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  1. From hard won, first hand experience with the Canadian border officers, any geocachers who plan to rent vehicles and drive into the Canada, thoroughly check your rental car for any potential contraband or remnants of such before you approach the border (under seats, seat pockets, trunk area, cup holders, etc.). Depending on your rental car company you may need to ask for additional insurance/registration documentation too. I sure hope the organizing committee talks to the border folks before the Mega event (some trackables can still be contraband even if they're legal in the country of origin).
  2. Consider posting this on the Maryland Geocaching Society forums pages as well. MDGS
  3. So far on my non-premium caches, I have yet to find an intro app user that has actually signed the physical logsheet.
  4. I received a fundraising email from the Geological Society of America for the Earthcache Fund, signed by Geoaware. Curiously, I don't recall ever providing my geocaching email address to the GSoA. Here is a link to the online version of the email, Earthcache Fund letter. Did anyone else receive this email? Here is a portion of the appeal:
  5. Keystone, is the requested resurrection by the local reviewer at their discretion, or is the reviewer expected to honor each request outright? I've heard varying responses.
  6. Count me in! 1. Participating Date - October 30, 2013 2. Received Name Date - 3. Mission Complete Date - 4. Mission Received Date -
  7. You don't get it, Hynr. It's okay for Groundspeak lackeys to experiment, but not for you common cachers, the ones that hide the caches, organize most of the events and pay the bills. Your local reviewer will be happy to not clarify the situation.
  8. I miss my beloved GCTYP0, archived but not forgotten. Originally had another name for it, but when I submitted it, the assigned GC code was too cool not to use it as the name.
  9. Wow, I'm diggin' the Afterglow sample. Thank you for your effort on these. Username: Networkcacher Colors: bright saturated orange, aquamarine, blue, black (Tron Legacy is a good example) Items: computer code, circuitry, network diagrams, symbols Other: I picture something like a lit fuse, or laser tracing
  10. Learned a few things about the various caches I've placed while doing this little exercise. Here goes: Well, Would You Look At That? GC1KR68 - This was a special event cache that lasted for about a month and included a nicely camouflaged container hidden amongst the library's video tape collection. Many "finders" had to return to the library to sign the log. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and I heard from many former muggles who saw the display and learned about geocaching. Old Town Tour No. 6 GC2GQTW - A personal favorite because I never would have thought of the idea until I met TripCyclone via Twitter and then at Geowoodstock VIII. Seems to be a real stumper for local cachers and visitors alike. Pipe Down, The neighbors are resting GC229E2 - The idea for this hide came from seeing a picture of another cache somewhere in the forums many years ago. Its not a copy of that hide because I couldn't work out the mechanical engineering on it. Instead I blundered into creating this cache instead, a very happy mistake.
  11. Northern Virginia, well a portion of it, mostly Springfield, Burke and Annandale. Note the scourge of blue question marks! Map Link
  12. I have a cache placed in a similar environment. Its been out there for 4 years. My experience has been that standard bison tubes will not stay water-resistant due to the failure of the o-ring. I highly recommend the Delrin tubes, they seem to be impervious to UV and the o-ring is internal, so its protected and doesn't deteriorate. Para cord will eventually wear out (although it fades nicely, adding a touch of camo in a woodland setting ). I second the fishing wire for tethering, but you have to leave plenty of slack so the wire doesn't garrote the tree.
  13. While I appreciate the upgrade I'm not happy with the color choices nor the layout. There is lots of wasted space and it seems very hard on my eyes.
  14. I've been known to tweet a bit about geocaching and some other topics, follow me at @Networkcacher I also keep an ever growing list of geocachers on Twitter, check out my Geocaching-Twits list.
  15. Reported this problem about a month ago to Groundspeak. I received a confirmation email but no follow up since. I still see the problem each time I try to enter a WG log, via Firefox 3.5, 3.6 and IE 7 or 8. The stored procedure error makes sense.
  16. I hope this topic can be moved to the general forum for discussion. A few folks have already posted Should Be Archived log entries on this cache since it clearly violates Groundspeak guidelines for cache placement. Nice idea, and I wish someday I could find it, but it should be archived. update - Cache listing was locked at approximately 11am PST. GC1BE91
  17. No the system did not work as it should. If it had worked the overzealous cop would be busted off the street on suspension at a minimum, or out of job. The bogus "Interference with the duties of a public servant" charge is abuse under color of authority. Cops are public servants they should suffer consequences for actions like this.
  18. In addition to the #geocaching hashtag you'll find many Twitter lists for geocachers, one example a Twitter geocacher list.
  19. Welcome to Maryland, they could use a few more Texans. Check out the Maryland Geocaching Society page, Maryland Park Permissions for more information. Many of the MDGPS regulars will likely be more than happy to help you out.
  20. I have to take an unexpected quick trip to Louisville, this coming this weekend, 12/18-19. I'm hoping to make it a road trip and grab caches in KY, IN and OH, adding a few more states to my caching map. Any suggestions for caches close to I-65, 71, 74 & 75 (preferably available 24/7) would be very much appreciated. Looks like the weather might make it interesting too. Thanks!
  21. Convington? Drove through there once, a long time ago when I went to college at JMU. I'm pretty far from there now, up in Northern VA. Greetings for NoVAGO.
  22. There was a special showing at Geowoodstock in Bell Buckle, TN, and the producers handed out several of Galaxy's travel bugs. She even has a geocaching.com profile, Galaxy's profile. You can follow the movie on Twitter as well.
  23. NetworkCacher on Twitter Been using it for a little while now, useful some days, waste of time on others. Thankfully its not all marketing gurus and p0rn spam yet. What the hell, come follow me if you like.
  24. Curiously the auction has been removed since the start of this thread. Did anyone make progress on determining the identity of the TBs involved or the cache that was pirated?
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