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    Map Error

    I tried to do a search for caches in Hawaii from the home page...It sent me to a page with a lot of ''stuff'' on it. I clicked the map link at the top of the page and got this: Could't load the shapefile: C:\inetpub\shapefiles\usa\hi\hi.shp
  2. This maybe an obvious comment but... Always look behind you on your way "out"... So you know what the trail should look like on your way back. Survival 101.
  3. How about a poll for... "Which picture of Jeremy you like better." 1 Old 2. New
  4. That doesn't happen...does it?
  5. This only illustrates the pointless nature of poorly designed polls. Not everybody designs crappy polls - and not everybody is biased. You've emphasised some of the problems with poorly designed polls - not polls in general. I REALLY wish that GC.com would poll premium members on things they'd like to see as well as other information. Of course... I think you call that a survey. I know that you could do stuff fairly if it was designed and implemented properly. Will the average user have this ability? Maybe not... but I think the "brass" at Groundspeak is qualified. Of course, I do not see how it could hurt anything in an "Off Topic" forum. southdeltan Ditto... What southdeltan said.
  6. I am glad someone has MUCH more imagination than me! I love it? Where can I order one?
  7. Someone who has used a boat or kayak to hunt a cache.
  8. And airports! The other thing is GC.com says virts need a WOW factor. And that is VERY MUCH in the eye of the beholder. So most are just...
  9. Oh yea...And two other countries. England and Denmark.
  10. States (in blue) I have cached in. Am from Florida. Need to win that lottery to finish out the rest!
  11. I see quite a few people on the forums that don't have a LOT of caches but have 2000-3000 posts to the forum!?!?!? Whats up with that? OK that out of the way... My 15 month old keeps me at home these days. Haven't been traveling for work like I did last year. I ALWAYS cache when I am out of town. I don't have a HUGH number of caches (yet), but have gotten burnt out at different times. Now I look for caches that will take be to a nice park or other place I wouldn't have seen without caching. But...I still have to do the FTF dance every once in a while!
  12. EASY GPS...we are not worthy!
  13. I want one!!! I want one!!!
  14. I just took a moment and re-read the Forum Guidelines, The Caching guidelines, and the FAQ. Guess what. no where in there does it say you get a vote. You may certainly state your opinion, but that does not mean you get a vote in how things are run in this business. Please remember that there is a difference between Geocaching and Geocaching.com. One is a hobby one is a business. There is a difference when discussing things No offense meant, but I went back and reread the quoted post, and did a page search and didn't find anything about a vote on options or how to run Geocaching.com in this threaed. The only time Kayakanimal mentioned voting was when proposing talking to your congressman about national or state policies banning caches. Where was voting about an option on, or the policies of Geocaching.com mentioned? I couldn't find it. Is it possible that you mis-read "voice" for "vote"? As you stated, the forums are where we voice our opinions. And that was what Kayakanimal was doing, when someone else indicated that he was tired of hearing the opposing side of the argument. Thanks to you and all the other admin/monitors for a great job you're doing for a great Site. Cache Well Thats not how I read it, but Hey, Ive been wrong before....... I did say VOICE not VOTE. Forums are where you VOICE your opinion. I am sorry if you READ it any other way. I did NOT write it that way or even IMPLY it that way. Thanks, Kayakanimal
  15. Just another thought... How about hold a CITO Event in any of those parks to show how many cachers would be willing to HELP there park just by being there! Maybe that would help the Rangers decisions.
  16. YES, I agree whole-heartedly! It's becoming common in my area for a camouflaged chapstick container or bison tube to be hidden in the woods. While creativity in the container is appreciated, why not try camouflaging a larger container if the hide is going to be out in the woods? Or hide the micro in a park? The right container for the right location! Two techniques that one or two cache hiders here think is cool: 1) Multicache: use a label maker to print tiny coordinates and the stick the label on a foot bridge over a creek in a park. There's lots of surface area to search. Underneath the bridge is fair game. Gauranteed lots of fun for the hider as searchers get frustrated. 2) Multicache: use a Sharpie pen to write graffiti coordinates on the playground equipment. Again lots of surface area to search and if the cacher doesn't have small children, they are sure to be seen as park weirdos. Ha ha ha! Those crazy hiders. FYI, I do not condone either of the above techniques, in fact I discourage these. Note, these extra stages are almost always superfluous. When I do a cache that has PROBLEMS such as the ones you describe...I say so in my log. Maybe THEY will get the hint.
  17. I have obtained permission for all of my caches. All the land owners/administrators around here think it is a draw for more people to their parks etc and love it. Example: Trains! The administrator of the museum thinks it is a great idea to pull in more customers. When I did my Planes! cache I made sure to check with the manager of our small local airport. He is now a cacher! He thought it would have been cool to put it ON the airport property but instead he suggested putting it just outside the fence. In Highlands Hammock state park the Ranger is all for caches such as it's first "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!" My suggestion is if the rangers have some kind of problem...DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! All meetings etc. Then try your congressman, Senator or whoever is higher up and will listen. Make sure to tell them you are a registered voter when you contact them. Also try sending a letter to the newspaper. They love this kind of stuff! (I use to work for one. Especially small local newspapers). Make sure to tell them how KID FRIENDLY this sport is. Remember...The squeaky wheel gets the grease! Everybody has a boss. Keep going up the ladder until you get a positive response. Will it be easy? NO! Or maybe not. Will it be worth the trouble? That answer is up to you.
  18. Actually, that part of my post wasn't directed at you. It was directed at the incessant whiners who post topic after topic complaining that their virt wasn't approved and demand that everyone come to their rescue without doing a dadgum thing about it themselves. Ok, Thanks. About these (many) places that don't allow caches... I have not heard about this happening before now. I "assume" that cachers are doing everything they can to remedy this? Tell the truth now...do you REALLY think this would change if virts didn't exist, or no more would be approved? I would like to hear what you think.
  19. Not all of those options are going to be handled to your satisfaction on this particular site. Get over it. I WILL NOT GET OVER IT! I have a voice. I will use it. That is what a forum is for. Just because we don't agree...things do not have to be on the personal side.
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