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  1. My guess is to protect military bases from GPS guided missles and such.
  2. Add me to the list (and do write in todays cacher)
  3. I am male 14 played d+d once in my life and without dice nuntheless. Into backpacking, and computer gaming (1:00 is not to early to go to sleep) Am a Star scout in troop 50 (scout;tenderfoot;second class;first class;STAR;life;eagle) am my own species (american teenager- homo sleep deprivus) would not clasify myself as extreme sportist (unless you count ultra light backpacking) or tech geek (finally rid my computer of viruses) OK I'm done
  4. Same with me on my second cache sometwo found it the same day it was approved and another the next day. Then I get impatient waiting for the next log. (sigh)
  5. I'm pretty set on the e-trex series for a basic unit (since I own one and am very happy with it) as it is one of the most user friendly ones that I've seen. However if you want mapping capability go with the Meridien series by magelan
  6. He's kinda creepy when you look at him up close. Usually he's like half an inch tall.
  7. here is a link to tube torcher I do not know if the original still exists if someone finds it please post a link P.S. team k-9 I like your new avatar
  8. If given an unexpaected paid vacation would you rather go to visit the site of the original geocache in portland oregon or explore the right of passage geocache, tube torcher. (Pardan any wrang splings or blad gremer)
  9. msn has something using net passport but the GC.com would probably be easiest (why didn't I think of that)
  10. hip hip HOORAY hip hip HOORAY hip hip HOORAY
  11. BeadBoy

    New Faq Idea

    I think you should put this in the frequently asked questions under "how do I get my friends involved (or explain to the sheriff what you were doing in the middle of nowhere)" It was found here Please reply thanks
  12. Thanks for all the input I just wanted to know what people thought about it I probably will become a premium member anyway soon for the same reason as everyone (almost) else to support the site.
  13. this is an earlier thread there are two clips on it be shur to look at both if you can, oh, and hlod on to your sides for the first one.
  14. mtn-man beat me to it
  15. I had an idea that might boost premium membership a 5 or 7 day free trial of the pocket querie generator. I am not a premium member so if there is something i'm not aware of that would make this impossible please let me know. You could only do it once per account which would lead to a few sock puppets but thats ok as long as it boosts membership please give me your feedback on this idea. Happy caching (errr typing).
  16. I searched for about 45 minutes one time, but I was with a group of about 15 people also searching. So I guess that makes it 45x15=675 minutes or 11 and 1/4 hour.
  17. When you stop bothering everyone you see about this cool hobby you have. (which i am guilty of by the way).
  18. Why has no one said trade up trade even or don't trade yet What has this world come to
  19. BeadBoy

    Whats Rank

    What exactly does the status of charter member mean. Pretty easy to figure out about what it means but what exactly must you do or have you done to get this status.
  20. Some caches, the hunt is better than finding a $20 dollar bill inside (um err maybe) unfortunately they are also some of the only ones with really good swag. Unless you strike it lucky 1/1 caches aren't likely to have good stuff for very long. (sigh...what a shame)
  21. Excellent idea Groundspeak should do that thanks for the address stunod
  22. Oh to bad I live in Sublimity, Oregon its only a few miles out of the way :wink:
  23. hereis a past thread and mine is also my avatar.
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