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  1. After the request/nagging on this forum to set up another meeting I have spoken to the Mill in Chester and come to the conclusion that November 22nd is the best date. However, I wonder whether this is now slightly superfluous because of Mancunian Pyrocacher's brand new self-proclaimed hijacking event cache at the same venue in January. If anyone is still interested could they post a note here so I can gauge interest. If people don't want to bother with this and just come to Dave's event instead I fully understand. As with the previous two meetings this is just a chance for a chat, some decent beer and a chance for everyone to solve Pieman's latest puzzle.

  2. Give me a chance I've been caching in a much sunnier climate and this is the first time I have been on the forum for a couple of weeks. I have consulted the fixture list (Chester DO play midweek fixtures on a Tuesday) and November 8th or 22nd seem possibilities. Any objections? I will check with the Mill to see if there is anything else on and then start a new thread for the 3rd Chester non-event. And I didn't buy any cheap paperbacks Bob :unsure:

  3. I would be lying if I said I hadn't looked at my own caches but it's a bit too much like all these 50 Greatest One Legged Drummer programmes that appear on Channel 4 on a Saturday night (without Stuart Maconie and Wayne Hemingway telling us what they think). A bit of fun but unreliable. Everyone has a different reason why they enjoy or don't enjoy a cache and it isn't reflected in a score out of 5.


    For instance, how do people rate a cache with a brilliant walk where the container is obvious but contains rubbish? Do you mark it high because the walk is great or low because the cache was easy to find. Alternatively do you mark it low because you were trying to do 20 caches in a day and didn't fancy the walk or high because it was easy to find so you could move on to the next one.


    Funnily enough the reason some people have given for rating a cache (to show their appreciation) is one of the reasons why I avoid doing it. I would hate to give someone a low mark when they have obviously set up a cache with the best of intentions just because it's pouring with rain, I got covered in mud and trod in something unpleasant.


    Having said that I appreciate the effort that has gone into it and can see why people like it but at the moment it doesn't play a part for me.

  4. I don't rate caches although I do look at the excellent UK stats site. However I would not look at the ratings to decide which cache to do as I prefer to rely on the comments in the log. I personally don't like to rate them because I feel that there are too many factors involved to simplify it into a mark out of 5.

  5. We managed 7 in Rome last May but 4 of them have now been archived including 2 virtuals and the excellent one in the Forum mentioned above. The ones remaining are Rome Villa Borghese Park (in the zoo). Baker's Tomb (busy area) and Jenny Coolo (virtual). We did all these by walking.

  6. It never occurred to me for one moment that other cachers could actually hate calling cards! Must admit I tend to leave mine in the log book on the page where I signed the log. In future I will just leave it in the container as I want to avoid getting hate mail :huh:

  7. Don't think I will be bothering with this new Waymarking site. I have really enjoyed doing locationless and (some) virtual caches but they were enjoyable because they were not that common and provided a bit of variety. The main advantage was that no new ones were being created so there were just enough to make an interesting change.


    I have often heard other cachers say they had a good idea for a new virtual or locationless category but I always felt that for every good one there would be about 20 completely useless ones and so many cachers would be creating them that the whole thing would become totally out of control and meaningless. At least there is now a website to mop up these ideas but I reckon it could soon grow out of all manageable proportion unless it is carefully monitored. Take a look at the forum for Waymarking Category Proposals - it's already generated some mad ideas.

  8. GC:UK shows a map of where you've done caches


    I know about that one thanks :unsure: I wanted a map of the UK that showed the counties where I have found caches shaded in (no caches marked). I'm sure there was a thread recently that pointed to a map where it could be done manually but I wanted an automatic one. The GC:UK site tells you how many counties you have cached in but I wanted a visual representation of it.

  9. If whoever did this happens to be reading the message board perhaps they might feel shamed into replacing the bags


    After a log entry suggested that there was a new camoflage bag at one of the caches I checked both of them tonight and sure enough both bags have been returned. The power of the message board!

  10. As some of you know all our traditional caches have been hidden in camoflage bags. We went for a walk this morning and checked on one of our cache to find that the camoflage bag had been replaced by a Tesco bag :laughing: (it had also been moved about 15ft but we can live with that). While we were a bit miffed about this we were prepared to accept that it could possibly have just been muggled as this cache has been exposed a couple of times. However we decided to check one of our other caches nearby and found that the bag had also disappeared from there as well.


    Our conclusion is that another cacher has taken a liking to our bags and taken them for their own caches. We have absolutely no idea who has done this and feel it is likely to be someone who knew they were there and specifically went to get the bags - hence replacing one with a carrier bag. This has happened in the last couple of months.


    In the grand scheme of things this is not a major crime but it has certainly left me extremely disillusioned and our plan to hide another cache this afternoon has now been abandoned. If whoever did this happens to be reading the message board perhaps they might feel shamed into replacing the bags alternatively they could always buy their own from a shop in Lower Bridge Street in Chester - they are not that expensive. In the meantime could anyone who has done our caches in recent weeks let us know if they are still in their bags.

  11. Those who have tried have an email which should help


    Congratulations to all that found it. As usual I'm just pottering along quite happily at my own pace and have worked out half the answer but I'm intrigued by the fact that MN sent out an email. Did you all receive one? Is this just selective? I didn't get anything.

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