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  1. If you are coming from the station it may be best to walk up City Road (the road facing the main station entrance) until just before you reach the canal where (if I remember correctly) there are steps down to the right which take you into Leadworks Lane. Follow this, parallel with the canal, and you will come into Milton Street. The Mill is on the left alongside the canal. It's not far.

  2. <<Who cares??? >>


    John summed up our feelings about this thread extremely well! 


    Here's the answer to that problem....


    Don't read it then!



    Tigger is correct although I think it's more a case of don't bother commenting if it doesn't interest you!!!


    Anyone caching in Cheshire in the general area is obviously going to wonder about the identity of Mutato Nomine. When something like this appears, planted by an experienced (I presume) cacher, then people are obviously going to speculate. Many cachers around here know each other by sight or by exchanging emails so it is bound to create discussion.


    We are all very friendly cachers in the Cheshire area..

  3. It was my decision to deliberately NOT make it an event cache for a variety of reasons. Bob and I have a friendly difference of opinion here but if people want me to make it an event then I will do so.


    Personally I believe that event caches should be exactly "what it says on the tin" not just a few people gathering in a pub for a drink. Anything that Mancunian Pyrocacher arranges is in my opinion an "event" and Bob's St Georges Day Meet had caches arranged for the day. I have not booked a room or made any arrangements with the Mill other than to check that it wasn't Jazz night and there will be no caches arranged for the occasion.


    I also think that event caches should be all day or at least half a day. This will only start at 7:30pm and many people will possibly only be able to pop in for an hour or so just to show their face. I chose the Mill because of the beer selection and because it is in Chester although I realise that parking there is not ideal. If it was an event cache I would prefer to arrange it in a country pub (probably where I live).


    I realise that there may be some local cachers who will not be aware of the meeting because it is only mentioned on this forum but it seemed to attract most of the local people last time and if cachers mention it to other people in the informal exchange of emails then word will soon spread. This is purely an informal chat and drink. As phoenix says - it is not "work"


    To summarise I think that making a drink in the pub an event cache devalues the work that someone like Mancunian Pyrocacher does with his superb events and it would seem a shame to attract people just so they could add another number to their "score". Hoewever if people vote for it to be an event....


    Perhaps Eckington or Lactodorum could comment on this.

  4. After the success of the first informal meeting in Chester a couple of months ago we have decided to arrange another one. Once again it will be at the Mill but I have been assured that there is no jazz night (or similar) this time. Date is Tuesday June 21st 7:30pm and anyone is welcome to come along for a drink and a chat. It is NOT a cache event so nothing for the numbers people I'm afraid.

  5. When we visited Northern Ireland last year the first cache we did was Paddy's Volcanic View which wasn't too far from the airport, it woke us up after an early morning flight and gave some great views. Grey Man's Head is defintely worth the walk if you can figure out the paths and signposts - one of the best locations we've done.

  6. I visit my caches after 2 DNF's, I did a cache with my family, my daughter re-hid it so well that a uber caching team and the cache owner DNF'd it. The cache owner actualy disabled the cache. On our next visit to the location (the cache is a urban one) I went back to check as I felt so guilty about it. And "Hey Presto" it was still there! As this proves DNF's tell a different story in each case.




    I still think the magic cache pixies of Chester had something to do with that one, Dave!



    The magic pixies of Chester also got involved with Chester City cache. That had 2 DNFs including one by Mancunian Pyrocacher himself who was assisting another cacher. When I checked it was still there although it had moved a few inches from its original spot. Spooky.

  7. What's an acceptible time to hold onto a TAG?

    I'm been wtaching one for 2 weeks now with 8 other people. 

    The person has been out caching regularly but not dropped the TB.


    The cacher may have a very good reason for holding on to it. I have a TB that a few people want (I don't think I'm the person being referred to). A long weekend away, time to solve the puzzle, arrange to find the cache and in my case a problem encountered that I have being tried to resolve with the owners (successfully last night) means that I have been holding it for 12 days.

  8. You should check out the XTC song "Pink Thing"; lyrics here.


    Bonus question: can you guess what the song is about ? Clue: not what you probably first thought of..


    I'm a big XTC fan. I seem to remember Andy Partridge saying it could be either about his first child or "what you probably first thought of". Not the best track on Oranges and Lemons - I think that is Chalkhills and Children - but one of my favourite albums.


    I know that this is wandering off the subject but XTC are well worth promoting :blink:

  9. Thanks to all those who turned up tonight. Sorry that it coincided with jazz night but at least we know for next time. :o It seemed to be a success and it was fantastic to put so many faces to names. There are already plans to make it a quarterly event so I thought of perhaps setting up a mailing list as there are some people who showed an interest in attending but couldn't make it tonight. The following team were represented - the list was made after some people had left so I apologise to anyone I have missed off.


    Mancunian Pyrocacher


    Team Maddie UK

    Kelsborrow Wayfinders




    Jan and the Percey Boys




    Capt Pugwash



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