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  1. I had a night cache that happened to be in an area that was also a big hunting area. I spent tons of time having to go back and replace fire tacks that the hunters had taken down to avoid confusion with their own. Would suggest that you do not place a night cache in a hunting area unless you are ready to endlessly conduct maintenance runs.
  2. Thanks for the tip about removing and cleaning the thumbweel.
  3. I love my Colorado but to date I have had to return it twice for repairs. First time my power switch crapped out. Had to press the button multiple times to turn on or off. Just recently had to return again due to the thumbwheel sticking after caching out in the rain. Major pain having to send it back and forth but have to say I am pleased with the speed and response by Garmin. Anyone else having to send their unit back and forth?
  4. If it was muggled quickly then I would wait a bit before replacing it. Someone found it and took off with it. If you replace it immediately I would bet that the same thing would happen again. Wait as long as your local approver will allow then replace. If it goes missing again then give it up.
  5. To each his own. Wouldn't bother me and I would be honored to move him along.
  6. I had a bad crossing from Toronto back in the USA. Was coming from China on business. Endured a 6-hour delay in my flight from China, was sick with the flu and then get flagged going through US customs in Toronto. This was about the 4th time this had happened to me coming back into the USA from overseas. Now I am sick, tired and haven't seen my wife for 2-weeks so needless to say I wasn't in any mood for Homeland Security BS. Had about 30-minutes to catch my flight back home to Philly. After 1-1/2 hours of BS from them I finally exploded. Called one officer a b&tch and ranted and carried on until a supervisor showed up. Explained to him that I get this BS all the time and that I have filled in all the forms to stop this, blah, blah, blah. I end up having to stay in some flea bag hotel that night outside of Toronto and then restart all of BS again inthe morning!
  7. Very simple...micros, nanos and anything smaller s**k!!!!
  8. Sadly all i got were socks. Already have all the GPS stuff so good socks weren't all that bad!
  9. Actually the toughest aspect of cold weather caching is heat. You go out of your house in the morning and it is way too cold. So you plod back into the house and piile on more layers. As soon as you hit the trail you get overheated and then have to start peeling layers off. Nothing is more irritating to me than having to carry clothing that I am not wearing. Snow presents another difficulty. Basically is is "poke and hope" once you get to ground zero. Even with all the extra issues, cold weather caching is great! Nothing beats coming home wet, cold and tired and sitting down next to a warm fire or taking nice hot shower after a long day in the cold.
  10. My first cache as a newbie took me six tries with no find. Was a micro (at that time I had no idea what a micro was) and was hidden on a foot bridge going into a mall. Lots of security guards chasing everyone around and tons of muggles. Felt like a total idiot when on my seventh trip my then 7-year daughter found it in under 2-minutes!
  11. I found a cache with feces IN the cache. To make matters worse there was another cacher at there wiping them off the log book so he could sign it. When he offered me the log book I just shook my head no. I didn't need a smiley that badly!
  12. Much as several other posters have noted, this exception to the guidelines which was granted by the reviewer and the admins does not bother me at all, and I have a very hard time understanding WHY the OP is getting so bent out of shape about it. The reality is that the guidelines are guidelines, and that exceptions are sometimes made for MANY of the guidelines, and these exceptions do not necessarily set a precedent. What is so hard to understand about that? I do not have a problem at all with this, and in fact, I am happy that an exception was made for this pizzeria. This pizzeria is a bit of a landmark in the Tempe/Scottsdale/Phoenix area, and when I was in Tempe last year, a local friend took me to the pizzeria, where I had some slices of great pizza. In closing, one statement by the OP that REALLY amazed me was the following: Y'know, my only response to this kind of elliptical and convoluted logic is "huh?" You are really trying to tell me that the admins of Groundspeak, even though the guidelines clearly state that exceptions will sometimes be made to certain guidelines, are NOT allowed to grant an exception to a guideline unless they are willing to permanently change or eliminate that guideline? Since when did all of the Groundspeak staffers and admins become paid employees of the OP, wherein he/she can dictate terms to them? Hello? Bottom line is that I suspect strongly that the OP has some kind of undisclosed agenda, that there is another half to the story -- one which is deliberately not being told by the OP -- which would explain why he/she is getting so bent out of shape over something that is merely fun. Yeah...what he said.
  13. I probably wouldn't trade for a bottle since I couldn't be 100% sure it wasn't tampered before or after a cacher left it. I have seen those sealed plastic water baggies, that would be okay for me. Very neat! How do those work? do they have like a juice box straw, or you just rip the corner off and hope for the best or what? I've placed bags similar ro these in caches before. These are emergency supply water bags and are usually packaged in heat-sealed bags that are puncture resistant and will not rupture if the contents totally freeze. The water is usually sterile as well. You can find these by looking for emergency water on the net.
  14. Looks like a fun cache and you get a chance to eat great pizza. So what's the big deal? If you don't agree with the approval then don't go after the cache. Sounds to me you want a commercial cache of your own to pitch something.
  15. A good majority of my finds are solo finds. While I enjoy caching with friends I find that I see much more wildlife and enjoy my surroundings more when solo. As with prior logs I do not like solo caching in urban areas or around schools or playgrounds.
  16. Design and market self-contained, closed-circuit breathing apparatus for mine rescue, HazMat, fire-fighting, tunneling, confined space entry and warfare. Job takes me all over the world and I try to take advantage of such by caching on my trips.
  17. Who cares and why should you? This game is open to what you want to do with any cache. If people have an issue with your method of conducting yourself then the the hell with them. But I would limit it to not claiming FTF.
  18. Sure...you can revisit any cache any number of times. To pick up a TB at a cache that you have already found simply log a note stating that you have picked up a TB. TBs are meant to travel and you taking the time to revisit a cache that you have already found only to pick up a TB will be most welcomed by any TB owner as they want to see it moving along. To avoid any backlash DO NOT log another find for any cache you have already found when revisiting. Actually you are free to do so but will quickly end up receiving abuse from other cachers. Remember the unwritten, golden rule of caching: 1 Cache = 1 Smiley. Have Fun!
  19. I scored a FTF on a multicache outside of Lodz, Poland called Radegast (GCVJVG) 4312 miles from my location. Was in Poland on business and saw this one prior to leaving so set aside some time to try and get it. Turned out to be a loading station for the shipment of Jews to concentration camps during WWII. Pretty harsh.
  20. Very cool and congrats! Thinking of doing my first thru hike on the Horseshoe Trail in SEPA. Have never done any long distance hikes (Horseshoe is only 140 miles) and hoping this will give me an idea of what the AT could be like. Hoping to someday thru hike the AT after I retire from work.
  21. Yes I know the fire is still burning...just wondering if it has now moved past Centralia. I know there is serious worry that if the fire is not put out within the next 10-years that Ashland will be the next victim to fall under the same state as Centralia is now in. Just was totally amazed at the change from my last visit. If the fires were still raging under Centralia and my visit was just a mild day I would assume that the plant life would still be all bleached out and dead. But the plant life seemed to be thriving with very little bleached out and dead material.
  22. Why delete it? Seems pretty interesting so far.
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