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  1. Thanks for the replies I guess we just got unlucky. Yes it is in a major park but this really is a quieter spot, the tree we placed it under creates a natural dome canopy around a bench. The rock cache was placed in an area where branches touch the ground, due to the branches the grass does not get mown there either.
  2. Anyone else had their newly placed cache go missing in less than 24 hours? It had it's FTF yesterday after being placed and approved, then earlier today someone added it needed maintenance already as they DNF. Upon checking the area throughly it appears our rock cache is missing, it was our first hide and we're feeling super disappointed. It was carefully placed not in a high traffic area with plenty of coverage, we walk past this place a lot and no one really goes near. So feeling super confused, we even had a note on the bottom to ask if was found by mistake to either join the geocaching game or place it back where they found it.
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