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  1. Thank you. We completed the 100 while doing the Cotswold Way last week (appropriately a 100 mile walk according to the sign in Chipping Camden). It was always going to be touch and go when and where on the walk we completed it but it worked out well as the 100th came at the end of the walk with "First King of England". It would have come earlier but we ignored some caches despite passing within less than a quarter of a mile of them. We actually passed within less than 300ft of two caches but didn't do them!! (Believe me there were very good reasons why we ignored them).

  2. Just two in the KW team. However, my 71 year old mum has been out with us twice and found caches on both occasions - she was crawling in the undergrowth for one of them where I had already searched unsuccessfully. Embarrassing.

  3. MarcB - that is what I was thinking. I suspect some people don't like admitting they can't find a cache. Anyone reading our logs over the last few days must have thought we hadn't got a clue what we were doing - they were probably right :D

  4. Having failed to discover a few caches after a weekend away we have been busy logging "no finds" tonight. However we were wondering if other people always bother with them. Do other geocachers only record a "no find" if they genuinely think that the cache has gone missing or do they record it regardless? In our case I'm sure it was our own incompetence that resulted in us not finding some of them but nevertheless we added a log entry. However we noticed in one of the logs that some people had said that it was their second or third attempt but there were no corresponding earlier entries. What do other people do?

  5. Both of us are in IT. One in Data Networking the other an IT Business Analyst. It's not really a gadget thing for us I think it's the puzzle and walking that inspires us. Perhaps caching is popular with IT people because they need to get out of the office more :tongue: .

  6. Thanks. The route starts at Chipping Camden and goes through Broadway, Winchcombe, Charlton Kings, Painswick, Dursley, Hawkesbury Upton, Pennsylvania and finishes in Bath. We are relying on foot transport throughout so would only have time to do ones close to the path. Possible caches we have spotted are Broadway Base, Belas Knap, Leckhampton Ridge, Barrel Makers Hill and The Lost Hare. We would be able to do city centre ones in Bath but Bibury is a bit out of our range.

  7. We are walking the Cotswold Way in June and wondered if anyone had any experience of caches along the route. As we will be walking about 12 miles a day we obviously don't want to walk too far off the trail but thought it would be good fun to pick up some caches if it didn't involve too much extra energy! Had a look at the GCUK site which is an excellent guide but wondered about personal experience.

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