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  1. I haven't picked up many coins so don't have a great deal of experience but I have noticed that the ones I have seen fall out of the wallets quite easily. I can't explain why a wallet may be left and the coin taken out of a container but if you place\throw the coin with it's wallet into a rucksack it's quite easy for them to become seperated. Fortunately I think I have always remembered to reunite them.
  2. There may be room in Charles Street which is the road directly opposite the entrance. Failing that there should be room in Brook Street (one way street at the end of Charles Street)
  3. Our avatar is a greeting card with the remarkable likenesses (well me anyway) changed in Photoshop so that I wear a Chester home shirt and Diane an away shirt. Diane doesn't like football but I'm the one who plays with Photoshop. Who cares about the Moneybags Premier League. I'm happily celebrating 15th in League 2.
  4. Incidentally what are you doing having babies on a Sunday? Shouldn't you have been out caching today?
  5. Congratulations Adam and Rebecca. I expect the new arrivals to claim the youngest FTF within the next few hours . Best wishes from Chas and Diane.
  6. However if there had been a bulk delete mechanism I wouldn't have had to waste the time of the virtual IT department by asking the question in the first place especially if there had been a "Are you sure you want to delete all your Pocket Queries" option.
  7. They are already unticked so don't run anyway. I want to get rid of them as I don't think they are much use unless I keep the dates constantly updated ie I'm not going to use them in the future. I have a number of other queries set up for different areas of the country which I run when I need them and I find I'm creating more and more of them. Admittedly I'm nowhere near 40 yet but I just want to clear the clutter. Of course in the time it has taken me to post this message and monitor the replies I could have probably deleted them all.
  8. Apologies if this has been asked before but is there a way of deleting multiple pocket queries? I used to download all the caches in 16 or 17 queries using the date method often raised on the forum. However I decided this was far too unwieldy and now just do selected downloads. This means I have a stack of queries I no longer use and want to get rid of. It looks to me as if you can only delete then one at a time which is extremely slow. Is there another way?
  9. It's obviously Pieman's new cache. The final part will be hidden by a Motorway junction.
  10. As well as the UK we have managed Italy, the Vatican, Switzerland (locationless only), Latvia, Namibia and Costa Rica which I like to think is a varied list.
  11. A neighbour of mine found one of these SOTA caches out in the open (SOTA caches must get muggled too) and brought it home so he could contact the owners. Knowing I was interested he brought it round to show me and I was amazed by how many people had filled in the logbook in a short period of time. Looks like there is a geocaching parallel universe out there.
  12. No-one is stepping on my toes. The Chester meets are only ever meant to be informal and an excuse for a chat and a drink. Who says we can't have both? I like the idea of Frodsham anyway. I've never been to the Helter Skelter and it's in the Good Beer Guide.
  13. I like them\use them\sign the log. Perhaps we should introduce a new icon for calling cards. That might satisfy some of the card haters.
  14. Apologies if this has been posted already but someone pointed this out to me today. http://www.cnn.com/2006/TECH/01/17/geocach...prosecution.ap/
  15. Thank goodness's it's not my eyes I've only just got new glasses.
  16. I know my eyesight is deteriorating but are the fonts all messed up on geocaching.com? I'm sure they weren't like that yesterday. When I go on to my account and list nearest caches the font seems to be much smaller. Also I looked at one or two caches and fonts actually seem to vary within logs.
  17. I was always a fan of virtuals especially abroad as there always seemed to be at least one in a major city. One of the advantages was that there were just enough to make it interesting and give a bit of variety. However I can understand why they have been moved to Waymarking. Geocaching has grown a lot over the last couple of years and I believe that we would have been swamped with them if they hadn't brought to a halt. For everyone who has a really good idea for a virtual I bet there would have been 10 pathetic ones set up just to boost placed figures. After all they are an easy option as (generally) no maintenance is needed and they can be placed quickly without much effort. At least when a container is placed a little thought is needed. I always thought earthcaches would have quickly gone the same way. I thoroughly enjoyed Jan and the Percey Boys Dee Bore earthcache because it neded a bit of planning and was clearly well thought out but I have noticed a few which seem to be of no special interest whatsoever. The same argument could be applied to locationless caches. I am very sorry to see them go but without any quality control hundreds of them would have appeared over the last couple of years and you can guarantee that someone would have done a McDonalds one by now. Everyone would have placed at least one just to get another icon. I strongly believe that if there had been no ban on virtuals then the whole face of geocaching would have changed and we would have been on this board moaning about the lack of traditional caches. That was a bit longer than I thought it was going to be.
  18. Do you have to get permission to use the Coat of Arms? I seem to remember coming across something a few years ago about the commercial use of county coats of arms.
  19. Memories of summer come flooding back and I bet this thread makes an amusing read for a lot of cachers. Especially you know who.
  20. Thanks but I should point out that by definition a non-event involves non-organising (just a phone call) as well as non-icons so I can't really take any credit over it. It was a good evening though.
  21. Today's the day. Don't forget to drop off TB's in Clock Watching and bring your GPS to stick on the table for easy spotability.
  22. Yes it can be tricky. I would have thought that Brook Street or City Road would be the best option for street parking. There is always Gorse Stacks car park although you may not fancy the (slightly) longer walk. You would be guaranteed a parking place there even if it is bingo night.
  23. A further reminder for Tuesday night. Hazel must be besides herself with excitement now.
  24. Wonder how long it will be before someone requests an icon for a non-event
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