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  1. I believe there is one on Philadelphia called National Treasure,
  2. I'm GUESSING that too many DNF and the real need for guessing is turning everyone away from this cache.
  3. I lost all the women of my life (wife and 2 daughters) to lacrosse. Seems like there is a game, practice or camp every day of every weekend throughout the year. Indoors, outdoors, here, there, everywhere and all the time! Kids play and wife coaches. I get tired of standing around on the sidelines every hour of every weekend so now I am a solo cacher.
  4. DEFINATELY do not want to screw around with Lyme's. I live in the second worst county for Lyme's incidents in the country. I know of neighborhoods where everyone has had it. Somehow I have been lucky enough not to get it yet although I have picked 7 of thsoe little buggers off of me. Since you can only find them by luck I figure I have had many more on me. I have the most on me while golfing. Figure in the open fairways bounded by high-grass areas they can just ride the wind to their next host. Of course when I in the woods caching I am a walking DEET machine. Figure I will go to my grave either from a severe case of Lyme's or DEET posioning!
  5. AS a kid I used to get covered in the stuff! Think I used to get infected from the coat of my dog. Now I don't seem to get it at all but I am very carefull to avoid it as much as possible and if I can't I rush home and wash off with Technu as soon as possible. Did get a pretty ugly dose of it two Father's Days ago. Went out early in the morning on my own (my Father's Day present) and ended up falling face-first into it on the first cache I did. Figured that I don't seem to get it anymore and continued caching for the rest of the day. That was long enough that the Technu didn't work and 2-days later my face looked like a leper!
  6. I've archived three. One was my first cache and the first stage kept getting knocked into the river. Wasn't a good anyway so I just trashed it. The other two kept getting stolen. Everyone seemed to like them including muggles!
  7. Good point! I too have this exact problem...weed the gardens, paint the house, clean out the garage or Geocache or golf? Seems the mundane activities of maintaining the humble abode are taking a serious beating to the back seat. Perhaps when the house begins to fall down around me I will start backing off on one of these activities!
  8. "Beer Girl"? In golfing the correct term would be "Beer Wench"! 7000 yards is longer than most people would play. Usually more like 6500 yards. But that would be in straight line. Think of taking a dog for a walk. The dog runs over there, then over here and then back over there again. That's pretty much how a lot of golfers would be on the course! The proper term for this kind of golfing is "Army Golf" or "Battling Golf".
  9. I would say it depends on the cache owner's wishes. I adopted an abandoned regular cache, changed it's name, moved its location significantly and changed it into a night cache. I'm begging past finders to back! Had I just repaired the cache, left it where it was and kept the same name then I don't think I would want return cachers.
  10. Nice question!!!! Played golf all the time just before starting caching. Used to regularly shoot in the low to mid 80s. Started caching and sort of blew off golf and scores quickly rose to upper 90s. Last year I played more golf again and actuall got into the 70s. Not sure what I am going to do this year. Since I just got hammered by taxes I am guessing that I'll be out in the woods caching.
  11. Okay...been lurking here for far too long. From West Chester, Chester County. Sure you all know where that is...not far from the home of "We Are Going to Win the Super Bowl" Eagles but never quite seem to get it done!
  12. I wasn't ranting at you but at the others resonding to this thread. More power to you. Name it as you feel fit and don't worry about what people think!
  13. PLEEEEEEEEASE....Is this topic for real? I would have to bet that 50% of Geocachers are seeking out micros hiden in WalMart parking lot light pole skirts. I would hardly think they would need a compass to navigate their way out of the lot to their cars. Of the remaining 50% I would bet that at least 99% of them are caching in areas that if they had complete GPS failure they could walk out of the situation in ANY direction to safety. The remaining 1% of that 50% are the true "hard core" cachers and I feel they are most likely more than prepared for unexpected accurances. Of course noone can can be totally prepared for the unexpected but isn't that why we are all doing this silly hobby? What fun is it to be out seeking something that you have total control over? That's why roller coasters are so popular. They might actually jump the track and kill you! If you want special sections of the site to warn you of the potential dangers then don't bitch and complain when it takes you 20-minutes to navigate from page to page on the website and when the cache page you print out requires 20-pages due to all of the disclaimers. This is a very simple hobby. Can't we keep it that way?
