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  1. Best epoxy I ever used is Scotch-Weld DP-460. It's a 2-part epoxy that comes in a dispenser that will eject the proper ratios of both parts. Will stay workable up to 60-minutes and will cure over night to rock hard at room temperature. This epoxy hasn't let me down yet and seems to cover and stick to almost anything.
  2. 2005 is the date of the new GPS system. Unfortunately from my understanding your current GPS will not benefit from this new system since it will not have the required software and hardware to utilize the new signals. From my experience I would expect that if the 2005 schedule is met it will most likely 1-2 years after that until new handheld GPS devices would be available that would be affordable to us cachers. That is unless you are willing plunk down $500 or more.
  3. Not a big fan of the soda can...but the outlet is great! Was thinking of doing something similar to that by surrounding the legs of a park bench with wood and hiding the cache on the back side of one of wood pieces.
  4. There is a cache in south central PA that keeps getting muggled by a black bear. The bear has shreadded ammo cans, eaten tupperware and pretty well abused every attempt the owner has made to maintain the cache. Don't think the bear has a GPS so I figure it must all be in good clean fun.
  5. Are you Geocaching or getting ready for war? With all that stuff you are toting along it's no wonder you are having difficulty finding caches. From your description it sounds like you are a walking electronic gizmo. Our version of Geocaching is simple. The GPS is only used as a guide to get you in and, most importantly, get you out. I have wiped out all the map features in my GPS and only use a blank map screen that shows my position and the cache. We normally use the heading pointer to guide us towards the cache while on the road without the benefit of maps. Once the GPS indicates that we are under 100 feet of the cache then it gets put away and the search begins. If this sport was about following the GPS to precise location with no doubt then I would agree "What's the point?". Try using the GPS only as we do. You'll be totally amazed at the locations you end up in, the neighborhoods around the corner you never knew existed and the thrill of hunting down something partially blind. For a real test try going after caches with only downloading the waypoint and not reading any of the clues. This adds quite a bit of challange and excitement to hunt but will also add alot of DNF to your experience.
  6. Just take what ever you think you would need (water, stuff for trade, camera, GPS (duh), etc.). As you go out on more excursions you will get a better feel for what you do and don't need. Web Sight? If it floats your boat go for it. If not, then don't worry about it! Geocaching isn't about the computer and how well you can present yourself on it. The gist is to get your sorry butt off the couch and out on the trails, in the woods, in the water or any other place or locale and let yourself explore the great outdoors. Best advise I ever received was just to get the hell out there and enjoy yourself and your surroundings to the max. Keep on caching! How do I get rid of these WARNINGS???? Makes me feel like a crimnal!!!!
  7. Poison ivy or oak? That's baby stuff. Come out to the East Coast and try your luck with deer ticks and Lyme's disease!
  8. You're the caretaker? Is this cache in a casket? Get that &&^%$ warning off my post!
  9. Awesome CoyChev...couldn't be stated better.
  10. The only good way to paint glass is to etch it first with an acid. Don't the exact acid type use but a local craft store could guide you in this.
  11. Thanks for all of your inputs. Will keep on caching as best as I can!
  12. I just dropped a thread on this exact issue elsewhere. Was caching outside Philly airport directly under the approach for landing or departure. Not sure if planes where coming or going as they were all pretty low. Every time a plane passed overhead I could watch the directional arrow on my Garmin etrex Venture wobble a bit or swing around 180 degrees. Made locating the cache a nightmare. GPS would send me 200-500 feet in one direction then change to 200-500 feet back in the prior direction after traveling about 10 feet. Even stopping and setting the GPS down on the ground would still end end with "ranting". Eventually found the cache by just putting the GPS away and searching every likely looking spot in the area. Mystified
  13. I have been Geocaching a little over one month and have logged 50 finds so far. I was quite amazed at GPS performance under power lines. Last weekend we were searching for a cache located directly underneath the approach for Philly airport. Seemed like every time a plane came ovehead the GPS would go crazy. Has anyone else seen this or am I the crazy one?
  14. Great idea! Entered my bug today.
  15. I am active in Royal Arch Masons and have red hair. Hence RoyalRed! Plus many people think I am a royal pain in the #*@! Just kidding I am not a pain in #*@.
  16. The other day I saw my checkbook on the desk. I saw it but didn't write the check to the mortgage company. I did send them a letter explaining I was close to the checkbook but I had to go work so I am claiming a signed check. They didn't buy it.
  17. My friends at work and I had been hunting for a micro cache stashed near a local mall. Five trips with six different people ended up with no find and all us figuring this cache was lost. On a last ditch effort I took my nine-old daughter to the site. I explained to her that the best of my friends (all engineers, high-powered financers, etc) could not locate this cache. As I was plotting our stragegy with her I said she should begin by looking under bridge on a concealed I-Bar. She replied "Why should do that...its right there!". Looking where she pointed there was the cache. I must of over looked its location at least 20 times in prior searches. I now take her with me anytime I can since she seems not to be affected by my biased opions of where caches should be located! We have only been Geocaching since this past Feb. To date I estimate that this sport has suplanted at least 100 hours of TV! We are now totally into getting "beat up" on the trails, trading and starting travel bugs and setting up our our caches. Not sure who is more fanatical about this me or my daughter. Great bonding sessions!
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