a way we can pay with Aussie $ The magazine is made in America but shipped worldwide. Most of the articles are written by Americans but there are contributions for Geocachers around the world. The magazine is still in its first year and the publishers are trying to get more international content. In the latest issue an Aussie Geocacher had her article published and her photos used for both the front and back covers. If you’re interested you can download a free copy of the first issue for jockaroo.au.com
  23. Australian flag dog tags are now available at jockaroo.au.com. Sending your own bug or tag off on its travels is a great buzz, you can then track its whereabouts online and see how far it has travelled and whilst it is off on its travels it is flying the Australian flag.
  24. W.A. features on the front cover of the latest issue of the magazine ... woohoo! Nice picture by Stacky, well done
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