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  1. I may not always agree with TPTB, but Ive come to respect their decisions. Especially around airports, government buildings and other high security areas since the 9-11 attacks.


    Geocaching out in the woods looks fishy enough, but when people start searching around airports with small electronic devices, even if theres no physical cache there, it could potentially lead to further regulations on our sport.

    That was not the reason it was not allowed.

    Besides...doe that mean ANY cache around an area that might gain attention would be bad?


    Town halls, power plants...ANY tall building etc.

    I think not.

  2. Please excuse me if this topic has been beat to death…


    I know that virtual caches are kind of frowned upon as of late but…


    I wanted to put a cache at the Orlando International airport. A physical cache CAN’T be put there because it is federal land. So why not allow a virtual?


    I sent an email the local cache approver and he basically shot it down. On each level of the parking garage there are some neat (I guess the best word for them is a) sculptures. I thought that would make a great virtual.


    What does everybody think of this? Should the one be allowed? I love being able to do caches in airports when traveling…like this one.






    I tried to make this a poll to vote on but when I clicked the “New Poll” button all it said was:

    Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.


    The error returned was:


    You cannot start a poll

  3. I was having trouble with my serial port as well, so I went out and got a serial-to-USB adapter, and I have not had any trouble since. I can't say for sure if this will work for you, and I would not suggest that you go out and spend @ 40 for something that may not work. It may be worth a shot though. You could always return it to the store. Good luck! :lol:

    btlgrl <_<

    Sounds like you both were having something else trying to grab that port. You could go into the device manager and change the port to a different, unused number. Then change EasyGPS to reflect that same change.

  4. Why don't you try it out. You can download the map reader and any maps to use for 9 days - free. Plug it into your PPC and play with it. If you like it, then you can buy it.

    The reason I asked about the limit is because when downloading the demos you can only download so many counties in a certain period of time!?!?

  5. OK...let me go out on a limb here...


    IF GC.com would post, maybe weekly, a set of gpx's (1 for each state) that only premium members could download...then I could import them into something like S&T...or I could think of LOTS of other things to do with these... It wouldn't take a lot of server time because they would just run 1 query for each state once a week. The only drawback would be the bandwidth for the downloads....HHHMMMM...what ya think Jeremy?

  6. Ok, I just disabled the images and ran Plucker on the same GPX file. Processed in under 7 minutes! Right back where I used to be. I had never messed with the image setting previously. I guess that when i was using files from gpx2html and only going 2 levels deep, the images didn't matter.


    Clyde, at this point *I* don't see that you need to make any changes to Gsak regarding this "problem". I am satisfied that all is well.


    Thanks again to everyone!!!



    I know this is kind of off topic but...

    I use CacheMate...500 caches in my Palm in less than 30 seconds! :D

  7. My dad and I cache a lot together but there are some caches that he has done that I haven't. My question is...is there a way in CacheMate to filter our 2 gpx files so we only see the caches NEITHER of us has done? That way we won't be looking for caches that the other one has already done.



  8. I am sure this has been asked but I searched and didn't see it.


    My cache was taken. It had a bug in it. I have now replaced the cache. I have emailed the bug owner 3 times asking him to remove the bug from the cache...

    -- Copy of email sent to Bountyhunters --


    I am Kayakanimal. I own the Lake Wales First Traditional Cache. It got taken. I have been trying to find it but with no luck. It had your travel bug MR. POTATOEHEAD in it. I am very sorry for your loss. You might consider moving it to the Travel Bug Graveyard.

    Again...I am very sorry.



    How can I get this removed?


  9. Don't know but you should always save critical waypoints and stuff to the memory card.


    Just thought of something, if your tracklog is intact scan through it to find the likely spot or retrace your steps using it.


    ive heard of the battery problem causing loss of data for awhile now with the meridians, also loss of external power while turned on.


    I always saved saved waypoints and tracklogs to the memory card of the Platinum.

    I have been using a Meridian for over a year and I have never lost data when thebaterieshave died, and I have had he batteries die in mine several times.

    I have only had it happen 1 time but it was at a bad time (when I was out of town) :lol:

  10. I all ready own an etrex vista.  I just want to store geocache's in the PDA so I don't have to print them all out.  If I can combine the PDA and GPS together, that is an extra bonus.  That Garmin 60C is a SWEET unit.  That might be my next buy.  Need to wait until I drop mine or it gets damaged.

    Palm Zire 71

    It is the BEST color screen you have ever seen. Even in DIRECT SUNLIGHT!

    AND...it has a camera!

    My dad just got one from yahoo shopping for less then $100!

  11. Who has this program? It is better to pay the extra 25.00 to get the cd version?

    Well, I have the CD version. My reasons were mainly connection speed related. I have dial-up, no broadband available in my area, so downloading individual maps from the site would have been extremely time consuming.


    I also enjoy the convenience of having everything right here ready to go.


    However, if you have broadband then I can see how the download version would be ok, especially with the $ savings. - JamesJM

    I do have broadband but was thinking that it might be easier to have it all in one place too.

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