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  1. I support a 0-18 forum where we (18+under) can have a non-pyrocitic forum (not that they aren't funny) I disagree with tagging young members if they can carry on an intelligient conversation than thats good it should be voulentary, if you want it to be known you should have a second mini-avatar to show you're below a certain age.
  2. I'm 14 and I will cache alone (if its within bike riding distance) since I am most enthusiastic about geocaching in my family but it is funner to go with family. P.S. thank you for starting this thread I was thinking of starting identical one.
  3. Thats what FRIENDS parents are for get them into geocaching and your problems solved.
  4. I'm not a rubiks guru but would it be possible to ensure that the squares of the same color stayed in the same order (after all its hard enough to solve without worying about wich square goes where) I hope that made more sense to you than it did to me.
  5. sbell111 I actually live in oregon and just signed up for the website. I have some un e-logged finds that being one of them (actually the group I was caching with logged it) but I was on vacation and those where the only ones found within a reasonable amount of time of signing up. wait the fact that I live in Oregon doesn't help much on the disdance thing.
  6. I'd be interested to hear anyone's story of the most creatively hid cache they found. please do not say which cache as to keep a little fun in finding them. If This is not a new thread idea (within the last couple of weeks) please tell me. So here is my story. I was caching with a group looking for an impossibly placed cache in heavy tree cover, one member of my group pused the cache aside to look behind it not knowing that was it. Another member of my group came by the same spot a couple minutes later and found the upturned cache. The cache was hidden in a hollowed out log placed next to a stump. P.S. The funnier the better (use discretion as to funny)
  7. Not a tunnel but a man made cave (silver mining operation) near Little north Fork, Oregon there was a cache called henline but i think it was archived.
  8. I reccomend gorilla glue holds to anything without roughing the surface. (harddrive magnets are the best part of obsolete harddrives)
  9. I haven't posted much but have been a lurker. What draws my attention is an interesting thread title. Also I would like to help if everyone didn't get there before me
  10. I was't geocaching but trying to get a location next to a big window inside PDX. Not one sattelite from either my etrex Venture or my dad's meridian gold The radio traffic theory isn't a bad idea either.
  11. Souey-(soo-ee)(Little bit like soth east) hiedi/hidey is a good suggestion too
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