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  1. I have run into the local police on numerous times in PA. They all seem to know about Geocaching and seem to like to give you a ton of abuse if you haven't found the cache. Apparently they all know about Geocaching and delight in seeing people not being able to find it. They also seem to be pretty "mum" about letting you know where it is. At least with my experiences, PA cops don't really have a problem with Geocaching unless the cache is in a bad location. You having issues with the police?

  2. Was caching several years ago with my then 8-year old daughter. We found a cache in Delaware named (honest) Smit's Poo Cache that was named after the owner's cat or something. Get to GZ and yes you may have already guessed it...ammo can filled with crap. Some other cacher was there scrapping it off the log and offered the log to us to sign. Needless to say I didn't even want to touch it! :o

  3. Wow...guess SEPAG is truely finished. Good luck to all you former members and hope to see you all again sometime on the trails. Perhaps someone will step up and start it over again. In any case it was fun being a member and keep on caching.

  4. Well I guess SEPAG is done. Was a good run and we had lots of fun from the early days of Gargie getting it all started right to the end. Some good events and friendship. It's a shame that it all collapsed but the website was donated and I guess the webmaster had no more time to devote. Thanks to all who contributed both to events and the site. Will see you all down the trail.

  5. Another gas topic. I'm game.


    When the price went over $2.89 a gal it was hurting my gas budget. Since its warming up i'll be riding my bike to work. Fortunately i only live 2 miles away. Even then i can't go anywhere to cache. So now my collection of old game system and games will be going on ebay.

    I hear ya...think I am going to get tons of yard work done this year.

  6. Been waiting to get done all of my Spring yardwork and head out caching. Now gas prices are climbing rapidly! Kind of wished I did all those far away caches so I could walk to the near ones now. So how is the rise in gas prices going to affect your caching activities this Summer if prices go over $5 a gallon?

  7. You can see the "most favorite caches" for an area by doing a search then click on the icon_fav.png icon at the top of the table to sort by number of favorites.


    Very cool! Thanks for the tip. Just found out one of mine is the favorite (tied with someone else) for a 20-mile radius!

  8. After posting this thread I was thinking how funny would it be to have a vote for the cache you most hated? Of course that would most likely get totaly out of hand but I am pretty sure at least one of my caches would be scoring pretty high in the most hated catagory.

  9. So now that we can all vote for our favorite caches (premium members that is) is there going to be a listing of the most favorite caches somewhere? Like this feature as it provides immediate justification for going out after a specific cache. Any comments on this feature?

  10. In a few months you might be able to write a thread here called, "Why I decided to get a GPS to go caching"


    There are a number of geocachers who find all kinds of caches sans GPS. EdScott, WaldenRun and Web-ling come to mind. Between them they've found thousands of caches without a GPS, ranging from urban caches to caches in the wilderness. It takes a great deal of know how and perseverance to do so.


    For the rest of us, once we get away from caches that are placed at locations where there are distinct clues visible on sat photos and topo maps, finding caches can be very difficult without a GPS.


    ED SCOTT is the man! Not only does he find caches without a GPS, he is a stud at trekking through the woods in briars, PI, ticks, etc.

  11. Anyone know what happened to the SEPAG site? Seems to have been down for a few weeks now. I know they got hit by a spammer a few months ago that crashed the site. Just wondering if this is what happened again or is the site now dead?

  12. I didn't know there was an Us and Them.........I was told this by another cacher........................................."It's true that for some people geocaching is finding a piece of paper at a set of coordinates and that's enough for them, but it's not enough for many of us." .....................................


    Don't we all find a piece of paper in the end?


    So what is your point? :)

  13. Looks like I may be sent to Moscow this Fall for work. Expect to have some down time from work during which I would like to do some caching. Checking the area reveals that there are caches in the area.


    The major issue appears to be trying to enter Russia with a GPS device. Multiple websites provide warnings that any attempt to carry in a GPS device will result in it being taken away from you. I can not figure out if this applies to handheld units or not, but I would assume that it does.


    Anyone out there have experience carrying a handheld GPS unit into Russia? Any problems? Any suggestions?





  14. See Ed Scott in SE Pennsylvania. The King of Geocaching without a GPS. He has been caching for 5+ years without a GPS. Topo maps, internet pictures and a compass. He places his own caches using the same methods and they are usually pretty damned accurate per a GPS.

  15. There was a multi-cache here in SE Pennsylvania that was in a post office. You started by finding the initial cache location in the woods (some old abandoned house). At that location you would grab a key to a post office box. From there you hiked a mile or so to the post office, opened the PO box and signed the log. Bummer of the cache was that you had to hike back the mile or so to replace the key in the initial cache location. Keys kept going missing and morons (like myself) got frustrated by arriving at the post office past noon on a Saturday after the post office was closed.

  16. Problem is the geocaching procedure is of course to sign the log to prove you visited the cache. But personally I prefer not to go touching stuff with mold on it or possibly breathing in mold spores. Especially since it is nearly always black mold.


    WOW...I read your thread and then one(s) saying to wear latex gloves? I think you all should just stay inside and watch TV. No mold there and nothing to damage your fragile body. Come on it's Geocaching...you go out on the trail, maybe get caught in a rainstorm, sprain your ankle, break some bones. If you are worried about mold (or the more potent Canadian version of mould) then maybe you should stick to Wall Mart parking lot caches or just reading about Geocaching exploits on the internet.


    Maybe the PTB should start insisting that caches be sanitized every week. Give me a break. Get a backbone or get a new hobby.

  17. There will be no caching going on in the Philadelphia area for some time. I live in West Chester about 30 miles west of Philly and we are just passing 12" of snow today with it still coming down. This is on top of 27" of snow from 2 or 3 days ago. I can't remember the exact day of the last storm as everything is blending into a continuous stream of driveway snow blowing.


    This last storm set the all time record for snow in a single season in Philadelphia. Looks really cool and I don't have to go to work but end up spending my time clearing the driveway, removing soaking wet clothes, redressing, clearing the driveway, removing soaking wet clothes...you get the picture.


    What makes this storm really difficult is that I just returned last Friday from a business trip in Australia. 2 weeks of 80-90 degree temperatures, sun, great food, etc. A real kick in the teeth coming home to this!

  18. I took our dog out caching with me once and will never do it again. She was a total pain in the A##! Tried to do a nice multi on a park trail. Nice and easy but due to her I had to log a DNF. First the hike took about 100 times longer than it should have due her sniffing every blade of grass and structure located along the route. Then she jumps into a mud hole and does a few rolls. Then starts howling and carrying on because she wants to go home and have a treat. By the time I get her home she had totally trashed the inside of my car with mud and had pretty much worn me out.

  19. I was verbally abused by someone on a public trail near my home. Came out of the woods after making a find and this guy starts yelling at me about "you damned drug addicts hiding in the woods! I'm calling the cops you pervert..." This rant goes on behind me all the way back to my car for about 20-minutes. Don't know what his problem was as I had never seen any drug related activities on this trail.

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