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  1. Has anyone ever used the VEO camera for their palm? I would love to see the quality of the pictures it makes. Also...anyone have any better cameras for the palm? Thanks, Kayakanimal
  2. Thanks for the help everyone. I found someone that had a Palm M505. It looks better outside than inside! I will be getting one of these. They also sell a cool camera for it that takes good pictures. 44.00 on ebay! Thanks again for all the help!
  3. Here ya go... Everything you ever wanted to know about viewing gc.com wepages off-line on a PDA but were afraid to ask!
  4. Yes I saw many at GREAT prices. I was wondering which one could be viewed outside best.
  5. I have been using a PDA from work for caching but now I need to buy my own. Caching is the ONLY thing it would be used for (viewing the web pages from pocket queries). The problem I have with the one I am using now is it is VERY HARD to see out doors. Anybody have an idea for an inexpensive PDA? Even if I had to buy an older one used would be OK. I remember hearing someone speak about some of the older Palms were easy to read outside. I am currently using the Casio BE-300. Thanks, Kayakanimal
  6. Does anybody know of any TB hotels on I 75 between the turnpike and I 10 in Florida? Will be going through there soon. Thanks, Kayakanimal
  7. kayakanimal


    I see many "cachers" slamming the admins here for many things so... Just wanted to thank them! Put my new cache on the site today at 1pm and by the time I checked it at 4pm it was already live. Thanks guys...Keep up the good work.
  8. Caching has got mu butt off the couch!!! I was looking for a way to lose weight and this is it!!! 26lbs since February 1, this year.
  9. I usually try to bring my brain with me on "most" caches. It can keep me out of trouble most of the time.
  10. Just remember 1 thing... IT'S A GAME!!! It should be fun... Want to leave something, then do so... don't want to leave anything, then don't... IT'S A GAME!
  11. The Duck This poor guy went MIA at his first cache. The cache was taken. Cut down in the prime of his travel career. I hope he craps all over the "person" who has him. The cache was taken. I took him all the way to Denmark from FL USA to release him in that wonderful country.
  12. I know this question has been posted before but it was with the "old" bbs and the links are broken...So here goes again... I need a web site that will show the cords of an address. Thanks, Kayakanimal
  13. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):It's really hard to tell. Accounts could be for families, boy scout groups, teams, or individuals. Some are active, some are not. This spring we have nearly 9,000 accounts logging caches each week on the web site, if that helps, but even then not everyone logs their finds online. Jeremy Irish Groundspeak - The Language of Location Just kind of wondering the number of members that have signed up (active or not). I realize you might not want to give that number out. Just a thought.
  14. Is there a link to show how many cachers there are here? I was asked this question by a friend as I explained Geocaching to him.
  15. quote:Originally posted by OUTSID4EVR:I attach a label to the TB so the person who grabs it out of a cache knows what to do with it. In many cases, the bug will not be taken until someone can help move it toward its goal. Yea...I tried this too! I live in FL> I have Eeyore goes to Texas, trying to make it to a friend in Houston Texas. It went to salt lake city...3 caches, ohio 2 caches, nevada...1 cache and is now headed to Michigan. He has got some frequent flier miles saved up now!
  16. quote:Originally posted by Nick & Ali:If someone was to ask me where they should stay on a visit to London - Kings Cross would definately not spring to mind! OK...why not that area?
  17. quote:Originally posted by SimonG: quote:Originally posted by Stu & Sarah:There is a map of all the caches which can be reached from the underground on the web somewhere. Unfortunately I can't remember the URL. It's http://www.sheps.clara.net/LondonTube.html. http://www.SimonG.org - now with added blog! Thanks...That is perfect!
  18. From Oxfor Dictionary... sport noun 1 game or competitive activity usually involving physical exertion. 2 these collectively. 3 (in plural) meeting for competition in athletics. 4 amusement, fun. 5 colloquial sportsman; good fellow. colloquial person with specified attitude to games, rules, etc. verb 1 amuse oneself; play about. 2 wear or exhibit, esp. ostentatiously. sports car low-built fast car. sports coat, jacket man's informal jacket. sports ground piece of land used for sport. sportswear 1 clothes for sports. 2 informal clothes. ·noun 1,2activity, athletics, exercise, game(s), pastime, physical education, physical training, recreation. 4amusement, badinage, banter, diversion, enjoyment, entertainment, fun, humour, jesting, joking, merriment, play, pleasure, raillery, teasing. verb 1caper, cavort, divert oneself, frisk about, frolic, gambol, colloquial lark about, play about, romp, skip about. 2display, exhibit, flaunt, show off, wear. sports ground arena, court, field, ground, pitch, playground, playing area, playing field, recreation ground, stadium.
  19. I guess since the "old" one is archived I will have no problem with the .1 mile rule?
  20. I have a cache that was taken. It was a 1 and 1. I was going to replace it but was going to do a "tougher" cache...maybe a 5 and 1! Should I put it on the same cache screen or start a new cache. [This message was edited by kayakanimal on April 17, 2003 at 06:52 PM.]
  21. WOW...what beautiful views...May have access to a car. Will have to see. Anybody have any good ones accessible by the train from London? Maybe to some outlying area. Thanks Kayakanimal
  22. quote:Originally posted by Omally:As per a similar http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=6616058331&m=36060615, look at the Geocaches UK stats page http://stats.guk2.com/. Hope this helps! Neutiquam erro. Yes I saw this thanks. Was just hoping for some "personal" favorites from cachers near where I will be.Thanks again, Kayakanimal
  23. I will be visiting the UK at the end of this month. I will be working in Dunstable for a few days and I think I will be doing the tourist thing in London, trying to stay near Kings Cross Station so I can get around to wherever I want. Any suggestions on good caches? I need one or more that are Travel Bug friendly as I will be bringing many "Across The Pond" with me. Thanks for any help Kayakanimal
  24. quote:Originally posted by Cache'N'Carry: quote: I hope on my 1000th cache it is not climbing stairs! You'd better start training for the http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=22959 Just as long as I don't have to walk there. I live in Florida.
  25. I hope on my 1000th cache it is not climbing stairs!
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