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  1. Why would you need permission from a family member? Most likely the location of the cross is not the family's land so placing a cache there is no different than placing the cross there. Did the family get permission to place the cross there? If I was the land owner I would remove the cross without even asking the family. A cache I would leave. I consider the memorial crosses little more than litter. There are places for memorials and the place is not on someone else's land. Why do I have to be reminded that so and so died at that location from something that so and so most likely caused themselves? As for me I would not likely search for a cache attached to this type of memorial. I would feel too out of place searching around a memorial that 1. I do not think has any right in the first place of being there; and 2. I would not like to draw attention to myself to others that may have a major issue with me crawling that location.
  2. Took my brother-in-law from Georgia up to Centralia to do some caching and take in the sights of the great burning town. The last time I was there (about 3-5 years ago) the ground was spewing jets of hot, sulfric smoke and you could cook a meal on most places. This time we had to search for any smoke and only located a small wisp of smoke half-way down the closed section of route 61. Found 3 hot spots and a few areas were sulfer was evident in the air. Took a lot of abuse about how smokey this place was from the BIL since we found virtually nothing. Did find lots of racial slurs spray painted on 61. So I guess the fire has moved on past Centrailia now? Or did I just hit an inactive day?
  3. I was doing a cache in the burbs west of Philadelphia. As I was signing the log I heard a nosie like a stampede coming from behind me. I immediately thought it was a bunch of muggles coming to raid the cache I was signing. Quickly shut eveything up and threw the cache back into place and stand up and turn around to see what the noise was. Immediately two white tailed deer bucks come charging out of the underbrush right at me. I didn't know what to do so just froze. They proceeded to charge right past on either side of me with one of them clipping my leg with his leg. Spun me around and dazed me a bit. Couldn't believe it!
  4. You might be getting a call from the Hider, Finder, Stalker and Sue firm in the near future.
  5. Hey...you guys forgot to mention that you also almost always hide your caches in neck-high poison ivy. That always adds to the delight of the finder!
  6. I'm guessing you are a newbie. There are tons of tough caches out there that range from 5 for terrain to 5 for difficulty. Personally I avoid all puzzle caches as I have to stress my brain at work each and every day and do not like having to do it on a hobby. Alot of the puzzle caches are not rated at 5 but to someone like me who does not like having to think at this sport they should be. Search around your area. I am sure there will be plenty of caches that will test your ability and leave you scratching your head.
  7. Sounds like a ton of whining to me. If you don't like Geocaching.com then why don't you just go hunt seashells by the seashore?
  8. As for a container I would suggest that you use an ammo can but have it sealed in wax or placed into another container to protect it and keep it as pristine as possible. My guess is that by 2009 ammo cans, as we now them now, may be very scarce and may be a great relic of the past by then.
  9. They have Front Line for dogs and cats and this seems to work really well. We should be able to get something similar for cachers. Actually asked my vet about if I could wear a flea and tick collar on myself when caching. Didn't get a real good response from him. Mostly he spent his time asking me if I needed to speak to a shrink.
  10. I think the real question would be "Would I trust it not?". Not too sure I would trust waypoints that just anyone could dump into a database.
  11. ASk Boston and Philadelphia how they liked those Turner Broadcasting electronic figures that started to show up around town. The ones that lit up and looked like Sponge Bob giving the finger?
  12. "Stay on the trail and you can't get lost." -Unknown Guess this could really be classified as famous last words.
  13. Just make sure you took the time to give accurate coordinates on your first hide. I just spent 7+ hours this weekend trying to find a 6-part multi-cache that I later found out was a 14-year old's first attempt at a multi. His first stage coordinates were 319-feet off! Only found this out after he reposted the coordinates after my first two attempts. Went out again today and finally located the 1st stage but then gave up on 2nd stage when his coordinates sent me off into heavily posted private property. Quite frustrating!
  14. I brought home a rare earth magnet (about 2" diameter x 1' thick) from work to show my kids. They stuck it on the refrigerator and now I can't get it off. Its a great conversation piece when people come over. They always ask what it is and I tell them its just a magnet. Try getting it off. That usually results in people hovering around the refrigerator sliding this stupid magent all over the place but nobody can remove it!
  15. RoyalRed


    Made a bad investment this Fall. Bought myself a snow blower. A new teaspoon would have done just as well and wouldn't have cost as much!
  16. I have found that my coordinates are much worse if I use the averaging feature on my Garmin Vista C instead of taking multiple single readings and then manually averaging them. Any thoughts on this? Perhaps I have a crappy averaging unit or perhaps I am not using the averaging feature correctly. To my knowledge you just stand there and let it do its thing...right?
  17. Okay after two failed attempts at trying to get a new password that would work and then trying to rergister I still can not enter the SEPAG forums. I have no idea how to delete the cookies as I can not find them in the cookie location on my computer. So I guess unless I change my screen name I will be locked out?
  18. Looks like it is still down. I can not login as well. Even after getting a new password as well.
  19. Thanks for the update. Figured someone forgot to pay the bills.
  20. My daughter placed her first cache at 11-years old. I helped her set it up and place it then put her cache on my watch list so I would be able to keep close tabs on it. I wasn't too worried about any comments she may have received but was more concerned that if an issue arose there would be somebody responsible enough to go out and fix it. There was no way she could have run out in the car or hiked from home to go fix an issue with the cache. As it turned out it was a good thing I had her cache on my watch list since it was stolen not long after it was placed. Since I had a watch on it I was able to imeediately go out and investigate and then quickly archive the cache so as not to impose any hardships on other cachers. I definately think it is a good thing to let the youngsters hide and manage a cache themselves but they surely need guidance and support from their parents. Getting bad reviews or bitching about the cache is part of the game (and life) that they some day have to reckon with. They just are not able to deal with correcting issues without parental support.
  21. I'm close. I design and market Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) utilized by EMS, First Responders and Mine Rescues teams.
  22. I think the real question here is how many tick bites and cases of PI come with that many cache finds?
  23. I found a cache in Buffalo (I think it was called Amherst's Amazing Talking Toliet) that was a plastic replica of a toliet. When you lifted the lid the toliet would start to sign and make flushing noises. Thought that was pretty funny, especially when you are trying to be stealth and not make any noise.
  24. Any number of caches that gets me tired and spent from finding them.
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