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  1. Noticed this as well. This has to be my pet peeve about the site.
  2. This will be great. I can eat Barbeque at Bozo's and pick up chicken for dinner from Gus's on the way home!
  3. I still haven't seen any check marks for any cache I've found since Jan 1, 2005. What gives!!!!
  4. WestTNDawg has been very active up there lately, I plan on making a trip in August to get some and introduce my Dad to caching.
  5. If possible try not to have it on Aug 6-8, I'd like to meet some of you guys sometime.
  6. I've noticed that the last cache I found a week ago today still is not showing the red check mark on the cache map. Whats up?
  7. I even have one in Union City, Gray Ghost. Not technically difficult but neat location.
  8. Has everyone noticed the explosion of caches (relative to active geocachers in the area) in Obion County and surronding counties lately. Thanks to West TN Dog and MSU Pup for the recent placements and keep up the good work!!
  9. GeoHuff

    Bug Map

    I think it would be neat to have some kind of map associated TBs. Basically a featureless map (political borders only) that puts a dot for each cache a bug has visited and lines to connect them so you can trace the path of your bug. Would need to be scalable to World view I would imagine.
  10. In a similar situation I noticed that as I drove through the NSA Midsouth Naval Base near Memphis that my Etrex could not lock on to a grid. If you look at the track there is a big void right where the base is.
  11. I've also noticed that on my new Cache the cache Icon doesn't appear on the Map point map. The little square with the check is there but not the green topped container (or the NEW either for that matter). Don't know if its connected since its a different map but thought I'd let ya'll know about it.
  12. Nate from Groundspeak wrote me and said that the wap gateway had not be enabled yet but was in the works. This will be great. Now if only I could afford a Treo 600
  13. Great Article, very positive. Now my friends and family don't think I'm a loon.
  14. When I try to access www.geocaching.com/wap from my phone I'm stuck on the first page. Every time I select "select" the same page reloads. Help!!!
  15. I just tried the first link from my phone. Every time I choose a search method and hit select the same page loads again. It works from the computer but not my Motorola 720. Any ideas?
  16. Would it be possible to provide a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) i.e. mobile web access to the geocaching site. It would be really neat to be able to do a coordinate or zip search from my phone when I'm out and about. 5 cache querry would be about right. You could keep it text based, just coords and the cache discription. No need to include the logs or maps.
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