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  1. Don't think so. I've been trying to look at the geocaches in a friend's profile since last night and I'm still consistently getting this error message. Don't seem to have the problem with other profiles however.
  2. Although I'm in total agreement with PopUpPirate on the increasing phenomenon of cachers going for a walk with a bagful of micros and sprinkling them liberally around the countryside I don't think anything can be done about it without upsetting the large number of people who appear to enjoy doing them judging by the quantity of visitors they get . It's just a matter of being selective. However I do wonder how dispiriting it must be for the number chasers who feel obliged to do these trails to keep their numbers up. With regard to multis\more interesting caches the problem is that they get totally swamped by the vast number of new caches appearing (most of which seem to be micros these days). For example I am completely unaware of PuPs caches even though they are realistically not that far away. The mass of caches in the top right hand corner of Mongoose's map appear in the 20 to 25 mile range for me so PuP's caches are way past page 20 of my nearest unfounds. For the same reason I expect that PuP and everyone else is missing out on the Bonnie and Clyde multi because they just fail to spot it. I'm one of the people who has done the multi (it's very good) but I've also deliberately ignored their Motorway Mayhem cache (nothing personal ) . As far as I'm concerned Clyde you should archive the Motorway Mayhem and hide more multis.
  3. It was a bit of a freak and I wasn't aware of it until after I had done a cache in France. We did a cache in Germany on a Sunday then caught a train to Italy the following day but changed trains in Innsbruck where there happened to be a cache on the platform. We then did a cache on Lake Garda on Wednesday followed by a cache in Nice on Thursday. When we returned home I made an effort to do one in Wales followed by one in England. So in answer to your question it was over 10 days. In fact my sequence of caches over a couple of weeks was: England Hungary (7) Austria (1) Slovakia (2) Austria (3) Germany (2) Austria (1) Italy (1) France (1) Wales (1) England It could have been 7 in 7 as we were also in Monaco but there is only one cache there which we didn't attempt.
  4. Don't know about that but I just completed 6 successive caches in 6 different countries - Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Wales, England (or 5 in 5 if you count England and Wales as the UK). Is this a record?
  5. What's this metric thing everyone's talking about? Have I missed something?
  6. I completely agree with both the micros and parking somments and have reluctantly abandoned my plans for a themed half mile walk along a busy main road with 6 caches entiltitled Dog Poo 1 to 6.
  7. I suspect that most people who go on forums expect to see disagreements. Surely we should be questioning the reaction of a new cacher if there first ever cache was disguised as a bag of dog poo or on a dog poo bin. If I'd come across some of the caches I have done in the last few months in my early days then I doubt I would have found the number of caches I have. Now I just try to take it in my stride and accept that even though I might not like it there are other cachers out there who love caches disguised as dog poo (As long as it's a short walk from the car and there is another cache a few hundred feet down the road).
  8. I would normally only post on a congratulations thread for DNF's but in this case I will make an exception . Big congratulations Hazel.
  9. Enjoy your walk. We started walking the path from Minehead last year and will be doing the Westward Ho! to Tintagel section at the end of this month. I have noted a few caches on the section we are doing but will really only be looking for "walk-bys" (rather than drive-bys). Last year we did about three on the approach into Ilfracombe but it's amazing how much time they took up even though they didn't take too long to find. I haven't checked how long the section you are doing is but my advice, for what it is worth, is don't be over ambitious on the cache front. For me it's a walking holiday and any caches are a bonus.
  10. It's worth considering bonus marks for unusual DNF's. There are already points for incompetence. By the way it's not a rating system it's just a highly complex scoring system (ie we don't understand it)based on terrain\difficulty and other factors. It's nothing to do with quality or rating caches.
  11. Big congratulations to Pieman on logging his 100th DNF today. Unfortunately this means that our plans to reach the target by attempting the notorious Lizzardpower series will have to be abandoned. However I feel it is fitting that he should managed to reach the total while attempting an easy 1/1 and I would like to think that in time honoured tradition it will have been staring him in the face. Well done Paul
  12. Seeing as you are quoting John Cooper Clarke: "As an outsider what do you think of the human race"
  13. Main cacher me, Chas, mostly caching alone. Diane doesn't mind caching occasionally especially if it involves a long walk and is an easy find but even then mainly leaves it to me and generally stands by and watches. She tends to limit herself to poking things with a stick and point out the blood pouring from various wounds as I emerge from prickly bushes. She doesn't like caches in pointless places so I'm very selective when on a joint mission and tend to organise a walk with a cache rather than a cache with a walk if you see what I mean.
  14. As the pround DNF'r I would like to agree with John that it is rubbish.
  15. That's because people called Chas use imaginative team names.
  16. 50 DNF's for me and no congratulatory thread . I'm proud to say there are some really easy caches I've failed on. It strikes me a lot of cachers are embarrrassed to record DNF's but I also think there are fewer DNF's due to incompetence because of the use of phone a friend.
  17. Paul - Can you explain where the words quality and subtle tie in with the Let it Snow video?
  18. Four and a half hours to get from my office just north of Thelwall back home. A complete nightmare.
  19. Somehow I can't picture John Stead causing havoc in Premiership defences with his aerial power.
  20. My Christmas just came early. My company has given me a long-service award with the money to be spent on a luxury item of my choice. The 60CSX is on its way and should arrive this week.
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