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  1. Having just completed LQ England I think LQ Wales is a great idea and agree that the historical counties is the best option. It would give me a good incentive to complete the counties in South Wales that I haven't done yet.
  2. Just thought I would update this to say that, thanks to Lyn, I have now got my camera back.
  3. I recently left a camera in a restaurant in Weymouth while on holiday and didn't realise until I got back home to Cheshire. The B&B owners kindly retrieved it for me but it is still in Weymouth. The camera itself is nothing flashy but the memory card contains photos of our holiday (including earth cache and trig points) but more importantly photos of us completing the South West Coast Path. I don't particularly want to have the camera or memory card sent in the post and wondered if there are any cachers in the Weymouth area who are heading up to the North West in the coming weeks. Perhaps to the NW Mega or Piratemania. If you think you may be able to help please get in contact. No suggesting making into a TB
  4. I was about to suggest the same thing. It's something I have always thought would be a good idea. I'm sure someone will come on here and suggest a number of ways around it. Temporarily enable the cache that needs maintenance and then disable it again after your new cache has been published is one way. However there will always be people who think of ways around any tightening up of the rules . Hopefully most cachers would understand why it was in place. As a general rule it seems very sensible and would hopfully encourage people to maintain their caches a bit better as well.
  5. Glad to see I am on Gary Honey's list (just). Is there anything similar for multi's?
  6. Has anyone picked up on this yet? Although I have done the Tyne and Wear cache I would hate to see anything similar happen to others in this series as I slowly work my way round it. If this isn't replaced it will threaten the whole series which is one of the few interesting caching challenges around.
  7. Or you can edit the co-ordinates for locationless caches (and caches like Fast Forward - Such den Bulliso) within GSAK and then lock them. In this way they reflect where you really found them and there is no need to exclude any caches from your stats. It's a bit of a pain to go through them all first time around but you only need to do it once.
  8. I remember that it was west of the river but I can't remember the details too well. However your description doesn't sound familiar. I will send a personal mail to stop discussion here in case I spoil it for anyone else.
  9. Don't rule out GCXJRY "The Royal Road" which is a very good multi and on a route you are bound to walk while you are there. It also passes loads of other caches on the way. It's not too difficult and it looks like the owner has added a get out clause if you have difficulty finding the final stage. I would recommend it.
  10. I remember one in my early caching days where the hint was "you've been tangoed". When we eventually found it there was a crushed tango can UNDERNEATH the cache. Oh how we laughed.
  11. As it seems to be a Team Marzipan appreciation thread I would like to add my thanks to them for some great caches over the years. One of the key factors for me is the sheer variety available that allows you to easily pick and choose. I can certainly say that the Team Marzipan caches I have done with Pieman in the evenings over the last few years have been some of the most entertaining I have completed and they have always been most welcoming when we have turned up at chez Marzipan afterwards for a cup of tea and a chat. And don't you just love the cache listings with all those smiley things dotted around all over the place.
  12. I managed a few virtuals in China and Hong Kong and although I sent emails I think I only had one response back so I'm not sure how much the owners are monitoring them. I also noticed a lot of annoying German virtual loggers but at least one cacher is clamping down.
  13. Just been listening to the Country Focus programme on iplayer. I was the lucky person interviewed as current holder of the Radio Wales TB.
  14. Here's a video of the Chester Event done by Ian of the bilberrythree. Chester Flash Event
  15. Interesting. Thanks very much. It doesn't look mine has updated either. One of the ones it says I haven't done is Cheshire where I live. There may be an issue with the fact that it's been re-located. The other two are ones I have done in the last 3 weeks. Agree with you about Shropshire, it's very good.
  16. I'm up to 15 now and am really enjoying the challenge. I particularly liked Herefordshire, West Yorkshire and Bedfordshire which all do a good job of showing off their respective counties. If I am travelling out of the area I will try and do the nearest LQ cache but it will be years before I get round to doing the ones in London and the South East (if ever). Incidentally does anyone know if any of the online maps available coincide with the LQ counties? I quite fancied adding a map on my profile page with LQ counties completed.
  17. Doesn't creating a series called "Back to Basics" defeat the purpose of going back to basics? Surely they should just be stand alone caches.
  18. To be fair they helped me look after I explained.
  19. We walked 11 miles to do the highest multi in England and when we go to the top there were muggles sitting next to it . We also walked 15 miles to do a multi along the Wirral coast. I would put both these amongst my top ten caches. Well worth the effort and very rewarding.
  20. Terrific idea. That means I could go ahead with my "A Road Virtual Boredom 1 -10 series". A quick series designed to give drivers a break while driving from A to B. Ten caches over a couple of miles where you have to collect some information from road signs. It would be really good because on some of them you wouldn't even have to get out of the car. Admittedly on one or two you might have to pull off a busy main road into a farmer's gateway but they would get loads of visits thus proving their popularity. Just think of the numbers you could rack up. It would really take geocaching to a new level and I might even consider extending it to supermarket car parks.
  21. I'm impressed Gazooks. I've been caching for four years and still haven't got any fresh hair.
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