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  1. It must have been a temporary problem. I am seeing all the icons now.
  2. I have uploaded again a few of the icons with broken links. I will wait to see if these propagate through the site (including grid) before I upload the rest again. The ones I uploaded yesterday propagated correctly through the site thus I have re-uploaded the icons for other categories with faulty icons. I expect they will be showing correctly on the grid in the next day, they are showing correctly on the category pages.
  3. The only thing that is required to release a waymark that is stuck in "limbo" is an officer in the group to visit the group page. Any waymarks which were stuck in limbo for that group's category will be released automatically. To check which of your groups have pending votes (thus possibly waymarks stuck) click on group tab on the top of the page and it will list which groups have pending votes with a link to the group page, by clicking link any in vote limbo will be released.
  4. I have uploaded again a few of the icons with broken links. I will wait to see if these propagate through the site (including grid) before I upload the rest again.
  5. This is one area (waymarks stuck in vote limbo) I can't fix however in this case I would contact the second officer listed for the category as they are usually quite responsive.
  6. I have been around behind the scenes as an admin for the Waymarking site since 2008, you will not see any Waymarks posted under that account but I have full understanding of Waymarking. If there is a category that you have Waymarks waiting an extended period of time you can post the category in the forums as I watch the forums for issue or you can send me an email.
  7. I have just checked and there are no waymarks pending in the Indiana Historical Markers category. The last one in the category was last June approved by the OP.
  8. I have tried to create an icon showing a chute on a hill but all my attempts were a failure, the i saw a sign in the picture on the category description and, as always maintaining same style and based on the existing icons, i have created this one: What do you think? @Waywizard Could you please upload this icon to the category Bobsleigh Chutes and Mountain Slides. Thanks a lot! I have uploaded this icon.
  9. This one did not get 100%, there were 2 Nays (remember votes can be hidden). Obviously the category passed with a very high percent and has now been approved by Groundspeak.
  10. I have uploaded these icons to their respective categories.
  11. Groundspeak is aware of the issue and is working to resolve the issue.
  12. Groundspeak is aware of the problem an is working on the solution.
  13. Groundspeak is aware of the problem and is working on it.
  14. Groundspeak is aware of problem and know the cause. It may not be resolved until morning (Seattle time)
  15. Groundspeak is aware. Being worked on at this time.
  16. I have changed the category name again. Don't know why it did stay changed last time, hopefully it will this time.
  17. That is the extra category. It did not pass peer review but can not be removed from list however it is locked so no waymarks can be added to it and it does not show on the grid. The other Silhouettes category is a good category.
  18. You don't need to sell this one any more, it was featured about 15 minutes after iconions posted in the forums this morning.
  19. This waymark should have now been released from vote limbo.
  20. I checked both of these categories after your last post and released all that were showing pending. I have checked again today and there are none waiting approval. However, I can not see ones that are stuck in group vote. Please list the waymark numbers and I will look further.
  21. The check box for html formatting was not checked for the description. There was no html saved in the waymark. I was able to save some formatting in the waymark but I know it is not how you like them. You should be able to modify the html now and resave it.
  22. I have reviewed this category and it did not get sufficient yea votes in peer review.
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