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  1. Don't like micros...then don't go after them. Don't really understand the constant bitching about them. Personnally I don't like them either unless it's 90+ degrees out with high humdity and the PI is neck high or if I happen to out on the road traveling for work or vacation and can stop and break up the trip with a quick find. In those situations give me micros every time. The beauty of this sport is you can pick an choose what you are going after. If you don't like the size, look, sound, location or name of cache then don't go after it. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and making you hunt micros. Keep it real and enjoy!
  2. I am also very prone to PI. I have also had very good luck with the following precautions. 1. Always wear long pants and long sleeves. 2. PI will get you in any season...Summer or Winter. 3. Technu and any other types of creams such as this will afford you extra time to wash away the oils before the rash will set in. Cold water and regular soap will do the same trick but you must apply within 1-hour. Technu will extend this to approximately 8-hours. 4. As soon as you get home strip away all clothing and immediately scrub down with Technu (or any of the other creams). Scrub down with no water and very vigorous scrubbing action. Then rinse off with COLD water. The COLD water shower is nasty but is better than than the rash. 4a. Immediately also wash your clothes and handle them as little as possible. If possible handle all exposed clothes with disposable gloves and wash down anything else that the clothes may have contacted with alcohol (including your car seats, coats, etc.). Throw away the gloves and make sure you turn them inside out when taking them off and only handle them by the internal surface (the surfaces not exposed to the oils). 5. I have been informed that if you are very prone to PI that you should carry a supply of those moist alcohol-based towelettes with you. If you think you have had contact with PI then IMMEDIATELY scrub the affected area with the towelettes. Have not actually tried this but have had many who claim this is the best defense. Good luck. I have had no problem PI even though I think I am still very prone to it. Haven't had an outbreak in 10-years but can say I have taken very serious steps to prevent them as well. When I was a kid I used to have endure six injections each Spring to combat the outbreaks and even still I used to get covered head to toe. We actually found out later that I was getting the oils from the coat of my dog!
  3. The problem with this sport is the caches. We should eliminate them all and hunt for tree bark.
  4. Who enforces this new rule? I WILL, I WILL, I WILL. I have a whistle and black and white stripped shirt that I can wear with my Geocaching hat. I can make a GC Referee Badge out of a used soup can and patrol the woods to make sure that no one is double logging a cache. When I nab a violating cacher then I will slap a metal shealth around their GPSr that will cease the reception of all signals for a period to be determined by the severity of the double log. The shealth will only be removed after the guilty cacher completes at least three CITO events and establishes good relations for GCing in an unfriendly GCing area. Then, and only then, will the cacher be allowed back into the GC fold but they must have the new George Castanza DOUBLE DIPPER icon placed over their account history for a period not less than one (1) year.
  5. Took my daughter out caching and she nabbed a CD game of building a roller coaster or something like that. Thought she was going bust her gut with how happy she was to get this. Saved me the $20-$40 to buy it for her. After that experience I would say CD's are fine. Had to pretty much empty our swag contents though to provide what we thought would be an even trade.
  6. How often are those listing updated? Can't even find myself there!
  7. PLACE THE CACHE! I am extremely sensitive to PI but that wouldn't stop me from going after the cache! There are several cheap and easy remedies for those of us that are deathly allergic to PI. The cheapest is to scrub youself down with Dawn dishwashing detergent then rinse off with a COLD shower. Works evey time. All of the more expensive solutions such as Tecnu and others mentioned in this thread all do the same thing as Dawn. Remove the oils from your skin. The biggest trick is to wash immediately with COLD water. Hot water will open your pores and drive the PI oils deeper into your skin thus promoting the rash. I have had many cachers complain to me that Tecnu doesn't work at all. They tell me they pour Tecnu all over themselves and sit for hours with it on and still get the PI rash. Unfortunately for them this is NOT the way you are to use Tecnu. Leaving Tecnu sit on your skin will do nothing to remove the oils. You need to rinse it off immediately with COLD water. I used to have get 10 injections a year for PI since I used to get covered in it. Since I started on the Dawn or Tecnu treatment with an immediate COLD shower I never get PI anymore unless I forget to apply and rinse and I get no more injections.
  8. How about pieces of Barbie? Getting real tired of finding heads, arms and legs. Who's hording all of those torsos?
  9. Interesting thread...I just don't like paying $400 to get a seat next to the bathroom!
  10. What? I think it is located in central PA next to the shop that sells metric adjustable wrenches and left handed smoke shifters.
  11. How about this? "New Jersey...Wish I was in Pennsylvania or New York!"
  12. Okay lets say you actually did trade socks...would you actually put it on? How long until someone hides a "Trade your Jocks" cache? Bet you wouldn't wear that one!
  13. If we bad mouth the methodology by which we log finds aren't we really condeming the articles of Geocaching in general? If if we are damning the articles of Geocahing in general aren't we really pointing to a breakdown of the democartic process? And further if the democratic process is being abused by Geocaching aren't we in fact simply throwing out the precepts of the US Constitution? Well I for one will not stand by and watch Geocaching bad month the Unitsed States of America! Why is this issue taking up so much space?
