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  1. kayakanimal

    Cachemate 3.4

    I just helped Maeglin with a Quick Start instructions. I hope this helps you. Here is the help file I was speaking of. Again...this is a GREAT piece of software and a bargain at $7.
  2. I have used S&T many times. Easy to use and cheap. Connected to a Meridian.
  3. I resell this one from USB Gear. Have resold over 500 of them They work GREAT! $33
  4. I LOVE my new Palm Zire 71. It has a camera with it...1 less thing to carry. Takes nice pictures at 640X480. PERFECT for Geocaching! Use CacheMate! It is easy and does everything. A real deal at $7! Cost is UNDER $200.
  5. kayakanimal

    Cachemate 3.4

    I just helped Maeglin with a Quick Start instructions. I hope this helps you.
  6. I would like to know the most active cache.
  7. I was thinking that if we could do a search straight from geocaching.com...using avantgo to go straight into a pda...no conversion required. THAT WOULD BE COOL!
  8. Hey admins... I ran across this cool site. https://my.avantgo.com/ Is there a way we can (with a premium membership) get a search to my pda from there? Is it too computer intensive? Can you still make money at it. I just like it because it is EASY! I would pay extra to be able to use this service. Kayakanimal
  9. I agree. This is not an EASY fix. Looks like I need to be a programer to do this.
  10. I don't know about you but I would pay extra for this option.
  11. I think the cost for a year is so small it shouldn't matter to most cachers.
  12. I do it all the time in our local Airport Travel Bug Hotel. Usually I am swapping, but have been know to help a bug along as I fly out of that airport often. I guess my point is...not a bad idea if you help the bug along quickly.
  13. Can I not post a note on a TB without the number?
  14. Orlando Travel Bug Hotel GREAT cache for swapping bugs.
  15. I would like to have pocket query's that could sort by 2 members... I go caching with my dad. I would like to be able to sort them for ones we BOTH have not found(we don't alway cache together as he live 1 hour away from me)...What ya think? Possible? Thanks Santa, Kayakanimal
  16. I know this has been asked for before but was also wondering the status of this request. BTW...Thanks for the new forums. GREAT job guys!
  17. Had same problem...make sure you are logged in. If not...that is what you see.
  18. OOPS...no spell check. cool CACHE...easy access from interstate.
  19. This is one of most favorite caches I have ever done. just a cool cacke. Berry Town Cache
  20. Sorry...My wonderful IE6.0 screwed up and I got 2 posts. Please answer under this one. Thanks
  21. Has anyone ever used the VEO for their palm? Got any pictures so I can judge it's quality? Anybody got any other cameras for the palm that they have used? Thanks, Kayakanimal
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