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  1. This past weekend I found a virtual cache. I was suppose to count the number of steps to this place. It was 46. This was my 46th cache found…just a coincidence?
  2. quote:Originally posted by South Deltan: quote: My point is, if you look hard enough you will find a way to hide a tradition cache complete with log and maybe trades even where you once thought it impossible. Maybe they don't want to? I don't buy the arguement that everybody who wants to do something like this is being lazy. I fail to see why so many people are getting into such a tizzy over stuff like this. This is supposed to be a game/sport/hobby. It's for fun. Perhaps they don't want to hide a 'traditional cache'. The only kind of cache I have any sort of problem with are the so called 'locationless' caches. But if people like them, so what? The game is about find stuff with your GPSr and other tools/skills. So what if there's not a box full of cr#p to trade? So what if there's not a physical log? IF it's truely not about numbers, why does it matter? I think hiding an object with a password is an interesting idea. I don't see how the type of the object matters as long as it's not breaking one of the rules about what can't be in a cache and doesn't harm the environment. Hell, if it was a shoe that'd be fine - but it'd likely be moved. If it's not an obvious item and it's not likely to be moved - great. If it's about finding coordinates - I don't see how it can matter if it's "traditional", "micro", "virtual", or "hybrid/surprise" - or even event. There is a slight issue w/ locationless - but if it makes people happy - so what. Too many people are getting upset over how OTHER people have fun. If you don't like the type of cache or the description looks off - DON'T LOOK FOR IT. SouthDeltan Ditto! I did my first "offset cache" this past weekend. To tell the truth...it kind of sucked. I don't like the idea of them now. So...I will look for other types of caches. I have done a few "V" caches. 1 was cool...the others...well...I might do some again. Bottom line...If you don't like that kind of cache DON'T DO IT! If you don't like the caches I place, don't search for any of mine. BTW, all of my caches I have placed are "T" caches but, one does require a boat. Don't like that kind of cache...you get the idea.
  3. What's the big deal? IF someone doesn't like a VC then they don't have to do it. IMHO
  4. quote:Originally posted by kablooey:Okay, so it happened again. (I filled out the form to submit my log and ended up at My Cache Page.) Unfortunately, I don't copy/paste on my device; so can somebody figure out what causes this to happen, so that I can at least try to avoid it? Just a thought...How long did your writing take? I know the site will time out if you take too long.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Warm Fuzzies - Fuzzy: quote:Originally posted by Markwell:Sucking that much info from the site - is that wise? I thought he was talking about sucking pages from GPX Spinner, not from geocaching.com. Did I misread it? You "suck" the pages from gpxspinner.com
  6. quote:Originally posted by Markwell: quote:Originally posted by kayakanimal:7. Once the program is installed you can copy and paste (while it is still open) the URL of the web page that gpxspinner.com made for you. Offline Navigator will “suck” all of these files down to your hard drive. You can then copy the files Offline Navigator put on your hard drive to your PDA or laptop for using in the field, just like using the search function at geocaching.com! IE has a function that does File, Save As, and sucks all the files to your hard drive. No need to install new software. IIRC, Netscape does this as well. http://www.markwell.us http://www.chicagogeocaching.com This program will download ALL of the pages. Not just the one you are viewing.
  7. I know this has been discussed to death but I think I might have a way of getting caches into ANY PDA or laptop in a different/easier way… 1. You must be a “member” of geocaching.com (it is well worth the small investment). 2. You must use the “Pocket Query Generator” to create a GPX file. 3. Using gpxspinner.com upload your file using it’s defaults. The IMPORTANT thing you want checked is all the way at the bottom of the page. Make sure to check the box for: Generate HTML files for synchronizing to handheld devices. 4. When that is all correct click the spin button. After gpxspinner.com has finished, you will see a link on the page that says: You may also click Here to view the HTML pages now. 5. Click on that link to see your web pages. Now you say “but how do I get these to my PDA or laptop for Geocaching in the field? 6.. By using a FREE program called “Offline Navigator” that you can get from http://www.softwarea.com/offline.htm again…FOR FREE! 7. Once the program is installed you can copy and paste (while it is still open) the URL of the web page that gpxspinner.com made for you. Offline Navigator will “suck” all of these files down to your hard drive. You can then copy the files Offline Navigator put on your hard drive to your PDA or laptop for using in the field, just like using the search function at geocaching.com! It might not be the easiest or the best way for everyone, but it works for me. I am using a Casio BE-300 for my PDA with no special software to read the web pages.
  8. 1. How did you find out/start geocaching?Web Browsing 2. Who/what got you started geocaching? Web site. 3. How often you do it? once a week 4. How long have you been doing it? 4 months 5. Spending amounts: a. Price of GPS 250.00 b. Placing a cache 10.00 c. other equipment and prices (lights, ropes, etc) Camera 750.00 (Already owned it) PDA 150.00 (Already owned it) Backpack 50.00
  9. The big problem is if people won't read the tag as to where a TB is going. My first TB was left the airport in Orlando trying to make it to a friend in Houston TX. It went to Salt Lake City! OOPS!
  10. Here is one for $10 and is 64 megs.It automaticly loads the drivers for Windows ME, 2000 or XP but you could include the drivers on a floppy for 98 with it. Here it is. They also have ones with more storage space.
  11. The post from goza was... Monday, December 30, 2002 goza retrieved it from Morgan's Treasure by Don Quixote: I got the bug, but left the rabbit! Needed to leave a message stating that. We will go back and get it and send it on to the great lakes. We had some friend from Chicago and they had never geo cached before. They will take it home with them What the heck is this? Take the bug but leave the rabbit? I hope the "people" goza is giving it to will really do caching. Travel Bugs are a tough thing sometimes. I hope all turns out well with yours.
  12. After my first find I realized that i wanted this web site to stay! I will now donate each year. I think it is great that you can still play for free. I choose to pay because I had MORE than $30 woth of fun on my first find! I do use some of the "extra" feature but would pay without them. CUDOS!
  13. I will be going to Mardi Gras in March. A friend from Houston will be meeting me there. I would be glad to hand off your bug to him to place. I live in Avon Park.
  14. I think we need some for every state.
  15. I like this one and have used it often to drop off bugs and to help others on their way. Orlando Airport TB Hotel They don't require you to swap but to just helb bugs along their journey.
  16. I thought that info would/should be somewhere. Thanks!
  17. On the home page it lists "There are now caches hidden in 161 countries!" Here are two other Things I think should be there... Number of: 1. Caches posted to date (Has to be in the Millions!) 2. Caches found today. Just a thought
  18. I live in Florida and would be happy to put it in a cache here.
  19. I just found this cache. It is VERY MUCH in Florida but the image at the top of page shows it being in England? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=41684
  20. Running win 2000 pro all service packs installed. EASYGPS version 1.2.2 If any of this matters.
  21. I have a file called 5634.gpx in the same folder.
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