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  1. Better question, Will they? And do they want to deal with the slew of complaints they are being spammed? They are cache owners. I don't think ANYONE in their right mind would consider an email about this spam. Just like the other person said earlier...that it is not a well known feature. I have not seen it posted anywhere except in the forums. Just my .02 worth.
  2. Also understand that not everyone knows about the "Missing" feature. I didn't until last week and had a TB listed in my cache for a year with no way to remove it. I know you said you emailed the owner and told them - which should mean that now they know, but I'm sure a lot of cache owners don't know about this feature yet. E Could gc.com do a mass email to all cache owners with the information about this new feature?
  3. I think one requirement is you must do everything you can to disapprove virtual caches.
  4. I do both... The only LOCAL caches are 40 miles away. So I plan them out. When I go out of town on business I just hit what looks cool.
  5. I was just thinking, I had noticed an increase of 200 caches in the last week on the About page. I would love to see a graph of the number of caches from... 1. The last week 2. The Last month 3. The last year 4 From the beginning Just a thought. Kayakanimal
  6. I did a cool V cache there if you like airplanes!
  7. I just put out that fake drain. In middle of grassy area near lake. Stumped everyone so far! not any more kayak!! do I hear an oops? Nobody reads these forums...do they?
  8. I agree...kind of but... Most of the time I HATE most MICROS. So I just don't do them. Don't like web cams? Don't do them. If they do mess up your ''pristine'' first search page, I guess you may have to do them.
  9. I just put out that fake drain. In middle of grassy area near lake. Stumped everyone so far!
  10. Can someone point me to where the .xls file is on the web site that will encrypt hints. Thanks, Kayakanimal
  11. OK...kind of off topic but... Was looking at the cache page and noticed your note... May 29 by Huga (1,209,234 found) Go get it! 1,209,234 FOUND??? Someone has been a busy boy!
  12. I did a pocket query for caches in my area that have bugs. Then I do a preview and scroll through them to find the jeeps. Works pretty good.
  13. Thanks for the quick response! I can't believe nobody hasn't asked for this before now.
  14. Tried to search forum for this... It would be cool to be able to do a pocket query for a User Name. I want to go to an area and find the caches for a certain user.
  15. go to BestBuy and look at the magellan color display. You forgot that in case of magellan you have to buy SD card separatelly (16 meg card is joke). +$30 atleast. Just an FYI... I tried bestbuy and they have NO DEMOS of ANY gps. Bummer. Anybody know where I can see a M Color?
  16. I currently have the Meridian GPS. Am thinking about getting the Meridian color. Questions... 1. Does it use the same serial cable? 2. Will the MapSend Topo program do routing or do I need to buy he MapSend DirectRoute? 3. The audio prompts...are the "voice" or just "beeps"? Do you own one? On a scale of 1-10 how do you like it? Thanks, Kayakanimal
  17. Yes...often. Am going out of town this weekend and will use palm for pictures, cachemate and Mapopolis. It is a GREAT tool!
  18. Zire 71 1. BEST screen around! 2. ok camera (pretty good for posting pictures to gc.com) 3. about 160.00! I love mine. Yes...Cachemate ALL THE WAY!!!
  19. Nope... They are stored in internal memory only.
  20. Another great reason to be a supporter!!!
  21. OK...I give up. You only have to kick me so many time and I learn. All I wanted was to try to make this little part of the world better for caching. I have not mentioned the approver I was speaking about before now. Tcrow has been very professional about this whole thing. I know he realizes mature adults can agree to disagree. Thanks Tcrow. Thanks to all who have given feedback on this subject (for and against), but now I realize that there was not ever a chance of it getting approved. Thanks again to all those who gave input. Kayakanimal I consider this matter closed.
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