  14. As in all things in life there will things that some people find offensive while the rest of a group thinks it is fine. My questions on this subject are as follows: 1. When your young duaghter asks what is the next cache, why are you telling her a cache name that you might find offensive? You do have total control over what caches you wish to go after so if this was offensive to you why in world would you you even bring it up in front of your daughter? 2. This is America, the land of free speech. If you find something offensive you have the total freedom to ignore it. Since you are in control of what you are going after and viewing you should have no trouble ignoring the caches you find offensive. Perhaps I am misguided and you live in some state of the union that forces you to do every cache that appears in your area no matter how offensive the material may seem to you. You may find them offensive but the constitution allows them! This is your country. 3. I am sure that your daughter or son is exposed to much higher vulger speech and mannerisms on their ride to school in the average school bus than they would ever see in Geocaching. 4. Why don't you get a real life and quit worrying about non-issues and do something constructive? Just my 2-cents.
  15. No debate or questioning needed on this issue. COLLEGES: No problem as long as you have permission HIGH SCHOOLS: NO, NO, NO, NO MIDDLE SCHOOLS: NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO GRADE SCHOOLS: Don't even think about it! Put yourself in the body in the seeker. Would'nt you feel like you are are just on verge of getting arrested? Might be a thrill for some but not for me. I have attempted caches within eyesight of a school and felt very pressured, very wrong and just wanted to get the hell out of there. Is that what you are trying gain with the cache?
  16. Any of you get the email about the survey concerning Geocaching? Was wondering if the demographics of this survey will be released by GC.com in the future. Would be interesting to see where everyone fits.
  17. An ammo can should last until a nuclear holecost or the melt down of the sun.
  18. DUHHHH...The Egyptians invented DEET. Never heard of a Pharoh dying from Lyme's disease did you?
  19. Hiking in the woods of the Laural Highlands of PA this past New Years Day I was trying to get across a valley to cross over the opposite hill. Didn't think anything about any hunters being in the area as the etire area was posted as a Safety Zone. Climbed the opposite ride and jumped off a small cliff only to land right next to some guy with his gun trained right on me! Didn;t say much except "Don't Shoot" and high tailed it out of there.
  20. The first cache i had to log a DNF ended up costing me three trips and countless hours of searching in vain. Even went after it one day in the Fal when hurricane Ivan was hammering eastern PA. Was only a few months later when I took some other Geocachers with me that I found out I had the wrong coords plugged in. Felt like a total idiot!
  21. Good LUCK! A cache theme will most likely only apply for the first 10 or so finds. After that everyone pretty much trades whatever they feel like trading. Trying to make a themed cache is a losing effort right from the start. My advise is not try and just put nice stuff in the cache to start. After 10-20 finds go back and check out what is left in the cache. If it looks like people are trading even up then GREAT. My experience has been that the harder the cache the better the trade items will be. Harder caches will keep away the "Dash and Grab" crowd that typically does not trade well.
  22. Does anyone else have difficulty trying to find the little white circles with the numbers in them on the identify feature of Geochaching maps? Perhaps I am more color blind than I thought but I find it extremely difficult to locate those little buggers on the maps. Couldn't these be changed to a more contrasting color to make them stand out more?
  23. Do you have to put money into it to open it? That would be a great urban cache if you needed money for it. Place it on some unsuspecting street corner with nothing to indicate that it was a geocache...could be pretty funny.
  24. Found a muggled cache once filled with feces. Now this isn't all that unusual except there was another cacher there who had scraped all of the feces off the log sheet and was adding his log. He then offered it to me saying that he had gotten most of crap off the log. Needless to say I bypassed that log entry!
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