  14. Found a cache in Delaware filled with crap. Another Geocacher was at the cache as I walked up and he announced to me that someone had filled it with feces but that he had dumped it all out. I could see that! Then he says that there wasn't too much on the log book. He tries to hand the log book to me so I can sign it. NO WAY DUDE...don't need a find that bad!
  15. I've run into alot of snakes in Eastern PA. Gerter, Copperheads, Rat, Black and a bunch of water snakes that were big but I don't know what they were. They usually seem more afraid of me than I am of them. Of course I am never running up to grab them either!
  16. Sign him up now. Don't make my msitake! My daughter and I cached for just under 1-year under the same name before I finally set her up with her own account. Now we have to go back to all of the 230 finds we have amassed so she can sign the log and enter them into her account. Kind of takes the fun out of the sport doing the same ones over again. It's either do them over again or listen to whining about passing them up as we drive by to other unfound locations!
  17. Great thread...those pictures in the original entry look like two soccor moms lost in the wilderness. I have my Durango out on the beach in the Outer Banks NC. Didn't let enough air out the tires and almost got stuck. Luckily I didn't but the had total fear of ending up "another damed Yankee tourist stuck in the sand" and paying the max to get out. My best story is in the Laural Highlands of PA. Me and another cacher had a rental car (a purple PT Cruiser) that we drove over a logging road. Road kept getting worst and worst with the buolders getting bigger in the middle of the road per 1/4 mile. We meet up with a guy driving one of those giantic dump trucks full of stone. He stops and waves us over and says "You boy s aren't going anywhere on this raod with sissy car...you better leave" he says with a gleam in his eyes. Now I'm starting to wonder what his gleam is about and the movie Deliverance is starting to flash before my eyes. Never again will I cache in a car like that one!
  18. I think the only cachers you would get to log again would those only concerned with the numbers. Why would anyone want to fight a crowd of 8000 to 10,000 people to log in a micro for the second time? Added to this you are requesting them to only log in as note so this would eliminate those trying to inflate their find numbers. Another issue will be grabbing the cache in the presence of that many muggles. Seems to me you are basically "throwing the cache to the wolves" as this cache has little chance of being picked up without someone observing this. I would bet the cache doesn't make through half the day before going AWOL. Guess I just don't understand the whole concept.
  19. I have done a number of caches in cemeteries and have liked almost all of them. In fact I placed a cache in the local one near me that commerates the crashing of a B-25 Bomber in the area during WWII (B-25 Bomber, GCHXKA). Put reprints of the 1944 local paper's account of the incident. Cemeteries are dying to get visitors (okay bad pun). The local cemetery I have mine in has had a sign up asking for donations for the last three years. I am hoping that through the increased traffic of my cache they may get a little more. As long as you are knocking things over or hiding things directly on graves I don't think anyone would have a problem. I would personally be honored if someone hid a cache on my grave!
  20. I read a story in Backpacker magazine about a hiker who lost his GPS. Luckily he had entered his home coordinates as one of the waypoints. (Of course you must name it 'HOME"). He wrote that within 1-2 weeks of losing it (unfortunately I believe he had already purcahsed a replacement) the wayward GPS shows up in his mailbox. Someone had found it and translated the HOME coordinates into an address and mailed it back to him. Obviousely the chances of someone finding your GPS that could figure out how to use your HOME coordinates to mail it back to you are slim but thought this was a refreshing story.
  21. How about a new icon for Night-Only Caches. These are starting to pop up in the Eastern PA region and everyone seems to like them. But they are difficult to search for and isolate in the current database. Some are listed as regular caches and some are listed as mystery caches.
  22. Hunting season is why the great geocaching gods invented urban micros.
  23. We went to a cache named Smit's Poo Cache. Yep you got it...thing was full of CRAP! Another cacher was at the site and informed me that he had cleaned the cache out of the offending stuff but that the log book still had some of it stuck in pages. He then stated that he cleaned the log book out well enough that I would only get a little bit of the crap on my hands while signing it. NO THANKS DUDE!!!! I can live with a DNF or better yet I'll just claim the find and inform the owner of the situation but I don't think I need crap on my hands just so I can sign the log. Did he really think the owner was going read through that crap-covered thing?
  24. If your cache is wet under conditions of 90 degree heat and 60% humidity a desicant bag will help you out for at least 2-4 hours. After that it will be saturated as well and will absorb no further. I agree with the prior posts that your cache is leaking or doesn't seal tight enough. You will only have have trouble with sweating in enclosures that seal totally air-tight and they are pretty hard to come by. If you think your container is actually air-tight then you need to install a breather vent that will permit the exchange of air with the outside world. I know you can get these from industrial suppliers such as Hoffmann Engineering but have not a clue where else you might find them. Highly doubt these will help you as fully suspect that your container is not totally water-tight.
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