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  1. Here is the postI made on my FTF cache...

    Well…I have good news and I have bad news…

    The Good News,

    Kayakanimal was the first person to this cash. It was the first time I did that.

    The Bad News,

    The Coordinates were off!!!


    I am visiting from Florida for the week. Have just started Geo Caching. Woke up this morning and saw a NEW one nearby…Time to go for it.


    Went to the park (boy does this place look familiar). I lived here for 1 year and at one point took my then soon to be wife to be on her first kayak trip with me. This is the park we launched from.


    Tried to go to the cords posted. I didn’t see the “hint” anywhere but decided to try to find them anyway. Went “trekking” THROUGH the swamp. Mud up to my knees. After giving up I decided to drive around the park. Found the hint. Went where the hint told me to and found the cache. All is well with it.


    Took AA Batteries

    Left Bubble mix


    Took first picture on camera.


    The correct cords are as follows:

    N 30° 24.570 W 090° 08.675


    Nice park…thanks for the cache.

    P.S. Saw no gators.

    P.S.S. Cost to get in park is $2


    Rescued Camera Travel Bug. He wanted to go on vacation to FL. Maybe take him to Disney World?

  2. I guess most think it will be ok. Just change my wording. Maybe something like...

    This is a water cache. There is a place on the lake to rent kayaks or power boats and they are Geocaching friendly on their prices. The cords for the shop (if you want them) are **********.

  3. Should I mention my friend's kayak shop when making a boat only cache?

    Sorry...I'm a newbie here...kind of posted this twice.


    [This message was edited by kayakanimal on January 11, 2003 at 08:29 PM.]

  4. I want to put a cache at a local lake. It will require a boat to get to. Here is my problem…

    I know everyone does not have a boat. On the lake I have a friend that owns a shop that rents kayaks, paddle boats and power boats. He would be happy to give a good discount to anyone that mentions Geocaching when they rent. I DON’T want this to sound like it is an add for his shop. What do you think?

  5. I have been “caching” for a little more than a week now. I know I’m hooked. Here are some reasons why…


    You know you are hooked by the GeoCaching bug when…

    1. You wake up in the middle of the nigh to check for new posts so you can be FTF (first to find).

    2. You have a bag set up ahead of time for #1 (item above).

    3. You have an account at the local dollar store (for cache items).

    4. You buy stock in Tupperware.

    5. You start saving all of your change for gas money.

    6. The last thing you do before going on vacation is check for caches along the way.

    7. You plan vacations around cool caches.

    8. You buy a kayak or other small boat just to find “water only caches”.


    Feel free to add to this list. icon_smile.gif

  6. I decrypt the description including the hints and print them without looking at them. I then fold the page over so I can not see the hint. I would only use the hint AS A LAST RESORT! If someone else feels they need the help at the start…so be it.

    I have only used the hint once. I was FTF and the cords were wrong. I was visiting from out of town and would not have had time to revisit the cache. I found it and posted the correct cords after wandering through the swamp for ½ hour. The hint gave me enough information to find without the cords.

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